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Polyurethane Adhesive Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.4 / 5
Polyurethane Adhesive
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Customer Rating 4.4 / 5

Customer Questions

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Will this bond rubber tiles to a concrete floor that's primed with a water based Urethane Modified Acrylic (Zinsser Bondz)?
For our Polyurethane Adhesive to properly bond to the subfloor, we would recommend removing the Zinsser Bondz from the subfloor. These are the proper surfaces our glue can be installed over: Plywood, vinyl tile flooring coated with vinyl primer, underlayment grade OSB, APA PS2-92 related particleboard, concrete, lightweight concretes (coated with latex primer), terrazzo and ceramic tile, and non-cushioned fully adhered sheet vinyl coated with vinyl primer.
Can we use Polyurethane Adhesive to adhere the rubber flooring on top of a thin carpet?
The subfloors that are approved to be used with our Polyurethane Adhesive are plywood, vinyl tile flooring coated with vinyl primer, underlayment grade O.S.B., A.P.A PS2-92 rated particleboard, concrete, light weight concretes, terrazzo and ceramic tile, and non-cushioned fully adhered sheet vinyl coated with vinyl primer.
Can this adhesive be used to install your rolled rubber floor over and epoxy floor?
Polyurethane Adhesive can be used to install rubber flooring over epoxy flooring.
The flooring is gypcrete in a condo. I was told that a cork floor would be glued to the gypcrete using a polyurethane and the engineered wood glued to the cork using a polymer glue, for sound etc. Does this make sense at all?
Our Polyurethane adhesive can be used to glue both the cork underlay and the wood flooring. No need to use a polymer glue.
Can your polyurethane adhesive be used to adhere sheet rubber flooring to walls?
steve taylor
Our Polyurethane Adhesive can be used to adhere our rubber flooring to a wall.
Does the concrete floor have to be clean before applying adhesive? Also, do you need to apply adhesive over the entire area or only on the seams
Your subfloor would need to be clean before applying adhesive. Depending on your install, depends on how you would want to apply the adhesive. So make sure you follow our installation instructions for proper use of our Polyurethane Adhesive.
Do I need to let the glue sit for a while first or can I lay the rubber on top right away?
With our Polyurethane Adhesive, you would install the floor over the glue while it is wet. This is a moisture curing adhesive meaning it will harden depending on how much moisture is in the room. This could be anywhere from an hour to 24 hours to do.
Does this product work with vinyl plank flooring and if so what is the recommended trowel size
We don't recommend using our Polyurethane adhesive with vinyl plank flooring. For this type of flooring, we recommend using our 5900 Series adhesive. Trowel size would be dependent on the substrate.
I have a basement that leaks water through the concrete. Will this product work without bubbling or peeling off?
Before you can use any of our adhesives, we would recommend sealing your concrete so that moisture does not interact with the glue. If moisture were to interact with the glue, it could weaken the bond between the glue and flooring over time.
I need to install 12 inch square, 3/4 inch thick rubber tiles to a cement patio (outdoors). Instructions on the tiles tell me to use polyurethane adhesive. I tried tubes with dabs in each corner but the tiles lifted when weathered. I thought I would by a pail of adhesive & glue the entire tile before installing. Will your product hold up in rain & snow weather??
Darrell Pusateri
Our Polyurethane Adhesive is very durable and can withstand rain, snow, and any other type of weather. This glue is freeze/thaw stable and drys hard creating a very strong bond between the subfloor and product.
Can I use it to install indoor/outdoor carpet?
You can use our Polyurethane Adhesive to install indoor/outdoor carpet.
Can this adhesive be used to go over linoleum tile, and does the tile need to be etched or sanded prior to covering?
You can use our Polyurethane Adhesive over a linoleum tile. You would have to etch the tile or sand it for the glue to properly adhere to the surface.
Will this adhesive stick to a metal substrate? Does there need to be a rust inhibiting primer applied to the metal before gluing rubber to it?
You can use our Polyurethane Adhesive over metal. If the metal is polished, you will need to score it a bit to create a rough surface for the glue to bind to. Once that is completed, then you can apply the glue and then lay the rubber over it.
Can this be used over rolled roofing? In AZ temperatures, and be walked on?
Our Polyurethane Adhesive can be used on rolled roofing, but we wouldn't recommend it as it is a hard setting glue and would be very difficult to remove. We would recommend using a pressure sensitive adhesive on these types of roofs as it is easy to remove when not wanted and would not cause any damage to the roofing surface.
Can I use this to fasten loose lay vinyl on top of a rubber floor?
You can use our Polyurethane glue to install loose lay vinyl over rubber flooring.
How hard is it to remove this adhesive from the subfloor months-years later if the flooring needs to be redone for some reason?
When dried, our Polyurethane Adhesive is very hard to remove. You will need to use a product like mineral spirits and a lot of elbow grease to remove the glue.
Does this adhesive have to be installed with a trowel, or can it be rolled on? We have a lot of square footage, and that would save time.
Our Polyurethane Adhesive has be be troweled on.
What is the cure time to be able to walk on, and how long does the odor last. This is in an American Veterans bar that is open every day at 11:00 AM.
Our Polyurethane can have a large cure time due to the amount of moisture in the air. If the area is dry, then the cure time can be up to 24 hours. In areas with a lot of moisture in the air, the cure time can be as little as an hour.
Will this adhesive work on concrete that has an old thin layer of glue from vct tile? Or does the concrete need to be ground bare?
Since any glue can have an adverse reaction to other glues, we recommend fully removing all existing glue or using a sealer or primer over the existing glue.
I have steps made with Trex decking board. Will this adhesive work with it, and if so, what prep step would be necessary?
You can use our Polyurethane Adhesive over Trex or any other composite decking. The only thing you would need to do is to make sure that the area is clean and dry when applying the glue. Since the surface on composite deck boards is course, you wouldn't need to etch the surface to allow for proper bonding.
Is this a wet lay or pressure sensitive glue install?
Our Polyurethane Adhesive would be a wet lay glue install.
Can polyurethane adhesive be used to adhere stone to concrete?
Beverly Rosario
Our Polyurethane Adhesive can't be used to adhere stone to concrete. You will want to use mortar to do that.
Can this glue be used to install Luxury Vinyl Tile Planks to a thin layer (.15 to .25 in) self-leveling concrete substrate? Second-floor installation.
We don't recommend using our Polyurethane Adhesive under LVT, but you can use it to adhere LVT to a concrete substrate.
Will this adhesive glue down your Coin Flex PVC Tiles to a concrete garage floor and make the tile joints watertight? I don't want any water dripping off cars to seep through the joints.
charlie watkins
You can use our Polyurethane Adhesive with our soft PVC tiles, but you don't have to. Our flexible garage tiles interlock very tightly helping to prevent liquids from flowing from the surface of the tiles to underneath.
Can I use this glue to stick rubber flooring to aluminum flooring?
David Cunha
Yes, you can use our Polyurethane Adhesive to adhere rubber flooring to aluminum. If the aluminum flooring is finished, you will need to scrape it a bit so that the glue will properly adhere to the aluminum.
What temperature range can this product be applied in? How long does it take to dry? Will it work for rubber gym flooring and a concrete garage floor?
The optimal job site temperature for using our Polyurethane Adhesive is from 55 - 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Drying time for our Polyurethane Adhesive depends on the amount of moisture in the air. For drier climates, the drying time is closer to 24 hours, whereas, in moist regions, the drying time can be a little and an hour. Polyurethane Adhesives are the preferred glue for installing our rubber flooring over a concrete subfloor.
Can I install over ceramic tile?
Stephenson King
You can use our Polyurethane Adhesive over ceramic tile.
Will this urethane bond over the Dritac 7700 adhesive? I have an area where I have feathered out the 7700 and would like to use urethane for the next roll of 3/8" rubber.
We don't recommend using the two different types of glue over each other. If you need to use one over the other, we would recommend removing the glue first applied and then placing the new glue down.
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