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Diamond Flex Nitro Tiles Questions & Answers

Customer Rating 4.8 / 5
Diamond Flex Nitro Tiles
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Customer Rating 4.8 / 5

Customer Questions

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Will these tiles bunch up, shift or separate under the friction and weight of a steering tire? Should they be glued or attached with a high-quality double sided tape?
Our Diamond Flex Nitro Tiles interlock very tightly and will not separate under normal conditions. So if you have to turn your tire in your garage, the tiles typically will not move. In certain rare circumstances, these tiles may separate. In these instances, we would recommend using either double-sided tape or glue to keep the tiles in place.
Are these tiles smooth enough for easy sweeping and washing? How water tight are they?
Our Diamond Flex Nitro Tiles are very easy to clean and maintain. You can easily sweep, and large dirt and debris with a broom and can hose off the tiles with a water hose or mop them with a mild soap and water solution. These tiles are very watertight as they feature a hidden interlock system. This system is our most watertight interlocking system we offer.
Are these tiles easy to cut if you need to use smaller ones at the ends?
Our Diamond Flex Nitro Tiles are very easy to cut with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge.
How easy is it to separate these tiles if I move or want to change the design? Will they hold up through moving them to another garage?
You can easily install and uninstall our Diamond Flex Nitro Tiles. These tiles are meant to be a floating floor making this a straightforward process and will not damage the tiles in any way.
I have a 3 stall garage each stall is sloped to the middle where there is a floor drain. What floor tile works best? I also use a floor jack on my floor.
Our Diamond Flex Nitro Tiles would be a perfect flooring option for your garage. These tiles are very flexible which allows them to contour to the slope of your garage. They are also car jack safe, so you will be able to use your car jack on the flooring surface. These tiles are easy to cut as well; that way you can leave your drain exposed to allow any water to flow properly in your garage.
I have the Diamond Flex Nitro. My car tires leave a brown stain that I have not been able to get off with ordinary cleaners. Any suggestions?
Dallas Gedney
Certain types of tires will stain our Diamond Flex Nitro Tiles and our other soft PVC garage tiles and garage rolls. Typically the types of tires that cause this staining are soft, performance tires. These tires have plasticizers in them that react with the vinyl. These substances are used to create a softer tire that will better grip the road when taking faster turns. Since the formulas for most tires are trade secrets, we truly don't know which tires will cause this issue. The only way to fix this issue is for you to put black tiles in the area where your car will be parked. If you do run into this issue, please contact one of our Customer Success team members via phone, email, or chat, and they will be able to assist you further.
Reflooring a large band trailer with pitted plywood where tiles came loose. Will the nitro-tiles stay put as equipment is repeatedly moved in and out. What type of adhesive is required on the ramp to hold tiles there? Would a different product work better? Thanks.
You can install our Diamond Flex Nitro Tiles over a pitted plywood trailer. We would recommend using our Polyurethane or our 7700 Series.
Can you glue down the ramp?
You can glue down the ramp that goes with our Diamond Flex Nitro Tiles. We recommend using our 7700 Series adhesive or our Polyurethane adhesive. These will ensure a solid hold.
Can these tiles be glued down?
Yes, we would recommend using our 7700 adhesive.
If water seeps underneath these tiles will they become moldy.
The tiles themselves are mold and mildew resistant. Light moisture will typically evaporate due to the waffle back pattern but if you have a significant issue like flooding, you should pull up the tiles and allow your subfloor to dry properly.
I'm planning to install a 4 post storage car lift in my garage in the future. Will the Diamond Flex Nitro Tile be ok to be used on the floor?
While flex tiles are resilient and this would not break the tiles, they can be permanently dented by extreme heavy weight on the floor. You can cut the tiles to fit around the car lift posts.
Can they be used on a trailer floor? And what is the weight of a title?
Diamond Flex Nitro Tiles can be used on a trailer floor. Weight per tile is approximately 3.38 Lbs.
What product do you have to finish the edges that do not come up to a wall and what is available for the "run up" into the garage onto the tile.
Walt Schefter
Our Rubber Floor Ramps are available as a reducer for our Diamond Flex Nitro Tiles. Be sure to choose the 4-6mm Ramp.
How will these tiles hold up to an EV? I have a Tesla and change out my wheels often with my own jack.
Our flex tiles are car jack approved.
What is the weight capacity for these flexible tiles?
This garage tile has been weight tested using a vertical load of 11,000 lbs and afterwards had no visible structural damage.
Would a 12 inch tile cutter be better to use when trimming tiles than a utility knife?
These tiles are 20.5" x 20.5" and would not fit into a 12" cutter.
Will the diamond flex nitro tiles fit another nitro tile?
Our Diamond Flex Nitro tiles will interlock with our Coin Flex Nitro tiles and also our Smooth Flex Nitro tiles.
Are these mats anti-static?
Yes, PVC flooring is naturally anti-static.
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