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Jamboree Playground Tiles - Designer Series Reviews

Jamboree Playground Tiles - Designer Series
Price from
$30.36 Tile
reg: $10.12 sqft
tile $40.48
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Average Rating 4.3/5
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Customer review image of  in Patio
Customer review image of  in Patio
Customer review image of  in Patio
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  Huge Difference
Verified Purchase
Installed in Patio
Jenny from Wichita, KS wrote...
Attached are some photos of our walkout basement where we used the flooring. Makes a huge difference.
  Wonderful investment
Tim from MA wrote...
My wife and I bought these when we redid the backyard and put in a playground for the kids. These tiles make the playground look great and ease my mind since they are cushioned enough to protect my children from falls. Customer service was also very helpful in helping us select the product we needed.
  These are Nice!!!
Jason H. from Mesquite, NV wrote...
These playground tiles can be a little pricey it seems but once I got them, the quality was excellent. I love the color options they had available. I got the sour apple color and it looks great.
  My experience so far
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement gym, Outdoor patio for kids to play on
Andrzej from New York, NY wrote...
====> Tiles get hot in sun, hotter than patio bricks around. ====> I do not have these glued as I want to take off the tiles depending on occasion. Instead, I use the quad bloks. On a smooth surface such as floor tiles, the quad bloks do not hold the tiles very well. When I workout, the tiles shift and even come off the quad bloks. Just doing push ups shifts the tiles apart. They seem to hold better when placed on patio bricks. ====> Tiles seem to be a little hard. However, when jumping they do seem to cushion the impact. ====> They have a slight rubbery smell,. I've expected them to smell more. So in that sense I'm ok. ====> The price was somewhat high for me, but then I did want something better. ====> Tiles appear to be well made. I feel they will last a long time. ====> Tiles do look good. I've got the Blueberry Pie color.
  Tiles are slightly larger than 24 x 24
Verified Purchase
Chris from Salem OR wrote...
Tiles look great and I'm sure they will provide a safe playground surface for our preschool. We tried to confirm the EXACT measurements of the tiles so that we could design the playground borders to work with little or no cutting of tiles. We were assured that the tiles were exactly 24″ x 24″. In fact, they are 24 3/16″ square. By the time we laid 10 tiles we were 3″ too long. Frustrating.
  great quality
Verified Purchase
Installed in BackYard
MissR from Staten Island, NY wrote...
I rated it four stars due to the high cost!!!! However, the quality is very nice and strong. I purchased the sour apple and the color looks awesome with my wood and green colored swing/play set. I just wish the cost was cheaper. It actually cost twice as much as the play set :(
results 1-6 of 6
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