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Modular Grid-Loc Tiles™ Reviews

Modular Grid-Loc Tiles™
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  Not good for Pointe shoes
Verified Purchase
Anonymous from Lincoln, NE wrote...
We bought this for our daughter to practice her Pointe and Ballet. These tiles do not click together tightly. There is a space between each tile approximately .75 mm wide. I wouldn’t let our daughter do anything on it, and tear up her pointe shoes. Also, this flooring is not soft enough to be an actual ballet floor. If you consider this product, look at all the pictures and videos first, so you can see if it is right for you.
  floor review
Self-installed in basement
Anonymous from Cleveland, Ohio wrote...
Your product exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with it. It is perfect for doing Zumba, jumping rope and dancing.
  Tap dancer
Self-installed in Corner in kids room
Anonymous from New Jersey wrote...
My granddaughter is taking TAP dance classes and likes to practice at home. This worked beautifully, to avoid damaging my hard wood floors.
Customer review image of  in Basement
Customer review image of  in Basement
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  Renewed Basement Floor
Self-installed in Basement
Gary L. Spohn from Collegeville, PA wrote...
We recently lost power for 30 hours due to a hurricane. Before I could start the generator to keep the sump pump operational, the sump pump pit overflowed soaking the wall-to-wall carpet in the finished side of the basement. The carpet had been in place for about 20 years without incident, but not wanting a repeat I desired a floor covering not susceptible to the minor overflows that could occur in the future. Modular Grid-Loc tiles fit the purpose perfectly! The air gap beneath will allow for minor seepage if it occurs and the tiles won't spread the water like the carpet did. My tiles came on a pallet with nine tiles snapped together in a square; that greatly speeded installation time. I had all of the full tiles installed in two hours. Within another 4 hours I had cut and installed the tiles that needed to be cut to complete the 350 square foot wall-to-wall installation. I cut the tiles using a power miter saw without issue. I am very pleased with outcome of the project and would recommend the use of these tiles.
Customer review image of  in Barn...Metal building with cement floor
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Self-installed in Barn...Metal building with cement floor
Linda Turner from Turlock, Ca wrote...
Awesome flooring. We use it as a portable dance floor. Easy to put together and easy to store. We did not order a sample first because we already had the same type of flooring.
  Great floor!
Self-installed in Bedroom
Anonymous from OH wrote...
I got a 3'x3' section with edge pieces. The product came well-packaged and on time. I recommend wearing thick gloves to put it together, since the plastic edges on the bottom of the tiles are rough on your hands. Otherwise, it was relatively easy to put together. The ramped edges are great for eliminating tripping. So far, I see no scuffs or evidence of the tiles pulling apart. I use it mainly for tap dancing and pilates at home, and it isn't too slippery. Overall, a great purchase!
  Thank you
Verified Purchase
Shelby S. from Redding, CA wrote...
This is my video entry for the gift card drawing. I am using my modular interlocking tiles I purchased from you!
  Dance Floor Tiles
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home
Anonymous from Milwaukee, WI wrote...
So easy to use, it was surprising! Ordered quickly, delivered quickly and I was able to put it together easily and quickly. It is holding up great. I'm glad I purchased it!
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from KS wrote...
I bought these tiles so I could practice flamenco dance. They're perfect! I also love the quality and best of all, the price. The shipping was quick, too. I'll be buying more to expand the dance area.
  Fun tiles!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Bedroom, as an area piece, 4 ft by 4 ft
Anonymous from Berkeley wrote...
I bought these for a pretty unusual application. My sons room has very damaged wood flooring, and I wanted to create a nice floor area for under his chair at his desk and near the bed. I had to use a heavy rubber rug pad cut and taped to size in order to protect the wood from further damage, but the result couldn't be better. It's a thick, soft, durable, easy to clean and his desk chair rolls around on it quite nicely. I'm happy. The tiles have a kind of fun /whimsical look to them (I got the black marbled style).
  Extremely Pleased
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home Gym
Jack from Somers, CT wrote...
I used the Modular Grid-Loc tiles for a gym area in our home. I am extremely pleased with the results. Most people have no idea it is not a wood floor and the installation was very, very easy.
Verified Purchase
Genevieve O from Austin, Texas wrote...
When your little dogs have no manners or boundaries... ummm, excuse me, trying to practice right here! Oh, you need this exact spot for WrestleMania?.. ok. #smalldogsbigattitudes #practiceduringCOVIDtimes #shihtzusofinstagram #rubberflooringinc #calzadosenovilla #bulerias
Customer review image of  in studio
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  Difficult to install
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in studio
Mike from 94107 wrote...
I like the look and feel of the product. However, the tiles getting increasingly difficult to click together as the size increases. On the last row, I was only able to clip together the two end pieces, which leaves a slight gap between the other pieces.
  Beautiful product. Excellent customer service!
Self-installed in Carpeted Guest bedroom
Amanda from Valparaiso, IN wrote...
Excellent customer service! My original order was for the wooden dance tiles in dark maple, 5x5 floor covering. My order processed and said delivery would be before Christmas. (Late order for Christmas delivery) I received an email stating they were back ordered and asked if I wanted to switch to the oak color. I said I would switch the color as long as I received before Christmas and we did just in time! My original order came damaged. I do believe the damage was due to shipping company not product. All pieces that were not damaged are beautiful. I contacted customer service via email and received a response immediately. Erin C. took great care of me! After providing pictures of damage, I received an immediate replacement of damaged tiles within days. I have to say they were a little tough for me to put together without my husbands strength but I can see that just assures they will not disconnect easily. This is good as we have placed over carpeted floor with some give when you stand on them. The floor is exactly what we were looking for and my daughter is happy she isn’t sent to the basement anymore to practice. (Tap, ballet, lyrical) She has her own practice area in our guest bedroom now and couldn’t be happier! I would recommend this floor to anyone as well as company for their superior customer service!
  Its ok but tiles have Issues
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in commercial kiosk
Jesus A. from Houston, Tx wrote...
I ordered the floor and installed it without any problem, its easy to assemble and looks good. However, I found that tiles are made of two parts: The baseboard that is a black plastic tile base and a glued layer with the finish of your choice. This makes sense because its cheaper this way. The problem is the top layer moving because the glue is not very good. I installed the floor and all the spaces between each tile were even, now some tiles look out of place and the space between each one is no more even so it doesn't look good. Another minor problem at least with white color is how easily they got dirty or marked with chairs or other furniture.
  good stuff if youre looking for tiles
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Studio
Anonymous from Seattle WA wrote...
I first got similar 12″ x 12″ tiles for a dance floor from this same company but from a different factory for a little bit less, $.40 less per tile....they were horrible, didnt fit together flush and were hard to click together...i returned them and gracias a dios i talked to Kim when reordering....she confirmed that the tiles i had bought were from a factory that wasnt very good and she recommended these night and day, these are far superior in terms of fitting together well and ease of happy with all aspects of my dance floor now...
  Tap dancing
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in home
Kevin from Los Angeles wrote...
These tiles are amazing! I use them in my den so I don't damage the hardwood. I even take an extra set on vacation with me so I can practice away from home at either an Airbnb or a hotel.
  Hi quality, easy to assemble, rugged
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in basement
Brad Snyder from Kansas City wrote...
Hi quality, easy to assemble, rugged
Customer review image of  in
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  Wonderfully crafted and very durable!
Louisa from Monument, CO wrote...
Here’s a picture of my beautiful dance floor. This was ordered as a 4x4 and I purchased additional tiles and corners/end pieces to extend it to a 4x6. It was very easy to put together by following the install video on the website. I am loving this floor as I use it for tapping! Having it on the carpet actually makes it easier on my feet because it gives it a little cushion while maintaining the great sound of my taps! I will probably extend it out to a 4x8 in the near future! Wonderfully crafted and very durable! Thank you, Louisa
  Emma’s Dance Floor
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Charlotte from Cypress TX wrote...
Great product! Our daughter is a dancer, specializing in tap. We needed something at home so she could run the choreography in tap shoes and not on our wood or ceramic tile floors. The convenience of portability is one of the top reasons we purchased this flooring. Currently, we have it set up in our garage. If there’s a threat of flooding (in Houston we’ve flooded a lot in the last few years) we can quickly move the flooring to the second floor. 147 tiles and trim was delivered on a pallet, sectioned together in a square of 9 tiles. It was super easy to install. The complete size is 10’ x 14’.
results 1-20 of 35
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