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Diamond Flex Nitro Tiles Reviews

Diamond Flex Nitro Tiles
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Customer Reviews

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Everyone loves my garage
Self-installed in Garbage
Verified Purchase
from Ct wrote...
I can’t tell you how many compliments I have gotten since I put in my new floor. I did it myself and although it took some time, about 15 hours start to finish it was pretty easy. It is a three car garage. Cutting the tiles at the end takes the most time. It is so worth it.
Damn Nice Product
Self-installed in garage
Verified Purchase
from Albany NY wrote...
Installation went far easier than expected. I used a portable jig saw for the rough cuts and a sharp utility knife for the finished cuts at the interior door. Also because a short row they could be fit together and then moved a short distance I was able to align the tiles so that two walls lined up with the ends of the tiles to reduce the tiles requiring cuts. These flex tiles are well engineered and the manufacturing fit was precise. While a mallet was helpful at times, manny of the joints could be fit just by stepping on the tiles which saves the arms. Given it was a 40 year old concrete floor, I did fill the deep pitting and small cracks with quick crete. While I was concerned that the tiles would show some of the imperfections in the leveling-- that was not the case. The tiles accommodated the minor variations in elevation and the finished job met my best hopes. See before and after pictures. Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo
Excellent tiles.
Self-installed in garage
Verified Purchase
from Los Angeles wrote...
The tiles are stable on the floor, even with cars turning. Easy to clean and looks great. Cutting involved using a dremel with a cut-off wheel and a box cutter. I love them. Customer Uploaded Photo
Self-installed in Garage
from St Louis, Missouri wrote...
We just installed our flooring this weekend. It was so easy, yes it is time consuming. Once figured your layout it was a breeze. Cut with a simple blade. Looks like it will be very study and sweeps up like a charm. Our garage never looked so classy. Highly recommend the product.
Beautiful and easy
Self-installed in Shed
from Largo, FL wrote...
My husband and I put down an 11 x13 floor in less than an hour. I am 74 and he is on oxygen so if we can do it anyone can. They make our shed look fantastic, they are softer to walk on than the concrete. Only been down for less than 24 hours so I can't attest to how it will hold up but so far it is fantastic.
Awesome product
Self-installed in Garage
Verified Purchase
from Merritt Island, Florida wrote...
The nitro tiles are awesome! My garage floor was in terrible shape until I installed the nitro tiles. Now everyone compliments the look of the tiles. They were a breeze to install and can cover many imperfections. I would recommend these over garage paint every day.
Nitro flex tile
Self-installed in Garage
from Milwaukee,wi wrote...
Been installed for about 1 month, so far so good. Seems to be a very tough product. Laid down very well over a crappy old garage floor, conforming to the unevenness. I'm glad I went with the flex tile vs the rigid. I assume, also much quieter when walking on. If this product holds up, will be worth every penny! installs fast!
Great Product
Verified Purchase
from Mount Juliet, TN wrote...
One more photo for World Testing’s use of your flooring product. These we cut to fit and used double-sided tape to keep them in place. Let us know what you think of this and our other pictures. Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo Customer Uploaded Photo
Easy Install
Self-installed in Garage
from Springfield, IL wrote...
Got these to replace my painted garage floor. Super easy to install had have been easy to maintain. Look forward to the spring and summer with these tiles.
Self-installed in Garage
from St. Charles, MO wrote...
Perfect for what I need it for.
Self-installed in Garage
from Austin, TX wrote...
Glad I bought these tiles. They have transformed my garage. Easy to install and have covered up my cracked epoxy floor quite nicely. Not I'm proud to park my Benz in the garage.
Self-installed in Garage
from San Jose, CA wrote...
Fast shipping. Easy installation. Great as both a floor to park my car and do my workouts.
Great product
Self-installed in Garage
from Houston, TX wrote...
No complaints here. Great product and good service. The free samples were a plus and the people here were very knowledgable.
Easy install
Self-installed in Garage
from San Diego, CA wrote...
Can't get over how easy it was to turn my crap painted garage floor into something I can actually call mine. 2 car garage took about 2.5 hours to finish. Great product. Have told others to get flooring from you too!
Can't Complain
Self-installed in Garage
from Mesa, AZ wrote...
Great product. Easy install. Wished there were more colors, but couldn't beat the price.
Easy Polar Vortex proof flooring
Self-installed in Garage
from Madison, WI wrote...
Install was easy. Had my kids help and they had a blast. Clean up has been easy as well. They survived the Polar Vortex so we will see how they last in the summer.
A breeze to install
Self-installed in Garage
from Ft. Myers, FL wrote...
Was looking for something to put over my epoxy floor that is cracking and came across this site. After looking at all that they offered, I decided to get some samples. I got quite a few and paid for the extra ones, which wasn't too big of an issue. Once I got this sample, I knew it was the one. There was a note on there about performance tires, and since I drive a Viper, I was like I better not risk it. So I did black tiles where I park my cars and the light grey color around. I figured I should be good. We will see! I do wish they had more colors, but my garage looks a ton better, and so does my toys! Will be ordering again for my other properties soon!
Self-installed in Garage
from Salt Lake City, UT wrote...
Great product and service. Will purchase again.
Exactly what I was looking for
Self-installed in Garage
from St. Charles, MO wrote...
I originally came to this site to buy their diamond flex tiles. I like the diamond pattern look and that the tiles were softer than the hard plastic tiles they have. When I was in the process, I noticed this tile. I liked that you didn't see the interlocks around the tiles and decided to go with this one instead without ordering a sample. The floor has been down for a few weeks, and it looks great. I have gotten a ton of compliments and will be ordering from this company again!
results 1-19 of 19