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Raised Grip-Loc Tiles Reviews

Raised Grip-Loc Tiles
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Customer Reviews

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Exactly what I was looking for
Self-installed in Basement
from Long Island, NY wrote...
I sometimes take a little water in my basement and I store bins down there. I wanted to put something under them to prevent them from getting wet and having mildew form. These rubber mats are perfect. Easy to interlock and just thick enough to get the bins off the floor. I just order more because I decided to extend the area of storage. AND THE PRICE WAS RIGHT!!!!
Raised Grip-Loc Tiles
Self-installed in Back yard
from Santa Ana wrote...
The quality of these tile are top notch. Solid material. I bought 36 tiles to use as outdoor shower base. Don't know how long these tiles are going to last out in the sun, but for now, I am satisfy.
Great product
Self-installed in Boat storage spaces
from Long Island, NY wrote...
I always use a draining tile like these to line lockers, storage spaces and the lazarette on my boats. It's very important to get the stuff in those spaces up off the deck and give them some air flow underneath to keep things dry and prevent mold and mildew. Just needed to outfit a new boat and was shocked at how expensive Dri-Dek tiles have become. I found this company and thought I'd give their product a try at half the price of Dri-Dek tiles. I couldn't be happier. I think these tiles install easier than Dri-Deks, cut easier with just a pocket knife and are a bit more flexible which is perfect for compartments with uneven bottoms. Overall an A+ Be careful - read the descriptions of these products. My brother ordered from here for the same use as me and ordered another one of the products that was a few cents per tile cheaper. He apparently didn't read the description and got a product that was hard to cut and not flexible.
Love it
Self-installed in Under boat seating
from Myrtle Beach, SC wrote...
Installed under boat seating to keep life jackets and things off the floor so water could drain off them.
just what i needed
Self-installed in Truck tool box
from Upstate NY wrote...
The first product I picked was a hard slippery material for a different vendor. Found this after a little more perfect.
Installed in Boat
from Clay, NY wrote...
I ordered some of these to use in the storage area on my boat. They are much better than I expected. They are somewhat flexible which will make it easier to fit in the corners. They look easy to trim if needed. Since I received them I have come up with ideas for more uses. Excellent product, fast shipping, good price. I will be ordering more.
Perfect for the lanai
Self-installed in
from Florida wrote...
These tiles are perfect for the pool area. The water drains through, comfortable to step on with bare feet and clean debris from shoes without a problem.
Self-installed in basement
from baltimore, md wrote...
Great product. Easy to put together. Stays together nicely. Makes walking on our concrete basement floor much nicer. We can accidentally drop laundry on the floor now and not have to wash it again.
Self-installed in sauna
from Chassell, MI wrote...
The tiles are on the floor of our sauna. They are perfect. Comfy to stand on and no slipping when the shower is running. And the price was reasonable.
Great product
Self-installed in Home
from Maine wrote...
Does the job as described; I recommend for any drainage issue. Prompt courteous service. Made 2 orders; would order again.
Puppy pen flooring
Self-installed in Puppy Pen
from Plant City, FL wrote...
I purchased these tiles, about 4' by 4' size for mybupcoming litter of Bulldogs. It turned out great! They didn't slip and slip around as when I let on the hardwood flooring and it kept all the liquid waste from their paws in between cleaning. Its now used in the yard as a dirt free area to wash the dogs.
Hides the rust
Self-installed in Shower
from Tamworth, NH wrote...
I had inherited a hard to replace galvanised shower base that was showing signs of wear. I bought 8 floor tiles, should have bought 9 and cut from a square shape but it worked ok. Shower looks like new and water flow is fine. It'll take time to tell if the rubber/plastic will attract mould or deteriorate with age but I'd be happy buying new tiles every few years if this did happen. Tiles are high quality, not too hard on my feet and colour is excellent. The linking mechanism at the tile edges is good and secure, I will buy more for an external shower. I thought the price was reasonable.
Door mat
Self-installed in Concrete pad at back door
from Lynchburg, VA wrote...
I had trouble with an exposed outdoor mat never drying out. The moisture underneath would cause my concrete stain to fade out. This mat is stable and confortable underfoot, also the slightly raised grids helps when wiping shoes.
Great product at a fair price
Self-installed in Boat deck
from Dana Point, CA wrote...
Overall I think this is a great product if you have the right application. That said, I was planning on using this for my boat to help keep down the foot prints left from every ones shoes or boots, and it does just that. The problem I had was when fishing for tuna or high bleeding fish, the blood and fish debris gets under the mats and is very difficult to remove and clean without taking the matting completely off the boat, which is a pain. Again, with that said, if your planning on using this on your dive boat this would be the best application for this product, it will keep your gear dry and you don't have to worry about slipping on your deck as you done your gear. Bottom line is I WOULD recommend this product, however just be aware of the problem with debris getting trapped under the matting.
Shipped fast and excellent quality
Self-installed in Basement, outdoor patio
from Brooklyn, NY wrote...
Ordered 70 sq ft of Raised Grip-Loc tiles for a basement storage area which can get damp from rain. Tiles arrived in 5 days, were very easy to install and look great against the redwood doorway. Tiles are also high enough to prevent items from getting wet. Very happy with the purchase.
Great for boat hatch
Self-installed in Boat
from South Carolina wrote...
I bought this to try to keep the hatches in my boat dry. It does the trick! Easy to order; arrived promptly and installed in seconds.
Self-installed in Under second lab sink
from Colorado wrote...
These tiles are so easy to work with and to connect to each other. They are equally easy to cut to fit. I was so amazed at how easy it was to cut them to fit! I've used other similar products from other companies that were a nightmare to try and cut, but these are far superior in every way (durability, strength, ease in cutting, ease in snapping together, etc.). I highly recommend these if you need to place things in a potentially wet environment and not have them get wet.
Shower Floor
Installed in
from North Tonawanda, NY wrote...
These tiles are perfect for my basement shower. I was constantly re-painting the floor. Now I have a functional and attractive floor. The raised nubs can be a lile uncomfortable on bare feet, but if you wear shower shoes they are great
results 1-18 of 18