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1" Sports Play Tiles Reviews

1" Sports Play Tiles
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$27.16 Tile
reg: $9.05 sqft
tile $36.21
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  Great Flooring
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Exercise Room
Julie Heisel from Franklin, MI wrote...
We ordered the ″earth″ color 1″ sports play tiles for an exercise room. They look beautiful! The only caution I have is that the video is misleading as to what it takes to install them. Video said the dowels would fit in the holes and we just needed a bread knife to cut the tiles. This was an understatement. It was a two-person job with a drill to make bigger holes for the dowels and they used a power jigsaw to cut the tiles.
  beautiful finish product
Self-installed in Condo units
Dave from South Lake Tahoe, ca wrote...
This was the perfect product to cover our many concrete balconies and porches. The installation was difficult to insert the dowels. We used some clear silicone spray that made it easier to assemble. We also used 2″x4″ metal edging for the perimeter. Our owners liked the finished product.
  Rubber gym floor tiles
Installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Scottsdale wrote...
The tiles were as pictured and were good quality. There was a strong odor - had to leave window open for a couple days but seems to have gotten better.
  Indoor Patio
Self-installed in Patio
Anonymous from Boise, ID wrote...
The tiles look great in our new indoor patio and are very comfortable. The tiles are very easy to keep clean and are great even when its wet. It has definitely helped out this winter when coming in from the snow. I hope to have this flooring for a very long time. Very pleased.
Self-installed in Playroom
Anonymous from Menifee, CA wrote...
I installed the rubber flooring in my childcare playroom and I absolutely love it! My kids loved it as well.
  Great Price
Self-installed in Home Gym
Kyle from San Bernadino, CA wrote...
When I first came to this site looking for 1″ tiles for my gym I initially came across the monster tiles. After doing some more digging on the site, I came across this product. Since I live in California, the shipping for this product was cheaper and the product itself was cheaper. After installing the tiles, my home gym looks great and the color really makes the the room pop. Now my gym looks like a professional gym if not better!
Installed in Backyard
Ted from Albuquerque, NM wrote...
I recently purchased a new playground set for my kids and really needed to get flooring that would help to protect them if they were to fall. I really didn't need anything too thick, because the set I had didn't really have anything high up. After looking at all the playground tiles, I decided to go with this one. The color I picked, Green/Black, really complimented the playground set well. The kids really like there new area and I'm happy that they have a safe place to play.
  Great Looking Tile
Self-installed in Backyard
Doug from Glendale, AZ wrote...
I bought these tiles as a nice addition to our new playset area. I didn't really need a very thick tile since my kids are still pretty small, but they like to play rough. The tiles really do help to lessen their fall and is a lot more comfortable than rocks or mulch. The tiles installed very easily and are super easy to keep clean. I'm glad I purchased them.
Self-installed in Porch
Lawrence from San Diego, CA wrote...
I have been looking for something that I could put on my porch that could be multifaceted. I have my workout equipment there, but we also like to host parties and the kids like to play around there. So after doing some research on the site, I came to the conclusion that this was the product for me. The tiles were easy to install and look really nice on my porch. I'm able to do all the exercises I want on there while the kids have an area where they can play safely. Many of my friends have commented on my new flooring and after our parties it is super easy to clean. Great tile!
  Activity Room
Installed in Activity Room
Susie from Tacoma, WA wrote...
We recently decided to get rid of the foam tiles that we had in our activity room because they kept getting ruined. So we decided to go with something that was more durable, but at the same time would give me a lot of color. I came across this floor and saw a picture of a similar room and liked what I saw. I talked to the rep and got a sample of the flooring to make sure it would work for us. The installation of the flooring was very easy and we even got a few of the colors to create a cool checker pattern. The kids are a lot happier with the new flooring and it has been easier for us to maintain. Great product!
  Weight Room
Self-installed in Weight Room
Anonymous from Spokane, WA wrote...
We recently decided to upgrade the flooring in our free weight section, especially in the area around our dumbells. We had some issues with tiles we had bought from a different company and they were starting to buckle and bend. So we decided to go with a stronger and thicker tile. After digging around the website for a bit, I came across this tile. I really liked the look of the tile and I liked that it was an 1″ thick. The tiles were easy to install and they have really helped to make our free weight section a lot safer. I'm glad that I found this product. Will most likely purchase more for another area of our gym as well.
Self-installed in Backyard
Anonymous from Gilbert, AZ wrote...
I recently decided to upgrade my backyard with some flooring. Most of my backyard is desert and I really wanted to create an area where we could entertain and also a place where the kids could play. This tile fit the bill. The tile was thick enough to keep the kids safe while they played and at the same time could be used to entertain. I decided to go with the green color since it looks like grass and would compliment the whole area. The tiles have been easy to maintain and are very comfortable. Really nice tile.
  Easy to Install
Self-installed in Home Gym
Tony from Oklahoma City, OK wrote...
I had never installed rubber flooring before, so I was a little nervous to do it. But from what many people had said in many of the other products, it seemed like most people installed the flooring themselves. So after talking with the customer service rep and making sure I had everything, I decided to go ahead and purchase the tiles. The install was actually quite easy. The dowels interlocked very nicely with not much effort and the tiles create a nice look in my gym. I decided to make a check pattern with a couple of the colors. My gym looks Great!
Self-installed in Playground Area
Shannon from San Mateo, CA wrote...
I recently decided to upgrade the flooring on our playground with these tiles. They were super easy to install. We were able to install it in one weekend. They are much easier to keep up and they make our playground look soo much nicer. I'm glad we decided to go with these.
results 1-14 of 14
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