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Playsafe Turf Rolls

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$55.80/linear foot
In Stock - Ships between May 27 - 28
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GreenPlaysafe Turf Rolls

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Product Highlights

  • Safe & durable commercial/residential playground flooring.
  • Pair with our Playpads for proper fall height ratings.
  • 15 year warranty.


Play Pad 8
Play Pad 8
40.66" x 59.8" x 50mm thick
Provides a 6' - 8' fall height.
Learn More
$99.95 ea.
$99.95 ea.
Silica Sand
Silica Sand
50 Lb Bag
1 Bag covers ~33 sqft. "Moves" with the athlete to reduce abrasions and injuries.
Learn More
$58.65 ea.
$58.65 ea.
50 Lb Bag
Helps keep your turf cool. Mix 50/50 with silica sand to get 1.5 lbs. per 1 in. pile height of turf
Learn More
$66.99 ea.
$66.99 ea.
Turf Rake
Turf Rake
54" long Turf Rake
Learn More
$106.60 ea.
$106.60 ea.
Turf Seam Tape & Adhesive Pack
Turf Seam Tape & Adhesive Pack
Turf Seam Tape & 1 Gallon Adhesive Bucket
Covers 50 linear feet.
Learn More
$239.93 ea.
$239.93 ea.
  • Safe & durable commercial/residential playground flooring.
  • Pair with our Playpads for proper fall height ratings.
  • 15 year warranty.
  • Perforated for proper drainage - Pet-friendly turf.
  • Unique 3D Wide Wave Shape blades.
  • This product was updated so it may have a slight variation from orders before 4/17/2023.
Description - Are you tired of constantly worrying about the safety of your children while they're playing on the playground? Say goodbye to those worries with our Playsafe Turf Rolls - the perfect solution for your playground flooring needs! Our fake grass rolls are not only safe, but they're also pet-friendly and designed to handle extreme traffic. With unique 3D Wide Wave Shape blades, UV stabilized yarn, and a durable yarn shape that creates stronger fiber strength, our Playsafe Turf Rolls can handle all the jumping, running, and sliding your kids can throw at it! And let's not forget about the added safety of our Playpad. With our Playpad 5 providing a fall height rating of 2' – 5' and our Playpad 8 offering a fall height rating of 6' – 8', your little ones can play to their heart's content without the fear of getting hurt. Plus, our turf is non-flammable, anti-acid, and resistant to chemical attack, making it virtually indestructible. You can rest easy knowing that our Playsafe Turf Rolls will keep your children and pets safe, no matter what. So, say goodbye to boring, unsafe playgrounds and hello to a fun and worry-free playtime with our Playsafe Turf Rolls. Trust us, your kids (and your peace of mind) will thank you!
Specs -
Material Monofilament Polyethylene (PE) with thatch
Color Green
Width 15'
Thickness 1-1/8"
Face Weight Approx. 78oz
Weight Approx. 0.90lbs per sqft.
Application Indoor/Outdoor
Drainage Yes
Length Custom (max. 100')
UV Stable Yes
Warranty 15 years
Heat & Frost resistant Yes
Recommended Uses – Playsafe Turf Rolls are the perfect playground flooring surface for both commercial and residential applications. Paired with our Playpads, these turf rolls will ensure your children will have fun and be safe while at play.

In Stock - Ships between May 27 - 28

Turf rolls are very easy to clean and maintain. Maintenance for these interlocking tiles typically includes the following:
  • Periodic sweeping of loose dirt, dust, and debris may be necessary to keep the flooring surface clean.
  • For stains and blemishes, clean the rolls with a warm water solution of household detergent and water. Never use bleach.
  • For animal urine, use a mixture of white distilled vinegar in an equal amount of water. Make sure to flush thoroughly and vacuum any excess solution.
  • For chewing gum, the use of dry ice or refrigerant packets may be necessary to remove gum from flooring surface.
  • If your turf becomes matted, brushing of the surface may be needed to restore the aesthetic appearance. Always use a synthetic brush and never a metal or wire bristled brush when performing this task.

Installation of our Turf rolled flooring is very easy and typically done by our customer's. Below are instructions for both outdoor and indoor installation of our rolled flooring.

Synthetic Lawn Outdoor Installation
  • First you will want to remove all grasses, sods, mulches, etc. from the marked areas. Note: If you are landscaping around trees shrubbery, flowers, light poles, utilities, etc., remember to mark around those areas and account for the turf edge configuration. Remember to leave ample area uncovered around the bases of trees.
  • Next cap any sprinklers that will not be used. Cap the sprinklers at the pipe level to avoid any leakage that might occur. Relocate sprinklers if necessary. Make sure to mark the location of the un-used sprinklers. Move electrical sprinklers and wiring inward and away from any hardscape or perimeter from six-to-eight inches to avoid accidental damage when nailing turf edges. Once the wiring and other materials are moved, lay the items on top of the subgrade surfacing and secure them with U-shaped nails.
  • Install the base with a decomposed granite which is a special mixture of gravel and sand. This material allows the liquids from the turf to properly drain. For non-pet landscape installations, install DG three inches in depth. Properly distribute and level the base material.
  • Wet the existing base to allow the material to settle properly. Compact the base by vibrating, tamping and rolling the gravel until you have a completely flat surface. Once this solid base is established, the turf can be easily nailed to the base.
  • If using a turf pad, you will want to cut a hole in the base the size and depth of the pad that is being used.
  • Roll out weed cloth if applicable. This fabric prevents any additional plants and weeds from growing through the base of the synthetic grass. Overlap the weed cloth edges by six inches and secure it with as many flat-head nails as necessary. This helps to prevent movement of the cloth. Trim the cloth to fit the landscape area leaving a 1/4” gap along the border. Note: Do not drive nails too deeply as this will cause dimpling.
  • Before laying the turf down, be sure to find either a straight edge or two perpendicular edges for alignment. Square the turf to fit the area to minimize cutting and fitting on all four sides. Once the turf is square, secure the square edges with temporary nails to hold it in place while securing the opposite edges.
  • When fitting the turf, over- cut the turf by one inch along the edges for a proper fit. The excess turf will be necessary for the tucking process. When seaming turf edges together, use a seaming tool. Cut the turf in an S-shape to avoid the turf possibly pushing against each other's angles, which can create discoloration illusion in the seamed area. Install nails every six inches along the edge and drive them down three-quarters of the way. When finished, separate the grass to avoid pulling the blades down with the nail. The nail will be hidden with the grass blade at the base of the mat. Don't drive the nails down too deeply as it will pull the turf down and create dimples. Be sure to secure seams with six-inch U-nails every six inches. Make sure the U-nail is driven to the same level of the mat and hidden with the grass blades.
  • Note: When seaming the turf over a turf pad, you will want to use our turf seam tape or our turf seam tape & adhesive pack which features turf seam tape and a gallon adhesive bucket.
  • Tucking the turf means you will be hiding the turf edges against any hardscape or border by using a metal bar call a wonder bar. This will give your installation a clean plush look.
  • Use a power brush or heavy bristled brush to pull against the grain of the grass to make it stand up. Apply your infill or sand and spread the granules evening throughout the entire turf installation. The infill will hold the blades upright and give the turf more weight.
  • Brush up your turf once again with a power brush or bristled brush to force your infill into the base of the turf. This will allow the turf to settle and create optimal stability for your synthetic grass. Follow up the process to also remove excess debris.
Glue Down Indoor Installation
  • First you will want to make sure that your surface is level, clean and dry. Our turf flooring can be installed on concrete, dusting, powdering concrete, gypcrete , pressure treated decking, wood, or backer board.
  • Next you will want to dry lay your turf to implement roll sequencing to minimize normal variations. Manufacturing details will be back stamped on one side of the backing; this will assist in determining fiber direction.
  • If adding a turf pad, you would install this over the base with either double-sided tape or glue.
  • Apply adhesive or double-sided tape and then lay the turf.
  • Apply a bead of seam sealer to all seams.
  • Roll the product with a 75 lb. Weighted roller across the width and length of the product surface.
  • Once completed, the installation much remain in dry conditions for 72 hrs. in order for the adhesive to cure properly.
Don't see what you're looking for? 
How often does turf have to be replaced?
As long as our Playsafe Turf Rolls aren't damaged, they honestly wouldn't ever need to be replaced.
How well does this drain? We live in a rainy coastal climate and are playground is a muddy mess. what would we need to install this?
The Playsafe Turf Rolls have a drain rate that is higher than the what a hurricane can produce in inches per hour. These turf rolls can drain over 20" of rain per hour, so your field will stay dry even in the most extreme of conditions.
Can this be installed over cement or blacktop?
Our Playsafe Turf Rolls can be installed over cement or blacktop. To get the proper fall height rating, you will need to add padding underneath the turf.
We currently have rock on our playground. We will be able to lay this down over the rock?
Myra Katherine
We would recommend removing the rocks before installing our Playsafe Turf Rolls. The rocks would have the potential to destroy the turf rolls. To get more clarification on how to properly install our turf, we recommend watching our install video or checking out the installation tab on the product page.
How does it hold up after a harsh New England winter with snow and ice. How would would you clean it after fall leaves? Also... I had my decks recently done and there was a lot of debris left over, how would it hold up to debris and how would it get cleaned after exterior home improvements.
Lee Ann Walsh
Our Playsafe Turf Rolls would hold up just fine in a harsh New England winter. This roll is made from the same material that is used for NFL football fields. Cleaning up the turf is a breeze. For most debris, all you would need to is use a blower like you would with natural grass. For any spills or stuck on excrement, we would recommend using a hose.
Can the grass withstand a dog running on it?
Our Playsafe Turf Rolls are very durable and can withstand a dog running on it. The blades of this turf are dog-friendly, and they wouldn't harm them.
If I am installing a roll with no seams over concrete, how do I make it adhere to the concrete? Is there a glue of some sort?
You can adhere our Playsafe Turf Rolls to concrete either with double sided tape, with our Polyurethane Adhesive, or with our 5900 Series adhesive.
Is the roll padded or is it necessary to purchase padding for residential use?
Our Playsafe Turf rolls don't come with an attached pad. You will need to purchase this padding in our turf accessories section.
Would this be hot to the touch (like plastic gets) in the sun? For example, would it burn little bare feet in the summer?
The turf will get warmer than natural grass in direct sunlight but can be cooled with the use of a hose. We also have a product Hydrochill that will help to keep your turf cool even in direct sunlight with the use of some water.
Is the infill (the silica sand, I'm assuming) necessary when installing on cement, and is it child safe?
When installing our Playsafe Turf Rolls, you don't have to install it with infill. We recommend infill because it helps to keep the blades of the grass standing up and also helps to keep the turf looking more like natural grass. Silica sand is safe for children, but when installed properly will be very tough for a child actually to reach and eat.
Is it non-toxic?
Our Playsafe Turf Rolls are non-toxic and are free of any heavy metals or hazardous chemicals. For an MSDS, please feel free to reach out to one of our Flooring Heroes via chat, phone, or email and they will be more than happy to provide you with it.
Is this turf soft for toddlers to play/sit on ? Does is drain rain/snow easily and how ? How to clean it from (animal urine...)? Can we install it on wooden deck and how ? Do you do installation ?
Our Playsafe Turf Rolls are soft enough for a toddler to play and sit on. This turf roll has been made both durability and comfort. Our outdoor turf features small drainage holes that allow water and other liquids to pass through the turf to the subsurface below. Cleaning our turf is very easy. For large dirt and debris, you can pick up or rake the material off the turf. For stuck on dirt and debris, you can hose off the turf to get it clean. We do offer a wide range of products that can be used to clean our turf after pet accidents. Please check out our turf accessories area to see all the offerings we offer. You can install our turf on a wooden deck. You can either lose lay the turf over the deck or tape/glue it to the deck. We recommend just lose laying it on your deck so you can properly clean under it. We don't do installation, but you can find qualified installers in your area through Angie's List, Home Advisor, or Google. Also, our turf is very to install and we offer a video that helps with it. If you have further questions about how to install our turf, please feel free to reach out to one of Flooring Heroes via phone, chat, or email.
Can this be placed on top of dirt in a back yard where a pool would go on top of.
We recommend installing our Playsafe Turf Rolls over compacted crushed granite, but our turf rolls have been installed over dirt with success. You would still follow the same installation instructions as you would with a standard install.
Can this turf be placed over real grass?
We recommend installing our turf on a flat hard surface like crushed granite, concrete or asphalt. We have had customers install our Playsafe Turf Rolls over grass for both permanent and temporary purposes with success. You would just want to follow our installation instructions to make sure that the turf performs properly.
Will the turf hold up putting a swimming pool on it during the summer?
You can install a swimming pool over our Playsafe Turf Rolls without damaging it. Once the pool has been removed, the only thing you will need to do is brush the turf blades back into a standing position. This can be done with the use of a push broom and some elbow grease.
Can this turf be used on slopes?
You can install our Playsafe Turf Rolls on a slope. You would just follow the same instructions as you would if you were working on a flat surface. You will just want to make sure that the subsurface is flat and compacted.
i will only have one seam that will be about 7' long. do you have a smaller seam kit that can be purchased or is there another product that i can buy at a hardware type store that will work just as well?
To seam our Playsafe Turf Rolls, you have a few choices. You can use our Seam Tape and Turf Adhesive Kit, Staples, or Nails. For most installations, Staple or Nails are typically used. For a small area, we would recommend using Staples. The Seam Tap and Turf Adhesive Kit is usually applied when a PlayPad is being used.
Can this be installed over grass in a yard - does anything need to be done first? Will it hold up with two Great Danes running around?
Our Playsafe Turf Rolls can be installed over grass, but we don't recommend it. The reason we don't recommend it for a permanent install is that you won't be able to properly seam it so that it looks more like natural grass. You can place the turf over grass for a temporary surface or at as a potty pad, but we don't recommend it for a permanent install. We recommend following our install instructions for the proper bases for our artificial grass products. Our Playsafe Turf Rolls are great for dogs of all sizes and are a commercially rated turf made for high traffic areas.
How quickly does it dry after a rain? I've heard that such mats take a long time to dry therefore making it very slippery.
The drainage rate for our Playsafe Turf Rolls is 30+ inches per hour which is better than natural grass when installed over the proper crushed granite substrate. So when it rains, our artificial grass will be dry fairly quickly.
Is it durable for my backyard where I pull my car in about once a day? Also, does it hold up with the padding as well?
You can drive a car over our Playsafe Turf Rolls. The turf will be able to handle any normal driving, but if you were to peel out on the turf, you will damage it. This would be the case with both turf with and without a pad.
How wide and long are the rolls and will they piece together?
Our Playsafe Turf Rolls are 15' wide and can be ordered however long you like up to 100'. To seam the turf rolls together, you have a few different options. You can either use our turf seam tape, nails, or staples to seam our artificial grass together.
Hello, I want to know if the artificial grass for the playground is safe for covering concrete. I'm opening a daycare soon, but the playground area is all concrete, and I'm looking for a way to fix this problem.
You can install our Playsafe Turf Rolls over concrete. We would recommend placing one of our Foam Pads under the turf to create a play area that is safe and comfortable for kids of all ages to play on. You can loose lay the foam pads over the concrete or glue them and then would just install the turf over the pads. When installing the turf over the pads, you can glue the turf to the pads or use some double-sided tape.
Can the turf be installed over pea gravel? Is it soft or scratchy? I have a few children with sensory issues.
Dusti L Bolgrin
We do not recommend installing our Playsafe Turf Rolls over pea gravel. They work best with crushed concrete or dirt. Alternatively, you could use our Outdoor Sports Tiles over pea gravel and then install our Playsafe Turf Rolls on top of them.
What type of artificial turf would be best for an outdoor putt-putt?
For an outdoor putt, you could use any of our putting green turf. Please check the artificial grass page and filter to putting green turf. Our top-selling turfs for putt are the Putting Green Turf Rolls and Elite Putting Green Turf Rolls.
Is it flammable?
No, the Playsafe Turf Rolls are not flammable.
I want to install your play pad under your play safe turf rolls. Can I install the Play Pad 8 over dirt?
Yes, Play Pad 8 can be installed over dirt, however we recommend laying the weed fabric over the dirt first, followed by the lawn pad and then the turf.
Does this Playsafe Turf contain any lead and is it certified to be lead-free? Thank you.
Our Playsafe Turf Rolls are in compliance with CPSC lead content guidelines.
It says the roll width is 15ft. But I dont see the length?
We custom cut our Playsafe Turf Rolls according to the length you need! Isn't that great!
Hello, I’m looking for just a small amount for patio. Do you sell in small amounts?
Yes! All of our turf rolls can be cut to any length that you need, they only come with fixed widths. We also offer turf rugs on our sites that are smaller pre-cut pieces, please feel free to check them out on our site.
What are the measurements of each roll?
These rolls are 15' wide and you may choose the length of your choice.
Could this be used under an above ground pool to protect the pool from the ground? The pool is put up and taken down each summer,
Yes, Playsafe Turf Rolls can be under the above ground pool. Once the pool is removed, please brush the turf blades back into a standing position. This can be done with the use of a push broom and some elbow grease.
Hello, I'm thinking to put this Playsafe Turf Roll on our existing lawn for the kids at our preschool. The lawn is really beat up and has a few bare spots. We would like cover two of the bigger bare spots with this roll. Does that sound reasonable for such a product? Thanks for your help.
Yes, you may use this turf for this purpose. However, please get samples before your purchase to make sure the color matches your exiting grass or is at least close.
I am looking for a solution to 'hide' a large sandpit that is in our front yard. If we laid a turf roll over the sandpit, would it tolerate being rolled back to use the sandpit? It would be like a pool cover, that was removed during use and then replaced after. Will the backing hold up to repeated rolling up and unrolling. Thanks!
Yes, these turf rolls can be laid and removed as needed without causing any damage to the turf.
Do you install the playground turf? We are looking to replace our grass to turf for our kids playground. I would like to get a quote. Located in Santa Clara, CA. Thank you.
Please call us directly so we could help you connect with installers in your area.
Can kids easily ride a scooter or bike on this turf?
A scooter or bike can be ridden over our Playsafe Turf Rolls. The wheels on either will not damage the turf. The only thing that you may notice is that the wheel marks will be shown in the turf where the scooter or bike is ridden. This can be easily remedied by raking or brushing your turf.
How hot does this turf get in 95 deg weather?
Lawrie Gaffney
How hot our Playsafe Turf Rolls can get or any of our turf depends on a few factors. How hot turf can get depends on the type of infill used, how much sunlight the turf gets, and if there are any other heat magnifiers around, like windows. In tests for turf in direct sunlight with rubber infill, turf temperatures can be up to 150 degrees. That's scorching! To keep your turf temperature at a manageable level, we recommend using our Hydrochill, Durafill, or Zeolite Max infills. All of these are designed to help mitigate heat. Also, we recommend placing some shade around the turf if possible. This will help to limit the number of hours the turf is in direct sunlight. You can also hose your turf down during the hottest times of the day to keep it cool. With many of these efforts, you can greatly reduce how hot the turf gets by 30 - 50 degrees!
What are the largest cuts widths and lengths? Also, can this handle three large hyper dogs?
The largest roll would be 15 ft in width and 100 ft in length. Yes, our Playsafe Turf Rolls are very durable and dog-friendly.
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  Love it!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Playground
Anonymous from Lafayette, CO wrote...
It looks clean and bright regardless of how gloomy it looks outside. It is VERY inviting to play on!
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  Child’s Playground
Self-installed in On my back backyard deck
Casey from Leavenworth KS wrote...
There is nothing about the product I don’t like. It came exactly as advertised no surprises and exactly the size I ordered. We used gym mats underneath the grass to provide padding and are installing our playground this week on the astro turf. Very happy with the product, the price and the delivery.
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  Quality is #1
Self-installed in Playground
Ariane from Brea, CA wrote...
The turf looked great on our playground. We love it! The quality is #1!
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