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Magnum Series Shear Tile Cutters

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Proudly made in the USA
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26" x 3/4" max object size that can be cut.
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Description - Our Magnum Series shear tile cutters are our largest and widest tile cutters and come in four different widths from 40” to 20” wide. These heavy duty flooring shear cutters are very light weight and are easy to handle, each coming with rollers for easy transport from place to place. Some assembly is required, but assembly is very quick and easy and each cutter comes with detailed instructions for assembly, care and maintenance. The 40” shear is great for cutting wider “soft tile” products up to 40” wide. The 30” cutter is great for cutting 20” squares at a diagonal and provides a precision cut for “soft tile” products like vinyl tiles, carpet tiles, resilient tiles, LVT and much more. The 26" tile cutter has been designed to cut 18" tiles diagonally at a 45 degree angle with ease and can cut wider "soft tiles" up to 26" wide. Our 20” shear tile cutter is the smallest and lightest of the four and has been designed to cut “soft tile” products such as vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl flooring, carpet tiles, and much more. So don’t waste your time struggling to cut your new flooring tiles with a rotary tool or table saw, our Magnum Series shear cutters will do the job faster, safer, and more precise.
Max Cut Sizes:
  • RCT Magnum Shear - 20 - 20" x 7/16" max object size that can be cut.
  • RCT Magnum Shear - 26 - 26" x 3/4" max object size that can be cut.
  • RCT Magnum Shear - 30 - 30" x 3/4" max object size that can be cut.
  • RCT Magnum Shear - 40 - 40" x 3/4" max object size that can be cut.
Weight – 22, 39.8, 43.5, 52.5 Lbs respectively.
Recommended Uses – Our Magnum Series shear cutters have been designed to cut many “soft tile” materials with great precision and ease and have been used to cut: vinyl tiles, LVT, carpet tiles, cork flooring, PVC tiles, rubber tiles, soft plastic tiles, VCT, plastic tiles and much more.

In Stock - Ships between Jun 26 - 28

Shear tile cutter's are highly durable and made of a aluminum construction and high impact plastic. Proper care for your floor cutter typically includes:
  • Keeping the tool clean of water, dirt, dust, and debris.
  • Honing of the blade may be necessary after the first 30-100 cuts on a new blade, after 100+ cuts on the job, or when the blade has been re-sharpened. This can be done with the provided honing tool.
  • Blades may need to be re-sharpened or changed and can be done quite easily.
  • To prevent corrosion it is important to spray a fine layer of oil (10W motor oil or WD-40) over the power assembly once every month to prevent surface corrosion.
  • Blade stops may eventually become worn and can be replaced or turned over for further use.
For further maintenance instructions, an instructional manual will be provided with each shear tile cutter purchase.


  • Made in the USA!
  • Designed to cut resilient tiles, carpet tiles, and much more!
  • Our largest flooring shear cutters.
  • Requires no electricity and produces no dust.
  • Makes precise diagonal cuts in a breeze.


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