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Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer Reviews

Rubber Floor Finish and Sealer
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  Rubber Floor Sealer
Self-installed in outdoor patio and garage
Norm from Nocona, TX wrote...
I have rubber flooring on my outdoor patio and my garage floor. I have tried numerous products on these floors to achieve a shine so that is it is easier to clean and to protect it from water and UV rays. No product I have tried thus far could achieve these goals. Finally I found a product that does the job extremely well. I would recommend this finish/sealer to anyone trying to protect their floors and make them look ″shining clean.″
  Bring Floor to Life
Enrique from Manassas, VA wrote...
My rubber floor is the black with green chip that I bought from Rubber Flooring Inc. After the last 15 months my floor has sort of dulled, still looks great but there is a difference from a virgin floor and what I have now. I have this rubber in a Cycle Studio where we also have floor workouts so there is some normal ″Scuffing″ you have from jumping around and such. I put two thin layers of this amazing sealer on and my floor looks brand new, the green flakes pops like it used to but more importantly the scuff marks and dullness is all gone. Not to shinny at all but when I did the first half there was a noticeable difference for the better. If you can mop you can put this stuff down, I was hesitant because is not ″recommended″ for primarily black floors but this is perfect for me. Just a little shine and it brought my floors back to life. Lastly, easier to maintain and clean up sweat puddles.
  Great Product
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from New York wrote...
Applied product to new garage mat, easy application. Drove on it and no tire marks. Very satisfied
  Rubber floor finish.
Self-installed in Inside a 16 foot Trailer. I am making a shop out o
Steve from Flinton, Pa wrote...
Great service and will do it again. Thank you for the quick service.
Customer review image of  in Gym Floor
Customer review image of  in Gym Floor
Customer review image of  in Gym Floor
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  Very Happy
Self-installed in Gym Floor
Chris C. from Tallahassee, FL wrote...
Gym floor redone with rubber floor cleaner and then applied rubber floor sealer.
  Excellent product seals but not slippery
Self-installed in Gym floor
Anonymous from Beavercreek Ohio wrote...
Was concerned that a sealer finish would be too slick for our gym floors but instead it gives the floors a nice looking finish without being too slick. Use it with the cleaner and the combination works well in our application
  not holding up
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in home gym
Anonymous from Wisconsin wrote...
I applied 4 thin coats to my rubber floor. Initially it looked great, I am finding when I do my boot camp workouts there is smudging in the places I do repetitive exercises from my shoes. The coating appears to be wearing off. I would not use this product again.
Customer review image of  in Varsity Hockey Team Locker Room
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  Sealer looks great
Self-installed in Varsity Hockey Team Locker Room
Brad T. from Detroit, MI USA wrote...
Ice arena locker room may not be the best use for the sealer because it scratches from the blades. I wet mopped after and the scratches lighten. Overall the sealers and cleaners work as they are supposed to.
  So easy to instal
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement gym
Jamie from Boston, Ma wrote...
The rubber is so durable but you can easily cut it with scissors. This makes it very easy to install.
  Great product
Chelsey from 77450 wrote...
Great product!
  Easy to apply
Verified Purchase
Anonymous from houston texas 77043 wrote...
Great sealer!
  Quick-drying durable sealant
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in On my 11x4' rubber gym mat
Martha Cervantes from Tacoma, WA wrote...
I used a 1.5″ bristle brush to apply 3 and 4 layers to the underside and top side of an 11x4' blue-flecked rubber mat that I cut in half to fit under my power cage. The sealant was needed particularly because the mat would be sitting under a car port in the elements and I wanted it water-proofed. It will be covered by a tarp all around when the weather is inclement. Anyway, during sunny days, the sealant took maybe 6 hours per coat to dry well enough to apply the next one. If the day was rainy or overcast, 24 hours were needed. I put the floor mat on 4 saw-horses to prevent it from picking up dust on the ground, that way I would not have to clean the underside to paint it later. I also painted the edges of the mat. A few times, it slipped from handling and got a few scratches from the saw-horses, but I repainted that side at the end with another layer and they disappeared completely, meaning they were very superficial. I then swept the cement floor and put a large piece of clean plastic sheet down to keep the underside from getting into rubbing contact with the ground and then I put my 2 rubber floor mat pieces down. I'm going to let it cure at least 72 hours until I assemble my cage on top of it. Remember to sweep and clean it now and then even indoors so that the dust particles do not begin to scratch up the finish and then reach the rubber layer! the product covers well with a brush and I used about 1/3 of the bottle on a total of roughly 400 square feet of total painting. Thanks very much for a good deal on a great product!
  Great stuff
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Living room and kitchen
Donna from Cincinnati, Ohio wrote...
It done just what I needed it to do, seal my rubber flooring, so I could clean it easier.
  Floor looks great!!!!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Customers Exercise room
John Ongena from Orlando, FL wrote...
Great product, worked so well on our new gym floor.
  Perfect floor care
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Martin Center for Dance
Douglas Martin from 08648 wrote...
We use the Rubber Floor finish to make our floors look like new! It can be use full strength or diluted in water and the floor always turns out looking great!
  Exactly what I was looking for
Self-installed in Home gym
Jonathan from Franklin lakes , NJ wrote...
I was looking for something to seal and renew the rubber flooring in my home gym. After reading the reviews and searching online I decided to buy rubber floor sealer from Rubber Flooring Inc. The product is easy to apply with a paint roller and dries in a few minutes. I applied two coats and the floor looks great. The rubber has a rich dark color now and is easy to clean. It made my gym floor look like new.
  Adds a nice shine...
Verified Purchase
VJ from Seattle wrote...
After 3 applications of the finish and sealer in our garage, the floor looks nice and reflective. It also seems to be trapping less dirt. Love it.
  Gives a great clean look!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage Gym Floor
Anonymous from Grapevine TX wrote...
This product revitalized my dull black flooring and gave it a good light gloss, bringing it back to life!
  Makes my stairs shine like new.
Verified Purchase
Installed in Stairwells
Anonymous from Merrimack wrote...
Great product I have had many compliments on how the old tired stairwells in my building look new again.
  shine like the top of the chrysler building
Verified Purchase
Installed in Church
Linette from Merrimack, NH wrote...
Love this product using it in combination with the cleaner it makes my stairs shine.
results 1-20 of 52
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