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Fitness Equipment

3...2...1...Happy New Year!! Every year millions of people make New Year's resolutions, and just as fast as they are made they are quickly broken. Well, this year is different. You have totally committed to your resolution of becoming fit for your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Bora Bora, and you can't look like a slob in such a beautiful place. In the past, you have always gotten that gym membership, but quickly got discouraged by the hundreds of other people who are doing the same thing you are doing. Crap, waiting for a treadmill again. Not this year. You are going to commit to buying your gym equipment. Now the question is, what should I buy? You know you want a treadmill and bike, but how will I know which one is truly right for me? That's where RubberFlooringInc comes in.



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The first place we will start is treadmills. They are the most popular gym equipment found in homes and are typically used as an extra closet for those clothes you wished you forgot you had. With so many treadmills available, it can be very hard to figure out which one will be best for you. So, here are some guidelines to follow to help make the decision process a little easier.

Motor Size Matters
You will want a larger motor if you plan on running, using interval training, have multiple users or have a heavier user 200lbs+. Continuous Horsepower is the key measurable for motor size, but the quality of motor comes into play as a better motor will run cooler and at a lower RPM which is the key to motor longevity. If you just walk then almost any size motor will do but if you plan to jog or run an inexpensive treadmill will break down if used regularly. Also, keep in mind what you plan on working yourself up to, as you may only jog today but is it your goal to run?

Features Matter
The best treadmill is the one that you use so make sure you choose a unit with the programs, feedback, and tracking that will bring you back day after day. Most people use a manual program, but results will greatly increase If you learn to use Heart Rate control or interval programs. Understanding how well you perform and what you need to do to improve is key to progression and a treadmill with good feedback is key if it has tracking onboard or thru an app that is even better. TV’s and speakers can be great motivators, but most in home treadmill users already have those features in the room they are choosing to put their treadmill. Please consider the space you will be putting the treadmill in during your purchase as entertainment options, ceiling height, noise levels, and convenience are all key factors in making your treadmill easy to use.
Deck Size Matters
You will need a longer deck if you plan on running at faster speeds 6mph+, are a taller user 5’10”+ or have a tendency to utilize the backside of the belt during your workout. Most treadmills are 20” wide now and very comfortable for 90% of all users. If you are broad shouldered, very tall, or tend to veer side to side while running then consider a 22” belt.

Folding vs. Non-Folding
Folding treadmills are a great space saving solution, but you do sacrifice some stability with many of them as they have a hinge point instead of a bolt or weld point at a key frame junction. Some brands have significantly improved on this, and the LifeSPan TR4000 is a prime example of a folding treadmill that can handle a larger user at a running pace.


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Elliptical Machines
Stride Matters
Ellipticals are a great way to get an intense cardio workout without all of the impacts that running outside or on a treadmill gives. When shopping for an elliptical, please keep in mind the need to find a machine with a comfortable and natural stride. The common rule of thumb is to find a unit with at least a 20” stride so that it will more closely mimic your standard gait length.

Features Matter
Along with finding a natural movement pattern it is also very important that you find a unit with a good, easy to use display that offers a full range of feedback and programs so that you can measure and manage your workouts. Some users like to watch tv or listen to music and feel that they don’t need a lot of programs or entertainment options, but most users find that a full range of programs helps encourage progression and better workouts.

Durability Matters
The final key item to keep in mind is finding a unit that is built to last and will hold up to a good workout day after day. It is hard to tell this in a store or online, so a good tell is what the warranty is on the frame and parts. A good warranty lends itself to the unit being a well-built machine.


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Type of Bike Matters
Bikes are a great way to get your cardio workout done in a small space with minimal pain and a lot of sweat. Most users are familiar with the traditional upright bike, but now we have spin bikes and recumbent bikes also. The spin bikes are used in classes but are also a great way to replicate outdoor cycling in your home when you can't or don’t want to go outside. Recumbent bikes offer a more comfortable seating position than upright bikes placing less pressure on the users back and pelvic region.

A great way to choose the style that best fits your needs is to ask yourself the following few questions.
  • Is your main goal to replicate your outdoor cycling or spin class activities in your home? If so then a spin bike is your best option.
  • Is your main goal to replicate an upright bike seating position, but in a more comfortable position than a spin bike that has a smaller seat and more hunch in your back position? Then an upright bike is your best option.
  • If a comfortable, non-weight bearing cardio workout is your goal, then a recumbent bike with a full seat and low sit position would be your best option. The recumbent bike is now the most popular home exercise bike style.
Once you choose your style, then please make sure you purchase a solidly built unit with a quality warranty as this is the best way to know if the bike will work when you want to workout.
Exercise Bikes
The best piece of fitness equipment that you can buy is the one that you use. For this reason, more and more customers are buying bikes because of the lack of impact and weight bearing forces which can make treadmills and ellipticals difficult to use for people with injuries.

Features Matter
Also, make sure that the bike offers good feedback and enough programming for you to want to come back workout after workout. Some users don’t feel like they need a lot of programs but remember that you are buying this unit to reach your goals and tracking them is a key to your success.


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Rowing Machines
Rowing is an incredible cardiovascular workout that is becoming a very popular addition to functional and interval workouts. Finding the right rower is key to your success and sometimes buyers can get caught up in brand name recognition.

Type of Rower Matters
Rowing is an incredible cardiovascular workout that is becoming a very popular addition to functional and interval workouts. Finding the right rower is key to your success and sometimes buyers can get caught up in brand name recognition.

Features Matter
Adding programs and heart rate monitoring can also be of great value to the user as it allows for variety, monitoring, and goal setting. If you are using your rower for something more than a simple station for a quick interval, I would highly suggest looking into a unit with these features as they will improve your results.
Rower Verdict
In conclusion, I would caution you from simply selecting the simplest unit as a rower can be so much more than a cardio station or interval period. A solid unit with good feedback, variable resistance, and a smooth motion can become the core foundation of almost any workout program providing in remarkable results.

*Please be aware that if you have any lower back injuries or concerns, a rower will stress this area considerably and may not be the best option.


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Home Gyms
When you can’t make it to the gym on a regular basis, a quality home gym is a great way to fit in your workout on your schedule in your home. Selecting the right Home Gym can be overwhelming but if you keep a few key points in mind it can become rather simple.

Placement Matters
The first question you have to ask yourself is where it is going in my home. Most home gyms will need at least a seven foot high ceiling and an area to do exercises around the machine. Most Home Gyms are designed to back up to a wall but you will need space to the front and at least one side to utilize all of the available exercises. Making sure the unit you select fits your space is crucial to making sure you get the most out of your new unit.

Types of Exercises Matters
The second question is how many much weight you need and how many exercises do you want. Most Home Gyms come with a standard 150lb weight stack which can be upgraded to 200lbs. This is more than enough for most users as the leg press options also double this amount thru the use of pulleys. The variety of exercises comes from the lifting stations included in the gym and how many exercises can be completed off of the pulley stations. Most Home Gyms offer up to 40 different exercises which is more than enough for casual or serious users.

Quality Matters
The final question is what quality of unit you would like. Any Home Gym can feel smooth at a heavier weight as the force of the heavier weight forces a smoother movement over the pulleys and cables. A quality Home Gym will use quality components and offer a smooth motion even at the lowest of weights which can be very important to you’re the users form and results.

If you have any questions about what gym is best for you, please call or chat with our staff and they will help you narrow down the choices.

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