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Paver Tiles - West Coast Reviews

Paver Tiles - West Coast
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$21.00 Tile
reg: $7.00 sqft
tile $28.00
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Average Rating 4.3/5
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  Looks nice in home gym!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Costa Mesa, CA wrote...
Ordered these in 1/2″ thickness terracotta for our home gym. I used a heavy duty box cutter and L square to cut the tiles to fit certain areas, and polyurethane adhesive to make sure they stick to the concrete floor. The tiles look and feel very resilient and are very easy to clean with a soapy scrub brush. I give 4 stars due to the fact that there were slight size inconsistencies in some of the tiles making it a little difficult to get the edges lined up accurately.
  Nice coverup for old concrete porch floor
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in concrete porch floor
Anonymous from Cincinnati, OH wrote...
I put the paver tiles over an old, discolored, dingy concrete porch floor. Appearance is much improved. Time will tell with how well the tiles age. Cutting tiles was challenging, but this is testament to their solid composition.
Self-installed in outside deck
Anonymous from Los Angeles wrote...
I love these tiles. I installed them myself, and tried a box cutter at first. No dice, too hard for a delicate flower like myself. Checked with my son and he suggested using his Oscillating Multi-Tool. Cut the tiles like butter, it was awesome.
results 1-3 of 3
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