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Coin Flex Tiles Reviews

Coin Flex Tiles
Price from
$75.89 Case
reg: $4.33 sqft
case $101.19
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Average Rating 4.9/5

Customer Reviews

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Self-installed in Made garage into sports bar
from Aledo, Tx wrote...
I got to these folks from the images I saw on Google. I called them and gave the lady my measurements and she took over. She figured it up and gave me the best price possible and even helped me cut some corners to get an even better price to boot. The customer service is second to none with these folks. The lead time was excellent. We had our product in five days from purchase and it would have been four days except Fedex had to reset delivery because of a tailgate situation. The product was just as it was described in their online site. In fact it was even better than we hoped for. The texture of the tiles is hard to explain but so cool and soft under your feet. We installed a 20x20 garage in less than 2 hours. I am now trying to find some other surface that we can do to order some more product. I definitely recommend this company and product to anyone thinking about adding some flair to their floors... easy as pie....Note: rubber hammer is a plus.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Looks Great!
Self-installed in Garage
from Townsend, DE wrote...
Looks Great!

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Steve's new garage
Self-installed in Garage
from Arlington, TX wrote...
Started on moving everything out of the garage at 11:00 in the morning and moved everything back in at 9:00 that evening. Tiles were easy to install and easy to cut. It was time comsuming but at age 60, there were a lot of breaks taken. Everyone that has seen the floor says it looks like something you would see in a car magazine. May have to go but a sports car now.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Garage floor
Installed in Garage
from Columbus GA wrote...
I have a 3 car garage and it seems to get a lot of use. I tend to think of it as an extension of my home and like it to be clean and tidy. I have been re-painting the garage floor with a stain each year but it continues to stain and flake. I was out of choices other than tiling the floor. I measured the floor and called to discuss measurements. It was easy to get estimates and then place my order. I received it very quickly and curbside delivery was fine. I had ordered the dark gray and I am very pleased with the color. I also ordered the trim pieces to finish off the floor. I had it professionally installed and the floor looks great! However, I did not like the trim pieces. They are made of a flimsy plastic and made the floor look cheap. I had the installers cut the tiles to make a finished edge and I found this to look much better. The dark gray color was a good choice but it shows any dust(or pollen). I am sweeping the floor regularly with a Swiffer and this seems to do the job. The floor seems to be of high quality and I expect it to last a very long time. I was skeptical about water from the tires penetrating the seams but this does not happen. Overall, the floor exceeded my expectations and I would say I am a perfectionist.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Another beautiful installation
Self-installed in Home shop
from Walland, TN wrote...
This is my second garage to install this product. I learned from the first efforts a few extra tricks to be able to be more successful and require fewer cuts on the edges.

Most important, that most realize, having warm weather aids in cutting and fitting as well. Especially the individual edging.

The end result is even better than expected. Perfect fit, gorgeous appearance and so much better than concrete to stand and kneel on.

Thank you for your fine product. A friend is about to order for his four car garage. Guess who will help with the installation?

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
Great Workshop Floor
Self-installed in Garage
from North Texas wrote...
I converted an alcove in the garage to a workshop. Tiles were easy to install and look great! I cut them using both a straight razor blade and a linoleum blade. Garage Flooring Inc provides great service - I love that they send you free samples and provide installation videos. Prices were very competitive with the big box stores. In fact, they actually cost less since I didn't have to pay sales tax!

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
Tile for my garage-mahal
Self-installed in Workshop/garage
from Yulee florida wrote...
Wanted to make my garage my dream garage. Product is more expensive than an epoxy coating or staining but has several advantages over both. No hot tire peel up or wear patterns for stained concrete. Very easy to install. Easy to have a patern of your choice. Biggest advantage is it actually dampens noise levels in the garage. Sales team was exceptional, no sales tax and delivered right to my door. Product weighs over 2000 pounds so it won't move. Garage is 30 foot by 60 foot and I have had many people comment on how nice it is. My wife loves the look of the floor and took the pictures. I would recommend this product if you have poor looking concrete or just want to improve the looks of your shop or basement. I did use a concrete densifier prior to putting flor down to seal the concrete. Additional benefit is that it covers all expansion joints or cracks in th floor but will not defeat the purpose of the expansion joints.
I now love my garage!
Self-installed in Garage
from Savannah, GA wrote...
What a great product and customer service. Order, delivery and installation went smoothly. It took longer to empty the garage than it did to install. The instructions tell you to use a utility knife - if I had done that I would still be installing. I used a table saw to cut the edge pieces and had it done in no time. Only had a few extra pieces which I used to line my tool shelves.Looks great! I would highly recommend.
Wonderful investment! Love it!
Self-installed in Garage
from Bowling Green, KY wrote...
Our garage floor was in bad shape and had ugly oil stains that couldn't be cleaned. As we are getting older, using our garage for projects and entertainment, the concrete floor started to wear tremendously on our feet and back. The strain was getting to the point that it was hard to use our garage space for the things we enjoy.

I started researching garage flooring with anti-fatigue properties and after hours and hours of research and reading reviews, we settled on Rubber Flooring Inc and their Coin Flex Black PVC flexible tiles.

They shipped promptly and we started installing the tiles after watching a few tips on line. It was a breeze! The 22' x 22' garage took all day from start to finish, which also included reinstalling the baseboard trim along the bottom. We used a band saw for trimming, which worked out very well and rubber mallet for installing. As someone else mentioned, the point where the two pieces of flooring link together when you hit them with the rubber mallet does cause a slight lighter color on the edges to show up. Ours has blended in and is no longer noticeable. Even if it still showed up, we are happy with the appearance.

The overall look and feel of the floor is awesome! We love it! It does make a difference with the anti-fatigue properties and the appearance has transformed an ugly room into an extension of the rest of our house.

We chose black so it wouldn't stain from the car tires based on reviews. The only thing that I noticed is when the car is parked on the floor, the water from the air conditioner or from when it rains, will dry up and cause water rings and spots where it has puddled and then dried. I try to clean them up with a damp mop and they don't disappear all the way, but it IS a garage and this can't be helped. The water does not seem to seep in to the seams of the flooring and stays on top of the tiles. This was a worry that I no longer have.

Overall, I would do this again in a heartbeat! The company is professional and easy to work with.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Laundry Room Install
Self-installed in Laundry Room
from Duluth, Ga. wrote...
These tiles worked great in our Laundry Room and finished off the space perfectly. They were easy to install and cut. Have recommended this product to others already.
Happy Customer
Self-installed in Basement & Kitchen
from Holland, MI wrote...
We are totally delighted with the floor, the color, and the ease of installation.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Easy Installation
Self-installed in garage
from Atlanta wrote...
These tiles are easy to install and look great. Even if you make a mistake its easy to pull apart the tiles and correct the issue. My only issue during installation was the use of the utility knife. I found it difficult to cut straight lines and it took three to four passes with the knife before the tile separated. Other than that I'm happy with my purchase and the quality of the product. My garage has been transformed. I'm glad I decided on these tiles instead of paint.
My 2nd garage floor
Self-installed in Garage at home
from Ft Pierce, Fl. wrote...
I have installed the tile in my last two garages and I am very happy with the floors. Previously, I painted my floor and I did not do I guess a very good job etching. So, I will use rubber tile from now on. Easy to install and looks great.
excelent quality
Self-installed in garage
from laguna beach wrote...
Very easy to install and the look is very good.
Nice Product
Self-installed in Basement home music studio/bicycle repair area
from Papillion, NE wrote...
I used the tile on a cement basement floor. It is for a music studio/bicycle repair area. The floor looks great and is easy to clean. I did not order samples first, the pictures on the web were sufficient to make a decision. Installation was relatively easy, installing the middle part of the floor progresses much faster than adding the tile around the edges. I installed the tile myself and cut it with a table saw. There is nothing I dislike about this product. I would purchase it again.
Great product
Self-installed in Inside of two of my garage is
from Ocean City New Jersey wrote...
Great product, very easy to install, make sure garage look like part of the house and, everything is finished off! I would recommend this product to anyone .
Met All Expectations
Self-installed in Garage
from Augusta, GA wrote...
I have two large rubber mats in my garage (one under each car) but could never keep the areas around them painted properly because of some problems with the original concrete. I got the Coin Flex Tiles (which matched the coin design in the mats) to fill in around the mats. The difference in the appearance of my garage floor is amazing. I'm 83 years old and had absolutely no problem with doing the installation myself. I'm a very satisfied customer.
Transformed Our Garage
Self-installed in Garage
from Sun City West, AZ wrote...
I read all the reviews on this page and looked at all the pictures before deciding to purchase the Coin Flex Tiles. Several weeks ago I did the laundry area in our garage with the tiles and saved my pennies and then ordered the tiles to do the car area of the garage and I installed them last week. We bought these tile to replace an expoxy floor that we have been unhappy with because it seemed too easy to make marks or chip it when using a jack or jack stands.

We love the Coin Flex tiles with only a couple of caveats. We have a 2.75 stall garage. That's because we live in a 55+ community and the third stall is made for a golf cart so it is 4' shorter than the other two stalls. When I installed the tiles I started on the 2 car side and put the edging tile at the front of the garage and then ran the tiles from there. All was great until I got to the third stall. I hadn't figured that these tiles need to be connected squarely to each other because of the way the tabs are. It's not like a LEGO where you can offset one piece and all the connectors are uniform. So, because I couldn't offset the tiles, the edging and tiles didn't match up at the opening to the third stall. It took me a while to realize there was just no way to make it match because you can't offset the tiles. So I wound up just cutting the tiles at end of the opening and did not install the edging tiles. It's not a huge deal since I rarely open the third stall but something to think about if your garage is not a perfect square or rectangle. This is not Rubber Flooring's fault - it's just something I didn't anticipate ahead of time.

The second thing is that I have a car in the third stall that is on dollies. I had planned to push it into the 2 car section of the garage while I was installing the tiles in the third stall. No matter which way I tried to push it, the wheels of the dollies were catching the Coin Flex tiles and pulling them up and creating a bunch up or speed bumps in the tiles so it was impossible to roll the car where I wanted it. I wound up using a jack and had to jack up each wheel one at a time and install the tiles underneath. Took much longer that way but it worked. I don't know if this is a common problem. The dollies are the ones that Harbor Freight sells.

We are extremely happy with the finished product. Also, here is a link to a video I took after I finished the install. I would definitely buy this product again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoL4BNszqaw

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
Easy to install
Self-installed in bedroom
from CA wrote...
I wanted something cleanable and quick to install. Popped together just as it is supposed to. No surprises.
Great garage upgrade!
Self-installed in Garage
from Palo Alto CA wrote...
Really happy with these! The design tool on the website made it very easy to buy just the right amount. And install was straightforward - just make sure you have a set of razor blades as cutting the tiles will dull the blades very quickly. I feel like we added a lot of value to our house thanks in large part to these tiles.
results 1-20 of 98
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