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Slate Flex Tiles - Designer Series

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38 reviews
This product has been discontinued.
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  • Highly stain-resistant.
  • Easy to install with hidden interlock design.
  • No adhesive required.
  • Easy to clean, maintain, and repair.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Beveled edges.
  • Made from 100% virgin vinyl – phthalate-free.
Description – Our Designer Series Slate Flex tiles provide you with the same great quality and benefits as our standard Slate Flex tiles but in a larger form. This beautiful collection of tiles features several colors that are to die for. From hardy Earth Tones to the Bright and Bold, we are sure you will find a color that will match any room’s décor. Since these interlocking tiles are made from flexible PVC plastic, they present a softer, warmer, and more comfortable alternative to natural stone or ceramic. Not only are our tiles built to look great, but they have also been built to last, being backed by an industry-leading Lifetime Residential Warranty.
Material Flexible PVC
Size 20" x 20"
Thickness 0.197" (5mm)
Weight (Approx.) 4 lbs per tile
Colorfast Yes
Chemical Resistant Yes
Slip Resistant Yes
Car Jack Approved Yes
Surface Finish Semi-Gloss
Interlock Style Hidden Interlock
Rolling Weight Not Tested
Warranty Lifetime Limited
Recommended Uses – Slate Flex Tiles - Designer pattern tiles have been used successfully in both commercial and residential spaces. These tiles are so versatile that they have been installed in living rooms, kitchens, garages, entryways, laundry rooms, playrooms, bedrooms, basements, utility rooms, dens, and much more.
Note: Flex tile colors are produced in batches, which can lead to color variations in your order. All colors may present some color variation, but Black, Dark Gray, and Light Gray can produce the most. These three colors can vary greatly between batches and thus it is recommended that you order more flooring than is needed for mistakes and replacements. This in turn gives you the greatest chance to keep continuity across your floor. Batching will also affect color variation between samples and your order with Black, Dark Gray, and Light Gray showing the most variation.

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Designer Series tiles are low maintenance and easy to clean. Cleaning of these interlocking tiles typically consists of:
  • Sweeping any loose dirt, dust, or debris from the vinyl floor tiles when necessary.
  • Periodic damp mopping of the tiles with a mild soap and water solution. Some common soaps often used are dish detergents and tide laundry detergent.
  • Due to each tile being coated with a protectant silicone sealant, the tiles may become scuffed or scratched during the installation process or while moving large objects. To help reduce the appearance of scratches or scuff marks we recommend using Armstrong’s Shine Keeper.
Note: This is not a stain-proof product. Street tar can cause staining to light-colored tiles and in most instances, this staining can be remedied with a cleaner called Purple Power. If you have performance tires, staining can occur with light-colored tiles. In most instances, this may not be remedied with a cleaner. If the staining on your floor does not dissipate, please contact our dedicated Customer Service team at 800-613-0996 who can further assist you.

Installation of interlocking tiles is very simple and typically done by the consumer. Typical installation of these tiles is as follows:
  1. First, clean your subfloor so it is free of all dirt, grease, or debris.
  2. Snap a chalk line on the subfloor 20” from one wall in your room. Snap another chalk line on the subfloor 20” from an adjacent wall. You should now have a pair of perpendicular lines making an approximate 90-degree angle.
  3. Begin laying the interlocking tiles along the chalk lines, snapping the locks together as you go.
  4. Leave the perimeter of the room open until the field is installed.
  5. After the field is covered, go back and cut in lines along the walls in the room. Leaving a gap at the wall roughly the thickness of tiles being used is recommended to account for expansion and contraction of the floor tiles in varied temperature ranges.
Note: When piecing interlocking tiles together, adhesives are usually not used since the weight of the locked together product is usually enough to keep the floor tiles from moving. However, if you do experience movement and would like to ensure that the tiles do not slide at all, some double-sided tape or mat tape can be used around the perimeter of the installation to prevent any movement.
For printable warranty information, please Click Here.

Made in the USA

  • Keeping Production Local

Products that are Made in the USA provide jobs for our citizens as well as future generations. Domestically made products ensure that the items we bring into our homes are passed through higher quality control standards and are better not only for our families but for the environment.

Perfection Floor Tile

  • The Most Trusted Name in Interlocking Floors

Perfection Floor Tile currently has it’s corporate headquarters and master distribution Center in Kansas City, Missouri. The centralized location ensures rapid and cost effective delivery to every corner of the nation. Perfection Floor Tile focuses on innovation, design, and environmental sustainability in our endeavor to create and deliver a unique flooring.

Don't see what you're looking for? 
Can your tiles be used as waterproof flooring for wet-rooms or shower stalls. Do you have corners and right angles for going up a wall like in a shower stall?
Our Slate Flex Tiles - Designer Series tiles are water resistant, but are not the best flooring option for wet rooms and shower stalls. These tiles do feature a textured surface, but when wet can be slippery. We don't offer any corners or right angles for walls or shower stalls with these tiles.
We have a sunroom that is not heated or cooled. It's over our previous deck and is 10-15 feet in the air. We were sold a laminate that is bubbling due to heat and cold. Will the slate flex garage tiles be ok in extreme heat and cold?
Helen Watson Aubuchon
Our Slate Flex Tiles - Designer Series tiles will expand and contract in extreme heat and cold. To help alleviate bubbling of your floor, we recommend leaving a 1/4" expansion gap around your floor which will allow your floor to expand and contract appropriately.
Slate Flex Designer Tiles: What do chair and table legs (etc) do to this product. Do they indent it? -Thanks
These tiles are very durable and will be fine underneath table legs and chairs without worry of indentation.
Hello, can your tiles be installed over a low pile carpet? I want to use them in a room that is carpeted, as my art studio. I'd like to be able to roll a chair with wheels over them.
Our Slate Flex Tiles - Designer Series can be installed over a low pile carpet.
Can the Slate Flex Tiles be installed in a commercial type kitchen? Can they be glued if desired to the concrete floor?
Our Slate Flex Tiles - Designer Series tiles can be installed in a commercial type kitchen. You can glue these tiles if need be with a pressure sensitive glue, but that is not necessary.
Can you install over marble tile in a bathroom? Will tbe transitions work on to the carpet in hall In that situation? Can you install in a galley kitchen with hard wood at either end? How would the last tile be finished?
Lynn DiPietro
You can install our Slate Flex Tiles - Designer Series over marble or any other hard flat surface. The transition we offer for this product is a ramp, so it may not serve the purpose that one would be looking for. We do offer a wide range of transitions on our trims and molding page that would be more appropriate. You can install out tiles in any room in your home, so these tiles would work great as flooring in a galley kitchen. These tiles feature a unique hidden interlocking design, making the process of finishing the floor quite simple. Essentially, all you would need to do is just install the tile as needed and cut to fit. The finishing sides will have a slight beveled edge giving your floor a finished look.
Want to install in a smaller area of a large room over hard floors. Are there edges available for this product?
The only edging that we have available for our Slate Flex Tiles - Designer Series are our Rubber Floor Ramps. You would use the 4-6mm Ramp.
I'm interested in installing these tiles in my garage but concerned about melting snow/ice/salt penetrating through the seams and getting trapped in the winter. How well does the interlock seal against intrusion? Also, can they stand up to floor jacks and jackstands, etc? Thanks!
Snow melt, ice melt, and salt will not penetrate the interlock of our Slate Flex Tiles - Designer Series due to the hidden interlock system used. Jack can be used on these tiles, but the jack will leave an indention where it was used. In most cases, the indentation never recovers.
My floor is warped through the settling of the foundation. Will these tiles be able to handle a gradual curve in the subfloor?
Our Slate Flex Tiles - Designer Series tiles are made of flexible PVC plastic and are able to conform to slight imperfections in the subfloor. If the imperfections are too great, you may have issues with the tiles interlocking and thus would have to level out your subfloor.
Are there edge tiles to go along my garage doors and a door with no threshold?
Bryan Bergsteinsson
Our Slate Flex Tiles - Designer Series are beveled, but if you are looking for a reducer, we recommend using our Rubber Floor Ramps.
If I install in a basement, do I need to install a moisture barrier?
You will not need to install a moisture barrier with our Slate Flex Tiles - Designer Series. These tiles are non-porous and will not harbor any mold or mildew. If you do have a moisture issue, we do recommend sealing your concrete surface. If you don't, what you will see is some white material under the tile. This is not mold or mildew, but salts that are leaching out of your concrete.
Can this tile be used in a home gym.
It depends on what you will be doing on the floor. Please contact one of our sales reps to tell us how you will be using the room. We would like to make sure you get the proper flooring for your workout needs.
I have 4 small dogs that sometimes have "accidents". Does this flooring resist absorbing liquid and odors? What is the best way to clean liquid and stains?
Valerie Dundas
These tiles will not absorb liquids or odors. However, we do recommend immediate cleaning if this does happen. Periodic damp mopping of the tiles with a mild soap and water solution. Some common soaps often used are dish detergents and tide laundry detergent.
I asked this about another product - can I put a pool table on this flooring or will the weight be a problem? We have had to pull up the carpet in our basement due to water and I am looking for an alternative, but we have a pool table down there.
Our Slate Flex Tiles are durable enough to withstand the weight of a pool table on to of them. These tiles are constructed from flexible PVC plastic which is the same material used for piping in homes and business. These tiles were created for use in garages, but are stylish enough to be used throughout the home. The only issue you may run into is that the tiles may indent from the weight of the pool table. To combat this, we recommend using flooring sliders.
I want to add a little "padding" under these. I am installing over a wood subfloor. What underlayment should I use?
You can use a cork or foam underlayment with our Slate Flex Tiles.
Can I level the subfloor with mud like I would use for ceramic tile?
Monica Murphy
You can install our Slate Flex Tiles - Designer Series over dried mud. Since these tiles are interlocking, you won't need the mud to hold the flooring down.
Can these tiles be laid and connected in a subway design instead of square?
Regina Deininger
You can install our Slate Flex Tiles - Designer Series in an ashlar brick or staggered brick design. To do this, you will need to cut the tabs off the tiles. Next, you will need to glue the tiles in place with a pressure sensitive adhesive.
Can this be installed over OSB or does the subfloor need to be a smooth surface like sanded plywood or cement?
You can install our Slate Flex Tiles - Designer Series over OSB or any other hard, flat surfaces such as cement, plywood, asphalt and the like.
I want to put your slate flex tiles in a kitchen. I was thinking of using the sandstone color. Are these tiles prone to staining in a kitchen environment?
Our Slate Flex Tiles - Designer Series tiles are resistant to most household and vehicle chemicals. So they won't get stained by normal items found in a residential kitchen.
Are these tiles slippery? I was thinking of installing them in a mud room.
These tiles are great for a mud room.
Can these also be glued directly and can these be installed in a parking garage?
You can glue these tiles directly to the subfloor. One issue you may run into is that the glue may affect the interlocks on the tiles. What we would suggest is to cut the interlocks off the tile and install it like a normal tile floor over mortar. You can use these tiles in a parking garage. They were originally designed to be used in garages, but are more commonly used in the home or offices.
Do these floor tiles contain phthalates or any other toxins than can be emitted into the air?
Made from 100% Virgin Vinyl, these tiles are Phthalate Free. Significantly lower VOC levels when compared to resin based systems or the levels encountered when using adhesives to stick down conventional floor coverings.
Does your slate flex tiles have edging that matches tile colors?
The Slate Flex Tiles - Designer Series does not currently have matching edging.
Interested in Slate Flex Tile for Florida lanai that will be in direct sunlight all day. Will these tiles be able to endure this kind of weather?
James Yursis
The tiles will fade due to sun exposure.
Hello, can these be installed on a covered balcony? Are they recommended for outdoor use in this instance?
These tiles have not been approved for outdoor use as they are not UV stable. We have several flooring options that are approved for outdoor use that we'd recommend you use.
can they be used on a pool deck over concrete
iris grett
These tiles have not been approved for outdoor use as they are not UV stable. We have several flooring options that are approved for outdoor use that we'd recommend you use.
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  Happy Customer
Self-installed in Basement
Debra M. from Leominster, MA wrote...
After attempting to figure what type of flooring would be best for my crooked basement floor, I could not have found anything better. Your product looks great and was very easy to put down by even a woman. With so many options in patterning, I think the job came out as envisioned.
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  Great Look & Easy to Install
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Guest Bedroom/Exercise Room
Rich from St. Charles, Missouri wrote...
I was looking for a floor solution to put in a guest bedroom that would also double as an exercise room. This floor looks and feels great and will fit this need perfectly. In addition it was easy to install. I would highly recommend this floor.
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Self-installed in kitchen, hallway, living room, and bathroom
Anonymous from Bronx, NY wrote...
I'm too impressed. Easy to install. I did my kitchen,hall, living room, computer area, and bathroom with the white and black slate tiles. Compliments from everyone who comes into my apartment. I love the idea of when I move I will be taking them with me.
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