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Indoor Court Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 5.0 / 5
Indoor Court Tiles
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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Can you use it for stick handling and shooting in hockey?
Isaiah Rasmussen
You can use our Indoor Court Tiles as a hockey floor for practicing stick handling and shooting.
Can you use this floor to have an indoor baseball practice? Will the floor withstand using inside baseballs (soft)?
You can use our Indoor Court Tiles as an indoor baseball practice surface. These tiles will be able to withstand a ball impacting them without breaking.
Are these good for inline skating?
You can inline skate on our Indoor Court Tiles. These tiles feature a smooth top and interlock very tightly. Skating over these tiles will be similar to skating over new concrete.
Can the 3/8" thick indoor tile support the same weight as the 1/2" indoor tile for periodic maintenance equipment? Is it rated for a certain weight limit?
Our Indoor Court Tiles will be able to handle the same weight as our Indoor Sports Tiles. We don't have a maximum weight rating for our Indoor Court Tiles, but these tiles are very durable and can handle the weight of a car driving over them.
Can these be used for pickleball?
John E Bissell
Yes, the Indoor Court Tiles can be used for Indoor Pickleball. For outdoor pickleball, please see our Outdoor Sports Tiles.
How do I know how much to order for the free throw area to be a darker gray than the rest of the floor?
If you know the dimensions (square footage) of the area you're trying to cover, please use the flooring calculator on the product page to calculate the number of tiles you would need.
Can the tiles be installed over carpet?
You may install these tiles over low plush carpet. However, we recommend installing these over a hard surface.
Can these tiles be out together and taken apart? I’d like to use this as a practice skate area in my house-then take it up and store it when not in use.
Kristie Norton Michaels
Yes, these tiles are very easy to install and then later take apart when not in use.
Are these hard plastic tiles that don’t bend
Yes, these are hard plastic tiles.
Hi. We have these tiles and they are scuffing pretty bad. We are unable to figure out how to remove the scuffs. Any recommendations?
For scuffing, a tennis ball on the end of a stick usually works really well, so do magic erasers.
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