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Rowing Machines

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Rowing Machines

Rowing is an incredible cardiovascular workout that is becoming a very popular addition to functional and interval workouts. Finding the right rower is key to your success and sometimes buyers can get caught up in brand name recognition.

Type of Rower Matters

A good rower will have a full range of motion for your height, adjustable resistance, feedback display, and a durable build. Storage also becomes a concern in the home as rowers are long and the ability to move them or break them down can be key in many home environments.

Features Matter

Adding programs and heart rate monitoring can also be of great value to the user as it allows for variety, monitoring, and goal setting. If you are using your rower for something more than a simple station for a quick interval, I would highly suggest looking into a unit with these features as they will improve your results.

Rower Verdict

In conclusion, I would caution you from simply selecting the simplest unit as a rower can be so much more than a cardio station or interval period. A solid unit with good feedback, variable resistance, and a smooth motion can become the core foundation of almost any workout program providing in remarkable results.

*Please be aware that if you have any lower back injuries or concerns, a rower will stress this area considerably and may not be the best option.

*Limit one offer per customer. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other percent-off discounts. Purchases of the following are excluded: Free Weights, Bladez Fitness, and select Fitness Equipment.