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Virgin Pebble Tiles Questions & Answers

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Virgin Pebble Tiles
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Customer Rating 5.0 / 5

Customer Questions

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So the 'Recycled Black Virgin Pebble Tile' - is that a recycled rubber material or a virgin rubber material?
George Schlossnagle
Our Recycled Black Virgin Pebble Tiles are made with recycled virgin rubber material.
As the other question asked, what is the "recycled black virgin pebble tile" made up of? Does it have a smell? How do you get virgin recycled material?
Amandeep Bains
Our recycled black Virgin Pebble Tiles are made from recycled virgin rubber material. Just like all of our virgin rubber tiles, these tiles will not have much of an odor. Will smell like a new barbie essentially.
Want to understand the difference between the "standard black" and "virgin black" tiles shown. If the standard black tiles are recycled, what makes them different from any other recycled rubber tile?
The Standard Black tiles in our Virgin Pebble Tiles are made from recycled virgin rubber which is different from our standard recycled rubber that is made from commercial truck tire treads. The Virgin black is made from never used black virgin rubber.
Will these tiles stain hardwood flooring?
Our Virgin Pebble tiles will not stain hardwood flooring.
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