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Coin Grid-Loc Tiles™ Reviews

Coin Grid-Loc Tiles™
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$2.51 Tile
reg: $3.35 sqft
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Average Rating 4.9/5

Customer Reviews

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Great Product
Self-installed in Garage
from Austin, TX wrote...
As others have stated in their reviews this is a very good product. They ship quickly and the product goes down easily. I did put down the roofing felt that others had recommended but I still did my whole 19' X 19' garage by myself in about 4 hours. One tip... instead of using a hammer, I would align the corner connecting to the others in place and kick it in with my leg/feet. Kept me from having to bend over very much. I wound up being short 3 pieces due to my own error, so I ordered those. They promptly sent them to me without any shipping charge! I would say these are great folks.
Self-installed in my 4 garages (one 3 car and 1 single car)
from Sarasota, Fl. wrote...
The interlocking flooring is better than advertised, and extremely easy to install even for the novice do it your-selfer. The flooring goes down with a stomp of the heel or a rubber hammer. I chose a rolling stool and a rubber hammer as I have a 3 car and a single car garage, (AND I'M 70) A saber saw or table saw is also needed to trim some of the perimeter pieces. Cleanup is quick and easy with a wet mop, and wala - no stains from dripping auto HVAC condensation, oil, etc. This product is far superior to an epoxy floor with sprinkles - which I have had and experienced paint lifting due to hot tires and also discoloration which is impossible to remove. GO WITH THE INTERLOCKING FLOORING FROM GARAGE FLOORING- YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED
Dump Ground to Executive Garage
Self-installed in Garage
from Charlotte NC wrote...
After building my house over the last few years my garage had become the dumping ground for any leftover building materials. Made me crazy, every time I was looking for something and took me longer to find stuff than doing the job I had planned to do, I am sure you can sympathies!

I finally cleaned up the garage, gave it a new coat of paint and built some storage cabinets. The truly finishing touch was to put down some flooring, after researching on the web the best product and price was from Garage Flooring. Ordered Coin Grid-Loc Tiles, they shipped fast and did not disappoint!

Please see my photos of finished garage.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Self-installed in garage
from San Diego, CA wrote...
I did our 3 car garage in two afternoons (had a lot of stuff to move around, etc.) Used foam underlay from local builder's supply store so their is no clacking when walking on it. A jigsaw with a fine blade did a good job for all the cuts, etc. The order process and delivery co. was absolutely "first rate" and it arrived much faster than I ever expected. I also painted the concrete edging around the garage floor wall with a color matched paint for a finished look. I really like it and personally think it looks better than my friend's epoxy garage (for about half the price) plus it is much more comfortable to walk on/kids to play on/etc..

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
worthet for the money
Self-installed in garage
from Douglaston, NY wrote...
exelent delivery, good comunication, my garage floor is fixed, as professionals does.
exceeded my expectations!!
Self-installed in Garage
from Westbury, NY wrote...
I transformed the garage floor for a friend/former co-worker after my brother did his - once done, she was extremely pleased and repeated ... "exceeded my expectations !!" Thanks for a great ,and easy to install, product - no need to paint ever again!

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Annette's Review
Installed in Garage
from Gainesville, FL wrote...
In July I sent pictures of the garage floor thinking that the colors of plastic tiles, gunmetal and graphite, were fading. I found that I was in error when I showed Mr. Steve Smith, floor installer, about the fading the next day when he returned to tile the two shelves in the garage. He stated that the color was a marking for his making sure that the tiles were aligned correctly. I immediately called you and left a message that the tiles were not fading and I made a big mistake and please disregard the pictures of what I sent showing the marking on the driveway.

You were so kind in returning my call which I was embarrasses and very apologetic about to my incorrect statement. I told you that I will send you pictures of the shelves that Mr. Smith covered with the same tiles of the floor. Enclosed are pictures of the shelves, as well as the newly painted garage walls and repairs of the walls. My garage looks as if it were recently built on the home. The enclosed pictures will show the walls repaired as well. I really love the color of the attic opening that is painted in gunmetal to show the distinction of the ceiling and the attic opening. I have two friends wanting their garage floors installed with the plastic tiles.

I would like to thank you, Alyssa & Kim/Alice for working with me in having my garage beginning to look like a showroom. Kim was the first representative I had the opportunity to speak with and she gave me and Mr. Smith very informative information to assist in completing the garage floor. She is very knowledgeable and answered all concerns we had. She sent samples of the plastic tiles, as well as the rubber underlayment.

Kim went beyond just selling the products. She gave instructions how to lay the tile, especially from the walls for swelling. She also explained the reason for order the rubber underlayment to keep the plastic tiles sound proof from the cement garage floor. It would have been a disaster for me to have ordered the tile and only to find out the clicking noise from not having purchased the rubber underlyament for sound proof.

Thank you again for your concerns. Most companies would not have shown the interest as you did after a customer has purchased the products. It tells me about your company and the wonderful employees.

Also, your company rates are cheaper than your competitiors. Before closing, mr. Smith took samples of the plastic tiles to show his customers how they can also improve the look of their garage. It will give your company, as well as him more business.

Respectuflly submitted,
Annette C. W.
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Chet's garage floor
Self-installed in Garage
from Wesley Chapel, FL wrote...
Floor arrived in a timely manner. It was easy to install and looks great - very satisfied.
So much better than a painted floor
Self-installed in 2 Car Garage
from Kentucky wrote...
My 9 year old daugther & I made a two day project out of it.

DAY 1: I laid the tiles in place & she used a rubber mallet to set them in place. We did one bay of a 2 car garage.

DAY 2: We did the other bay of a 2 car garage. My daughter placed the tiles & I used the rubber mallet to set them in place. This was the first time she worked with me from start to finish on one of my projects! Easy Install, I did have to use a band-saw to cut the top row & side row to fit. Water, grease & oil spills clean up really nice. I was worried about parking a heavy SUV-sized vehicle on it. After one month, I don't see a problem with it. I think these tiles should last a very long time. (Much longer than any type of paint job!!!)

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
The Best
Self-installed in Home Garage
from Lacey, WA wrote...
I saw product online and was hesitant, took a dive and purchased and was not disappointed one bit. Friends and neighbors are at awe on how it looks.
Fantastic Product!!
Self-installed in Workshop
from North Central Texas wrote...
What a fantastic product! I have gotten nothing but glowing reviews about the way the floor in my new workshop turned out - everyone (myself included) absolutely loves it! Will definitely buy from these folks again!
Garage Floor
Self-installed in Car Garage
from AZ wrote...
Very Impressed! & put down rubberized underlayment first - well worth the extra time and $.
Nice looking floor!
Self-installed in Garage
from Tampa, Fl wrote...
The tile are well built and go down pretty easy! They come in a box with 4 tiles assembled together and quickly can be separated. I did my 20x20 floor in about 3 hours at an average pace. I decided to not use a under layment layer and it isn’t a problem when walking on it. It’s not very clicky. They seem like well built tile and make a huge difference in the appearance of the space!
Awesome Garage Flooring
Self-installed in Garage
from Sacramento, CA wrote...
We really like everything about the Coin Grid'Loc Tiles. We received our order in a super timely manner, like 3 days. Easy to install for a handyman, somewhat tiresome to break apart the 4 locked tiles for ladies. Easy to reorder additional pieces. Pleasant Customer Service. All around an excellent product with good color. We used Black and White tiles with a Red rectangular accent. Looks awesome!
very good
Self-installed in tool trailer
from winemucca nv wrote...
Used it as a floor in my mobile tool trailer. Nothing but compliments.
A great investment.. LOOKS GREAT!!!
Installed in Garage
from Philadelphia wrote...
We purchased flooring tile for our garage.. Order came when expected.. Very easy to snap together. Finished all the tiling, cutting, fitting in 4 hours for a single garage. A reader suggested we put a layer of roofing paper on our concrete floor to help deaden any noise when walking on the floor. I think it's worth the small additional expense. What a difference in our garage.. A great investment.. LOOKS GREAT!!! Abe & Rita Dee....Philadelphia, PA
Happy Customer
Self-installed in Garage
from AL wrote...
Greetings Angela:

Just a note to thank you for all your help during my garage flooring order. I have finished the project and wanted to let you know I couldn't be happier with the result. I recall discussing with you during our telcon the most suitable way to cut the tiles. The best option (after some experimentation) is using a hand held jigsaw. Tile cutter (ceramic-type)...no way. Circular power miter saw...nope. It does melt the polypropylene. Anyhow just letting you know.

Thanks again Angela. I think you asked to see a photo or two of the finished effort so here ya go:

Fond regards,

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
Looks good
Self-installed in Garage
from Pittston PA wrote...
Was easy to work with and looks good.
Happy Customer
Installed in
from Pittston, PA wrote...
Floor looks nice, easy to install.

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
satisified user.
Self-installed in garage
from pittsburgh,Pa, wrote...
Product was everything it promised to be! Sales people were very helpful and my purchace even arrived early! The flooring went together with little effort, and looks terrific. Wish I had done this years ago instead of painting every two or three years.
results 1-20 of 179
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