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Century Outdoor Composite Deck Board Tiles

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This product has been discontinued.
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  • 25-year limited residential warranty.
  • DIY friendly snap-together installation.
  • 25-year limited residential warranty.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • No cracking, peeling, splitting, swelling or rotting.
  • Flame, mold and insect resistant.
Description - Century Outdoor Composite Deck Board Tiles feature a realistic wood grain pattern that is sure to win your heart with its natural texture. These tiles look just like real wood and are the perfect alternative to traditional composite deck boards, minus the weight and installation hassles. Made of 100% recyclable materials, the Century Outdoor Composite Deck Board Tiles are great not just for your patio, but also for the planet.
Material – Constructed with 100% recyclable bamboo/wood fiber and polymeric resins.
Size – 12”L x 12”W
Thickness – 7/8".
Weight – 2.4 Lbs. per tile
Recommended Uses – Century Outdoor Composite Deck Board Tiles are the perfect alternative to wood as flooring for outdoor showers, around pools, as outdoor patio, balcony, garden and courtyard flooring.
For printable maintenance instructions, please Click Here.
Century Outdoor Composite Deck Board Tiles are easy to install. Installation of these floor tiles typically includes:
  • Clean your sub floor so that it is free of all dirt, dust, grease, or other foreign material.
  • When installing the deck tiles, we recommend starting in the front left corner of the space and working your way out from there.
  • Make sure the female side (loops) of the tile is facing away from the edge.
  • After filling the left edge with tiles and the adjacent edge, proceed to fill the rest of the space with whole tiles.
  • When you come up to a wall or object, don’t worry. Just measure the area and cut the tiles with a sharp utility knife and put the trimmed tiles into place.
  • When trimming the tiles into place, make sure you leave about a 3/4” space between the tiles and the edge or obstruction.
For printable warranty information, please Click Here.
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Can you install Century Outdoor Composite Deck Board Tiles over existing deck?
Yes, our Century Outdoor Composite Deck Board Tiles can be installed over an existing deck, provided that it is level and free from major defects.
We have an existing concrete patio about 10x10' It is in good shape with smooth even surface but not very appealing to the eye.
You may use our Century Outdoor Composite Deck Board Tiles over your concrete patio to give it a brand new look!
What are the color choices? How do you select a different color if there are choices?
The Century Outdoor Composite Deck Board Tiles are currently available only in coffee-brown color.
do you have finish edging slated edging (not sure what you call it) so you wouldn't trip and easy to pull something over to walk on it?
Pat Bandhauer
Our Century Outdoor Composite Deck Board Tiles do not come with edging pieces To smoothen the edge, you can use a jigsaw and then a palm sander or a Dremel tool.
I have a rooftop that covers a patio below. I want to put a deck on the rooftop. It currently has rolled asphalt roofing, and is on a pitch. Would your product work over the top of that?
Steve Sexton
Yes, you may use our Century Outdoor Composite Deck Board Tiles on the rooftop top deck. Please make sure the subfloor is even and level.
Just recieved Century Outdoor Composite Deck Board tile (Coffee Brown) sample. I don't see available transition/reducer pieces shown on your website. Can this product be installed checkerboard style? If so, I have a closed in screened porch on concrete and will need matching reducer pieces (male and female) for a 32" doorway stepping out of the screened porch area onto another concrete deck 4" lower. Can you show me these matching products are available with photo & specs for my 336 SF project?
don osborne
We do not offer trims & moldings for these tiles.
Can this be installed in a checkerboard pattern?
Jennifer Leung
Yes, absolutely!
Can this be installed over dirt as a walkway
Yes, but for best results, we recommend installing these tiles over concrete to ensure they stay interlocked and do not sink into any softer subfloor surface.
Are these tiles air and water tight so that no rain or melting snow will drain out the bottom of the flooring to area below?
Donna Armstrong
These tiles are vented, meaning that water and snow will pass through the vents to the subfloor.
How do you cut these (around posts etc)
Jeann Mehsling
To cut these tiles, you can use a sharp tile cutter or a hand saw.
What do you use for subfloor on an uncovered pool deck
You may use any of our composite deck tiles or outdoor drainage tiles for this purpose.
the picture shows a vertical pattern can you turn every other tile to create a brick pattern instead of a vertical pattern as show.
sally levine
Yes, the tiles can be turned around as needed.
Is it okay to sit a hot tub on top of?
Michael Coleman
Yes, these tiles can be used under hot tubs.
My current deck has a 1:40 intentional slope for water runoff. Will these Century tiles work and stay in place, or do I need to fix them to the deck in some places to keep them from moving? The deck below is vinyl,
Doug McElroy
We recommend placing these over a hard and level surface to prevent tiles from moving and to keep them interlocked, so filling the slope and making the surface even would be beneficial.
Can an inflatable 8’X12’ pool be put on top of this tile
Yes, you may use these tiles under the pool.
Will this product work with an inclosed screen in patio on concrete? If so, please explain how water drains when it rains or cleaning this material. (Seem like there would be no place for rain water to drain out).
They can be placed on a concrete patio with an enclosed screen, however you'll have to ensure the concrete floor leads to a drain since these tiles will allow water to pass through its vents.
will this work over rubber roofing and is the bottom rubber or plastic
Kay Amey
We wouldn't recommend using these tiles on a rubber roof since the bottom is plastic and may cut through the rubber. Please see our Soft Flex Tiles for this purpose.
Hello, I would like to install this on an existing wood deck. How can I ensure it will stay put and wont move. I am not sure if this needs to be nailed in to ensure no movement
Jaise James
These tiles are interlocked together to install. The weight of the tiles keeps them from moving. If needed, you may nail them but we have not had any customers complain about the tiles moving after installation.
I live in Florida and occasionally get windy storms. What keeps this floor in place in the event of high winds?
The tiles are heavy and when installed, the weight of the tiles will help them stay in place.
I would like to install your product however I wanted to install on a solid wood thick ply wood instead of making just a wood deck out of wood, we prefer to use this as our floor SO CAN IT BE PLACED OVER SOLID WOOD TREATED PLYWOOD OR WHAT WOULD YOU RECOMMEND.
Gerardo Gonzalez
Yes, these tiles can be installed over plywood.
Are the edges of the support on the bottom side of your tiles smooth and/or rounded? We are looking for a flooring to go over a rubber membrane and have seen a similar styled product at the local home improvement store that we felt could be too sharp for the frequent walking weight on the membrane.
We wouldn't recommend putting these tiles directly over a membrane. These should go over a harder surface. For an install directly over a rubber membrane please see our Soft Flex Tiles.
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  Review - Century Outdoor Composite Deck Board Tile
Verified Purchase
Tony S. from Monument, CO wrote...
My wife and I installed the FlooringInc.com Century Deck Board Tiles on our bedroom deck and we are very pleased with the results. The tiles were received quickly and were very easy to install. We only needed to trim a few tiles, but they were easy to cut and went right into place. The tiles have already been exposed to intense sun and heavy rain, but look like new. We expect to enjoy the Century Deck Board Tiles for many, many years. Thank You
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  Happy customer
Self-installed in Front Entrance
Dina from Austin, TX wrote...
Happy customer
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Customer review image of  in Porch
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  Good product
Self-installed in Porch
Anonymous from Pittsburgh wrote...
I used this tile in my front porch and it turned out great.
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