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ProStep Dance Floor - Custom Cut Reviews

ProStep Dance Floor - Custom Cut
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$15.70 Linear Foot
reg: $3.99 sqft
linear foot $20.93
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Average Rating 4.9/5
Customer Reviews
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  We love our new dance floor!
Steven H. from Morrisville, VT wrote...
We love our new dance floor! We are glad it came so quickly, and we really enjoy using it!
Customer review image of  in Utility room
Customer review image of  in Utility room
Customer review image of  in Utility room
Customer review image of  in Utility room
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  Excellent quality and service
Self-installed in Utility room
Rob L. from Seattle, WA wrote...
The flooring is of a very high quality and easy to work with. The black finish looks great! Trimming to size was easy, and the double-sided tape works better than expected. Installed along with a ballet barre and mirrors for an at-home dance studio.
Customer review image of  in Dance studio
Customer review image of  in Dance studio
Customer review image of  in Dance studio
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  Happy Customer
Self-installed in Dance studio
Bianca B. from Livonia, MI wrote...
Here is how we are using our flooring. This was our dance showcase :)
Customer review image of  in Main studio area
Customer review image of  in Main studio area
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  Perfect for martial art studios
Self-installed in Main studio area
Shifu Lei Shao Long from Salt Lake City, UT wrote...
We were looking for a flooring that had the right amount of grip for our martial art studio. As we have people also performing yoga and Tai Chi that really focus on balance, we opted out of the usual foam tiles you normally see in those studios since we were worried those would be too soft for what we needed.We also wanted to stand out from the competition and be able to rent out the studio to dance companies. Combined with a thin underlayment, it completely covered the small mishaps in the wood subflooring without sacrificing the firmness I needed. I had great specialists that answered all of my questions since I've never worked with this type of flooring before and they answered everything. It has a very streamlined, professional look as well, and we've been receiving lots of compliments from students about it. Highly recommended! Our floors turned out AMAZING! We chose the ProStep Dance Floor for our flooring and we couldn’t be more happier. We’ve received a ton of compliments from our students as it’s perfect for martial arts, with just the right amount of grip to perform on and easy to clean. Very durable and has a clean, modern look compared to other studios’ flooring. Highly recommended!
  Video followup
Self-installed in Dance studio
Bianca B. from Livonia, MI wrote...
See video attached
  Ballet studio floor
Self-installed in Dance studio
Anonymous from Los Angeles, CA wrote...
We danced on wood floors for a long time, but I'd been wanting to step it up with a nice, new marley. This floor is amazing! Durable and not too slick or sticky. My dancers love it.
  Happy with suggestions
Self-installed in Dance room
Jessica Croy from Southern Texas wrote...
The sales team at Rubber Flooring was helpful in narrowing down the selection and guiding me to the right product. They suggested using the subfloor tile that interlocks over top of our plywood which I am really happy with that suggestion. Everything arrived within a few days and I was able to put finish the whole space over the weekend and get back to practicing immediately.
  Great product, ships fast
Andrea from Louisville, Kentucky wrote...
Now we have a nice space at home to for my little girls to practice without going to the studio.
  Five stars
Justin from Tulsa, OK wrote...
My daughter needed some extra practice at home and the dance floor really helped her to improve her skills quickly.
  Home studio
Johnny from Malibu wrote...
The rolls and tape arrived quickly. The dance floor was easy to put together and I didn't have to make any cuts on my own. Did not order a sample
  SUPER useful
Self-installed in Bedroom, on hardwood floor
Tatyana Johnson from Middletown, CT wrote...
I love this product, it’s easy to install and inexpensive. It makes dancing in my room much easier. My one complaint is that it’s really sticky a lot of the time, but I think I just need to clean it :)
Nathan from Tacoma, Washington wrote...
It's nice
  Huge success
Self-installed in Basement
Courtney S from Cleveland wrote...
My husband installed the rolls over some tiles in our basement for our daughter and her friends during COVID. The dance space has been a huge success, we actually can't ever get the girls to leave to go home!
  Great flooring
Joy from Michigan wrote...
I own a small dance school and have gone virtual during the recent covid crisis. While I had a barre at home, I didn’t have a good flooring. So I ordered a 10’ x 5’ roll of dance flooring. I use my flooring in what might be an unconventional way. I have kept it on the roll it came on so that I can use it and transport it in one of three ways: 1. I can unroll it to ~5’ to use in my home barre space. 2. I can take it to my kitchen/family room and unroll it to the full 10’ extent for allegro combinations. 3. In the fall, when we return to the classroom, I plan to take it to the place I rent for my classes. I will use it for my pointe dancers and for those working on turns/pirouettes.
  Beautiful flooring
Self-installed in Guest bedroom
Hayley from Irvine, California wrote...
The flooring is beautiful and I practice on it every day
  Thank you
Anonymous from Dayton, OH wrote...
Nice product, Thank you
  Just enough for dance at home
Self-installed in temporary, rolls it out when using
Dave R from 46034 wrote...
Being able to get a custom cut was key. My daughter needed a surface to use for virtual at home dance lessons, something durable enough for tap, but grippy enough for point work.
  Ballet flooring
Self-installed in Home
Anonymous from Pawcatuck, CT wrote...
Great flooring for ballet. My daughter really likes it! She is able to do her pointe work nicely on it.
  Not happy with the product
Self-installed in Home dance floor
Anonymous from Chicago wrote...
My daughter cannot do turns effectively on this flooring. It seems somewhat tacky and she cannot do the amount of turns she can do on her dot-to-dance. Customer service has been great in trying to help me resolve this issue, but nothing is working.
  We are happy with our floors
Installed in St. Paul, Minnesota
Tony & Cheryl from St. Paul, Minnesota wrote...
We would recommend it to others.
results 1-20 of 36
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