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Mohawk Smart Cushion Carpet Pad

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PinkMohawk Smart Cushion Carpet Pad

Product Highlights

  • Mold, mildew and fungus resistant.
  • Features SpillSafe technology ensuring stains don't seep into the carpet pad.
  • FHA Class II.
  • Mold, mildew and fungus resistant.
  • Features SpillSafe technology ensuring stains don't seep into the carpet pad.
  • FHA Class II.
  • Warranty on this carpet pad is for the life of the home. Warranty is transferable.
  • Superior thermal and insulating properties.
Description - Smart Cushion is the gold standard when it comes to carpet padding. Providing you with luxurious comfort and durability, this carpet pad will reassure you that you are buying the very best. Treated to be resistant to mold, mildew and fungus growth makes this carpet pad great under any carpet on any level of your home. Featuring a SpillSafe moisture guard, you will no longer have to worry about dog urine, wine or other liquids seeping into the carpet pad. This ensures that your new floor is not only comfortable but safe. Smart Cushion is FHA Class II rated and will provide you with maximum thermal and sound insulating properties. The warranty on this carpet is for the life of the home and is transferable to the next homeowner.
Material - 90% recycled foam.
Width - 6 feet wide per roll.
Length - Comfort Preferred carpet pads come in 30’ lengths.
Thickness - 15/32".
Density - 8lb.
Weight - 60 Lbs.
Recommended Uses - Smart Cushion carpet pad is the gold standard of carpet pads and is great in homes, condos and apartments. This carpet pad is great under all carpets especially berber style carpets.

Available For Order - Ships between Jul 30 - Aug 1

Installation of our Smart Cushion carpet pad is very easy and commonly done by our customers. Installation of this underlay is as follows.
  • Clean subfloor checking to make sure it is clear of any debris including nails by either sweeping or vacuuming.
  • From the corner of the room start to roll out the underlay with the mesh on the bottom.
  • It is recommended to lay the underlayment perpendicular to your floor installation.
  • Where moisture is evident, install vapor barrier tape to seam all seams that are not sealed with tape.
  • Roll out a second roll of underlayment and butt the seams together.
  • Tape the underlayment seams with a moisture resistant tape. Note: When installing underlayment in a basement or where a moisture barrier is required, we recommend extending the underlay 1-2" up the sides of all walls.
  • Continue installing the underlay repeating the previous steps until the floor is completed.
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Can Mohawk Smart Cushion be used over radiant heated floors?
All Mohawk pad work with Radiant heated floors. However the less dense the better. We actually recommend fiber pad as the best for radiant heating floors for best heat transfer.
Is there a difference between the mohawk all pet cushion and the mohawk smart cushion all pet? I see two different logos.
Jeff Shroyer
SmartCushion is protected by Mohawk’s All Pet Protection and Warranty, which covers all pets, all accidents, all the time.
Does Mohawk Smart Cusion have a R value?
2.0 R Value
Can you install this over hardwood floors
Yes, however, bear in mind that certain installation methods may damage hardwood floors.
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