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Dance Floor Kits Reviews

Dance Floor Kits
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Customer Reviews

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Learning to tap!
from Eugene, OR wrote...
Hi I am a 73 year old woman and l decided to try to learn how to tap dance. I ordered one of your dance floors and am taking lessons on YouTube. Love the little floor!

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
The flooring product is great!
Verified Purchase
from Cumming, GA wrote...
I built this dance room for my 10 year old daughter. She is obsessed with dancing and takes classes 6 times a week. Her goal is to get into the competition team next years and some day go to Juilliard. Very goal oriented. Because of her passion, I wanted to support her goals and built this dance room for her in our basement. The flooring product is great! It shipped quickly. Arrived well packaged. And I had the whole thing assembled in about 1 hour. The area is about 100 sq ft. She loves dancing on it. And because she is still young, it is great cushion for her growing joints. She can practice her ballet, pre-point, lyrical, jazz, tap, and hip-hop. And frequently we have several girls all practicing together. Thank you for a great product. Best regards, Brian, Cathy, Madi, and Sam (the dancer)

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Daughter loves it!
Verified Purchase
from Ocean, NJ wrote...
Attached are two photos of the 7x7 dance floor kit that I set up in our basement remodel for my daughter. She loves it! She loves having her own dance space to practice all kinds of dances but especially loves having somewhere to tap at home. The product is great. Very well made and super easy to put together. We could not be happier with it.
RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
Practice floor
Verified Purchase
from Newberg, OR wrote...
My daughter loves the floor! She's using it for practicing tap, hip hop, lyrical and ballet. We hope to one day expand it even further. Happy to have her not tapping on the kitchen floor anymore. Lol

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Home yoga room
Self-installed in Home yoga room
Verified Purchase
from Seattle, WA wrote...
I like the floor. I got it to put over a carpet so I could do yoga on it, and it' sporting to work really well. Here are two photos of the floor, which is part of my in home yoga and meditation room. The first one is when i put the floor in. The second is a month later after painting and finishing the room. The floor is perfect.
RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
Wedding reception floor
Verified Purchase
from Littleton, CO wrote...
We are using our parquet dance floor for our wedding reception! The dance floor is the perfect size and quality of material needed for our event. We are very pleased with our purchase! Please see the picture, below.

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Dance Studio
Verified Purchase
from Phoenix, AZ wrote...
We have loved our flooring and used it as part of a very cute DIY "Dance Studio" that we constructed in our playroom for our daughter's birthday. She loves ballet and tap dance and the flooring was really the most special touch in her mini dance studio.
Dance Floor Kit
Self-installed in basement
Verified Purchase
from Allentown, PA wrote...
Loved it
Great gift!
from NAUGATUCK, CT wrote...
Hi! We love the dance floor. My daughter uses it to practice daily! Great gift! Thank you. Customer Uploaded Photo
Very Nice
Verified Purchase
from Virginia wrote...
Work great. I found it a little difficult to snap together and unsnap but when we finished putting it together, everyone was please
Verified Purchase
from Wilsons, VA wrote...
The floor is perfect for my daughter. The upstairs stairwell is rather small, but the floor makes it perfect for practice. Thanks, Chuck Customer Uploaded Photo
She LOVES it!
from Carlsbad, CA wrote...
We got this dance floor for Christmas for our 12 year old daughter. She LOVES it! She is a company dancer and it is perfect to practice. She uses it for tap, ballet and for stretching. It’s the perfect mini-studio for her to practice! You can always add on to it too. Thank you!! Customer Uploaded Photo
Thank you!!
from Clover, SC wrote...
Hi! I bought the dance floor as a Christmas gift for my daughter. She uses it all the time, so it was a perfect gift! We have the floor set up in a spare bedroom that doubles as a play room, but it works great! We put plywood underneath since it's on top of plush carpet and that makes the floor solid. Absolutely wonderful product, we could not be any happier. Thank you!! Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo
Love it
from Hainesville, IL wrote...
My daughter taps in her bedroom, and loves it! Customer Uploaded Photo
floor still looks great
Verified Purchase
from Saint Louis, MO wrote...
We are using the floor as a home practice space in my daughter’s room for Irish dancing. I’m happy with the product. It was easy to put together and fits nicely in the corner against the walls. My daughter has been been dancing on it for months wearing Irish dance hard shoes which have fiberglass heels, and the floor still looks great. Customer Uploaded Photo
Daughters new dance room
from Libertyville, IL wrote...
Attached is a pic of the flooring we purchased from you in my daughters new dance room. The flooring we purchased from flooring Inc. was used to create a dance/ballet room floor for my 11 year old daughter Ellie who is a dance and ballet fanatic. It arrived packaged well, all the parts were included, and it assembled easily – it took about 30 minutes. We set it up on top of a carpeted basement floor and it is very solid. This was a Christmas present for her so we set the floor up the evening of Christmas eve. Christmas morning we sent our daughter down to her new dance room and she was ecstatic! She loves her new dance room and practices there every day. We highly recommend this flooring for anyone who needs an instant quality dance floor. Thank you, Nick Customer Uploaded Photo
Practice all the time
Verified Purchase
from Raleigh, NC wrote...
I love my tap floor! Its the perfect size for my bedroom, it doesn't take up to much space but it's still a good size to dance on. Putting it together is a little difficult, but I know it's not going to come apart while I'm dancing so that's certainly nothing to complain about. Now I can practice all the time and not ruin my floor! - Rosie Customer Uploaded Photo
I'd highly recommend
from Gainesville, FL wrote...
I love this floor! As a renter, who works full time from home, I needed a solid floor for my home office. I took a gamble on it as a replacement for those cheap office floor mats, but the generous return policy and the low cost for a small set of tiles made it a safe bet. It's turned out to be one of the best home office upgrades I've ever purchased. Easy to setup and tear down, I've already moved once with it and it was a snap to get going again in the new office. I'd highly recommend this for anyone who has a carpet office and wants that little extra polish! Customer Uploaded Photo
Highly Recommended!
from Meridian, ID wrote...
Hi! I an using the floor to practice tap dancing! Highly Recommended! Customer Uploaded Photo
My daughter loves her floor
from Buffalo, NY wrote...
My daughter loves her floor she does her tap ballet and dance routines on it I ordered another same section to make it bigger because she likes it so much Customer Uploaded Photo
results 1-20 of 54
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