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Practice Dance Tile Kits Reviews

Practice Dance Tile Kits
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Average Rating 4.8/5
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  Great for most dance forms
Verified Purchase
Patricia Y from Hillsborough, NJ wrote...
This dance floor has been great for my daughter to practice in the basement. It was easy to snap the tiles together but probably took a little more effort on carpet than it would have on a hard surface. It is installed over carpet and provides a great, springy surface for her to practice leaps and turns. It is great for most dance forms but is too slippery for tap.
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  Happy Customer
Self-installed in Bedroom
Melissa P. from Beachwood, NJ wrote...
We ordered the flooring to create a dance space for my little. She can tap away and won't ruin my hardwood floors! Perfect size for her playroom. Thank you
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  My daughter loves her new dance floor!
Verified Purchase
Jennifer from Wichita, KA wrote...
It was easy to put together and it is very high quality product!
  We love your flooring
Verified Purchase
Darbi G. from Cypress, TX wrote...
We love your flooring. Natalie has been doing all her dance classes on zoom using the flooring. It is great because she is able to make it the perfect size to fit under her bed after class is over.
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  She LOVES the floor
Verified Purchase
Kristen from Sandown, NH wrote...
My daughter is using the floor along with her ballet bar to practice her pointe ballet techniques. She LOVES the floor. We are happy with our purchase. Kristen
  Christmas gift for my daughter
Greg from Utah wrote...
I bought a 4x4 area for my daughter as a Christmas gift. Looking forward to setting it up for her Christmas Eve night when she is asleep! To anyone wondering - yes, buy the tiles.
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  Quick installation, beautiful coloring!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement-Concrete subfloor
Bennett from Greenville, WI wrote...
I purchased a 16'x16' tile kit in the barnwood color and am quite pleased. It shipped very quickly. It arrived in 8 separate boxes, which made it impossible to inspect everything in depth upon delivery other than just looking for box damage. Overall, out of 256 tiles, only two have small knicks in them, which are very minor. The tiles came in 4x4' squares instead of individual tiles-this made installation a breeze. I had the whole area built with edging in under one hour by myself. It is not difficult to install or get the pieces to snap together. After installation, I was eager to try it out. I am a dance teacher of various genres and I was mainly looking to use this flooring for tap choreography purposes. The sounds for tap are quite good, but not as crisp as a wood floor would be. I expected this to be the case. The floor seems to withstand a lot of shuffling, etc. without heavy scratching. When doing digs or heel work, I did notice indents in the flooring. A big bonus is that the flooring is not too slippery for tap, which is wonderful! The flooring is also great for ballet, jazz, pointe, modern, etc. As some have said, there are some tiles with a sliver gap in between. It doesn't seem to be a big deal when dancing. Overall, I am very happy with the purchase and the end looking product.
  Great price to quality ratio
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home Living Room
Anonymous from New York, NY wrote...
My first practice dance floor for the tap dance. I wss looking for affordable practice dance flooring for tap dancing, and I wasn't ready to spend ~$200 on FASFOOT floor. The RubberFloringInc seemed to have a better offer than many other vendors. The assembly is easy and straightforward. When used on the parquet floor, the sound is dampened. I like this fact, but for those who are focused on the quality of the sound, it may be worth reconsidering where to install this practice flooring. The rubberish base makes it soft for landing. Practicing on this floor is overall comfortable. I ordered a 3'×3' set, but now wish I ordered 4'×4'. I am considering to buy the additional tiles. I got a free sample before ordering, it was extremely helpful in choosing the color and testing the quality of the future floor.
  Love tapping on the floor
Verified Purchase
Santosh from Lincoln, NE wrote...
Hello, Thank you for checking in on the tiles we purchased to setup a dance floor. My wife is a Indian classical dancer and she loves tapping on the floor 🤩👍 Regards, Santosh
  Perfect Kit to Gift
Self-installed in bedroom
Helen from Lexington, MA wrote...
I gifted this kid to my niece and she loves it! It was easy to set up and she's able to practice her dance on it. Very cute gift for someone that loves to dance!
  Great practice space
Self-installed in Basement
Bethany from River Hills, WI wrote...
I got a great practice space for my daughter. It's a cute corner in the basement where she can tap away.
  Best Dance Floor
Verified Purchase
Karen from South Lyon, MI wrote...
Best Christmas present for my girls, they loved it!!! It keeps them active and they are having fun doing something they love. It was very easy to set up too!
  Great subfloor
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Second floor
Anonymous from Boston wrote...
We love our dance floor. It is located upstairs in our spare room so a solid subfloor was critical! This subfloor is great! Noise is a minimum and it’s very comfortable to dance on.
  Perfect for our space!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Bedroom
Anonymous from Phoenix AZ wrote...
This product was quick and easy to install. We used it on carpet over a thin section of particle board. It works great as a small dance practice space.
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  We absolutely love it
Verified Purchase
Andrea S from Mount Juliet, TN wrote...
We absolutely love it and are using it in a pretty non-traditional way, as our outdoor play house floor. We have been using the floor tiles outside in all the elements (Nashville, TN area so we get a little bit of everything) for about 1 year and it’s still in completely perfect condition. We laid the tiles on a piece of treated plywood.
Anonymous from Maine wrote...
Love practicing my barre and floor work at home.
  Love it!
Anna from Joliet, IL wrote...
This was the perfect solution for our family. My daughters use it all the time and it's easy to get out and put away. They love it!
  Happy customer
Anonymous from Wisconsin wrote...
My daughter made it to the next company level after more at home practice with this kit - thanks for the help!
  Birthday surprise
Holly from San Bernardino, Ca wrote...
Purchasing the 6x6 area for my daughter was easy. The order shipped quick and arrived in time for her birthday. My husband put them together before she woke up, and we were able to surprise her with her very own practice floor!
  Just what we were looking for!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in basement
Anonymous from Albany, NY wrote...
High quality, easy to put together. This floor we purchased for our 12 year old to practice dancing. She helped assemble it and was instantly able begin practicing.
results 1-20 of 71
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