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Raised Grip-Loc Tiles Reviews

Raised Grip-Loc Tiles
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Customer Reviews
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  Great product
Self-installed in Boat storage spaces
Pete from Long Island, NY wrote...
I always use a draining tile like these to line lockers, storage spaces and the lazarette on my boats. It's very important to get the stuff in those spaces up off the deck and give them some air flow underneath to keep things dry and prevent mold and mildew. Just needed to outfit a new boat and was shocked at how expensive Dri-Dek tiles have become. I found this company and thought I'd give their product a try at half the price of Dri-Dek tiles. I couldn't be happier. I think these tiles install easier than Dri-Deks, cut easier with just a pocket knife and are a bit more flexible which is perfect for compartments with uneven bottoms. Overall an A+ Be careful - read the descriptions of these products. My brother ordered from here for the same use as me and ordered another one of the products that was a few cents per tile cheaper. He apparently didn't read the description and got a product that was hard to cut and not flexible.
  Raised Tiles perfect for my shower
Self-installed in Basement shower
Tricia from Akron, OH wrote...
We were looking for an alternative to a wood platform for our basement shower. The floor gradually slopes towards the drain and the wood platform would rock. Plus the soap would fall through the slats. All solved with the raised grip-loc tiles. The tiles click onto each other, although we should have laid them out prior to starting to click. We needed the loops to be consistent on 2 sides of our 3 x 3 pad (9 tiles total). An old bottle opener made separating the tiles easy so we could start again. (The tiles are meant to stay hooked to one another, so they do take some effort to click together and take apart.) The tiles cover the drain, conform to the slight slope and it doesn't matter if the soap falls. The water drains easily through the tiles and into the drain. And we love that we had a choice of color - BLUE!
  Exactly what I was looking for
Self-installed in Basement
JIll from Long Island, NY wrote...
I sometimes take a little water in my basement and I store bins down there. I wanted to put something under them to prevent them from getting wet and having mildew form. These rubber mats are perfect. Easy to interlock and just thick enough to get the bins off the floor. I just order more because I decided to extend the area of storage. AND THE PRICE WAS RIGHT!!!!
  Raised Grip-Loc Tiles
Self-installed in Back yard
NVD from Santa Ana wrote...
The quality of these tile are top notch. Solid material. I bought 36 tiles to use as outdoor shower base. Don't know how long these tiles are going to last out in the sun, but for now, I am satisfy.
  Great for slippery tub
Self-installed in Bathtubs
Anonymous from NEW JERSEY wrote...
I bought the tiles for my bathtub after seeing it on the YMCA’s whirlpool deck. The tiles have a little weigh on it and sit securely on my tub without leaving a mark on the tub floor. Most importantly, it prevents me from slipping on the tub. A great buy!
  Great product
Self-installed in Service Truck
Anonymous from Kent ohio wrote...
I like they snap together & durable. I have them in two service trucks where I drop things on them constantly and have heavy objects on them and show no signs of wear.
Customer review image of  in
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Julien M from Woodland Hills, CA wrote...
Here is a photo submission of my recent purchase. There is now Artificial grass over the tiles.
Anonymous from INDIANA wrote...
  Basement Shower
Self-installed in Basement Shower
Anonymous from Pittsburgh wrote...
Very easy to click together. Water drains with no problem. Much nicer on feet than concrete.
  Read first
Self-installed in Kennel
Bzak1pgh from Kentucky wrote...
I like that it's easy to out together but it's so thin that if it's on uneven ground it comes apart just as easy. Also it's extremely thin. I figured that it would be thicker but by the 500% magnification I was extremely wrong... Another positive note is the price, very reasonable!
  extra dog crate flooring option
Self-installed in Inside a portable dog crate
Jo from Massachusetts wrote...
I used these tiles so that my foster dog with kidney issues wouldn't be laying in his puddles of pee overnight. They are stiff enough that at 100 pounds he is unable to turn them up or over, but flexible enough for me to drag it out of the tray for hosing off and cleaning and disinfecting the tray, all the while keeping him out of his accidents. They snap together with ease, and are simple to also pull apart if necessary, but are very secure while flat in the kennel. They were easy enough to cut to size to exactly fit inside the crate-tray. The colors are vibrant and add a classy look to his kennel. I would recommend this for any dog kennel, whether a small crate, or over cement flooring. Even over packed soil in very specific cases.
  well made product
Self-installed in under bar glasses and on sink to drain glasses
cindy crosbie from watertown ny wrote...
We love this at the bar! Excellent bar glass drainage.
  Raised grip loc tiles
Self-installed in Boat
Skeeter from Punta Gorda Florida wrote...
I like the product it works well in the boats. Used under seat storage. Allows air to ventilate and keeps things from getting wet and moldy.
Customer review image of  in Utility room
Customer review image of  in Utility room
Customer review image of  in Utility room
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  good for do it your self
Self-installed in Utility room
Bob Thurston from Massachusetts wrote...
Went down very easy. The product was consistent and no flaws! looks great! Also when ordered it arrived very quickly only a few days.
  Perfect fit!
Self-installed in Boat
Anonymous from Pittsfield, MA wrote...
These fit perfect in the storage area of our boat. Went together easy and cut really smooth with a pair of scissors. Well made quality. I would purchase again. I did not order samples first and the color was the exact color of the boat.
Installed in Catalina sailboat
The SoggySailor from Central California wrote...
I needed something to keep my stowed gear off the hull for drying and ventilation. The surface has compound curves and the Raised Grip-Loc Tiles worked great. They were flexible, not too hard on my budget, and EZ to install. I would definitely purchase again.
Self-installed in Boat
John from Tallahassee, Fl wrote...
Great product, exactly what they described. The 1’ square pieces fitted together easily and stayed together! They were easy to cut into the size I needed to completely cover the storage areas of my boat. Now my stuff will stay dry, and the storage areas can drain.
  This stuff is perfect!!!
Self-installed in Bathroom shower.
Eric R. from Martinsville Indiana wrote...
I used this to line the floor of a new shower I put in. The shower floor was too slick, so I installed these excellent flexible and easy to trim grip-loc tiles, and now the world is right!!! They work great and look fabulous!!! I highly recommend this product.
  works great
Self-installed in walk in shower
Angie from Michigan wrote...
I used the tiles for the bottom of the shower that was pretty slick. It was really easy to cut the tiles with tin snips.
  Wish this was made for the outdoors
Self-installed in outside landing over storm drain
Ingrid from Washington, DC wrote...
I bought these tiles thinking they were for an outdoor application. The ″raised″ style does not appear to be an option for the outdoor version of this tile. Having said that - the product is exactly what I expected and wanted. I hope it holds up for a long time or that the company starts making an outdoor version just like this! The tiles fit together easily and fit perfectly over a landing that includes an outside storm drain.
results 1-20 of 35
1 2