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2mm ShockPad

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Confetti2mm ShockPad

Product Highlights

  • Perfect underlayment for Grid-Loc and Ultra-Loc tiles.
  • Do not use with VCT, vinyl, or linoleum.
  • Denser compared to our standard rubber underlayment.

  • Perfect underlayment for Grid-Loc and Ultra-Loc tiles.
  • Do not use with VCT, vinyl, or linoleum.
  • Denser compared to our standard rubber underlayment.
  • Can either be loose laid or taped to the subfloor.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Features a 5 year warranty.
Description - Our 2mm ShockPad is the perfect underlayment for our Swisstrax and other hard plastic tiles, helping to reduce noise and increasing comfort underfoot. This rubber underlayment is more rigid than our standard 2mm rubber underlayment making it perfect for any garage application. This flooring underlayment comes in 25’ lengths and can be either loose laid or taped to the subfloor. This garage flooring underlayment is backed by a 5-year warranty and is sure to stand up to the daily abuses found in your garage.
Material - Our Pre-Cut 2mm Rubber Underlayment is comprised of more than 90% recycled SBR rubber.
Width - 4' wide per roll.
Length - Our ShockPad rubber underlayment in 25’ long.
Thickness - 2mm (~.0787”).
Weight - ~30 lbs per roll
Recommended Uses - Our 2mm ShockPad rubber underlayment is designed to be used in both commercial and residential applications. Our underlayment is perfect for any of our polyproplylene tiles like our Swisstrax, Grid-Loc and Ultra-Loc tiles, as under multiuse court flooring for sports, artificial turf, dance floors, basketball courts and many more.
Note: – This product is made from regrind post-industrial recycled rubber. It is a mix of multiple colors and black. Due to this, visual color differences between rolls may vary.

Available For Order - Ships between Jun 17 - 24

For complete rubber underlayment installation instructions, please Click Here.

Rubber Underlayment

  • Why rubber underlayment?

Rubber underlayment offers superior sound resistance, is versatile and resilient. Comprised of recycled materials, this environmentally friendly product provides cushion underfoot as well as reducing sound transmission and impact sound such as footsteps. Amazingly, a 2mm thick rubber underlayment has similar testing numbers in sound resistance as compared to a 6mm thick cork underlayment.

Do I REALLY need underlay?

  • Yes, most definitely.

Underlayment is an amazing invention created by the flooring gods out of necessity. Underlay has an impressive list of benefits, including: adding warmth to your floors so your feet aren’t so cold on new tile flooring, adding comfort and a slight ‘give’ underneath wood or vinyl floors, reduced sound transmission (great for houses with noisy teenagers!), as well as reducing in room step noise. The image to the left is a very simplified example of using underlayment versus not using it, but as you can see the benefits greatly outweigh any reason not to.

Making your house a home

  • Products that work together

A favorite for use with hard plastic garage tiles, hardwood flooring and stone floor tiles. Rubber underlayment should never be used with vinyl flooring, VCT, or linoleum flooring as it could potentially stain these materials.


  • What does it mean?

Underlayment with a thickness of up to 5mm thick are great when it comes to residential or commercial use, with all flooring types. When you get to more than 5mm thick, these are really great for installations where you need to add thickness to match up with an adjoining/existing floor surface.

IIC / STC Ratings

  • What do they mean?

IIC stands for Impact Insulation Class, which refers to impact sounds such as shoes hitting the ground, dropping a cell phone, or other scenarios where something it dropped or impacts the floor. STC stands for Sound Transmission Class, which refers to any audible noise (not an impact) such as music playing aloud, a conversation, or a loud television, for example. With both of these ratings systems, the higher the number rating is for the underlayment, the better it will suppress sound, and the quieter a room will be. You may want to pay close attention to these ratings when shopping for underlayment if sound reduction is important to you.

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How does this underlayment deal with moisture that may seep onto it from the interlock tiles?
John Hayna
If water were to seep onto the underlayment, the water would sit on top of the underlayment or get into the pores and evaporate. The water will not destroy or affect the underlay in any way.
I have a 3 car garage, which is 30' wide and 20' deep. Do the rolls come in 30' lengths, and if so, is there an additional charge.
Michael L Bourbina
If you wanted a custom version of our 2mm ShockPad, we recommend ordering our 2mm Rubber Underlayment - Custom Cut. You could then order a roll to fit your garage properly.
Is this water proof? I would like to used it below outdoor carpet to protect wood underneath it.
Steve Whittemore
You can use this outside underneath carpet tile. However, it is possible that the rubber could leak and you may experience issue with staining of the wood underneath.
can you use it over a cement garage floor in the winter . I live in Niagara falls ,NY
joseph pullano
Yes, this will be perfectly suitable over a cement garage floor.
Could this be used under your 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles? I plan to use it in a basement with a dry-locked concrete floor.
Our 2mm ShockPad can be installed under our 5/8" Premium Soft Wood Tiles. Since our soft wood tiles are made with foam, you really don't need the ShockPad under them, but you can add it. It won't hurt the flooring at all.
Is it good to use this under court tiles outdoors in a 4 season city like Chicago? How does it hold up in the snow?
You can use our 2mm ShockPad under court tiles in any environment. Since our ShockPad is constructed with rubber, it is resistant to the elements. The rubber won't break down over time to exposure.
What is the IIC / STC for this product (Shockpad 2mm rubber underlayment)? Thanks.
2mm ShockPad does not have tested ratings.
I just ordered the ShockPad and was curious if this will affect the basketball bounce on the tiles.
Our 2mm ShockPad will not affect the bounce of a basketball on our tiles. If anything, this should help to prevent the ball from deadening when bounced in an area where there is a gap between the subfloor and tiles.
What size is the 2mm ShockPad rolled?
Steven Keller
Our 2mm ShockPad rolled up is approximately 48" x 10" x 10" in size.
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Average Rating
Visual representation of average product rating from all associated reviews using stars

Visual representation of product rating from review using stars
  garage floor tiles
Self-installed in 5 car garage
Barry Braden from Blairsville, GA wrote...
Product is as discribed. Went together fast and not one problem. I installed 1300 sq. ft. by my self in 10 hours. Thanks. All ready showing lots of prospecrive buyers. Barry Braden
Visual representation of product rating from review using stars
  impact rubber underlayment
Self-installed in condo complex
John Christopher from boston Massachusetts wrote...
Excellent for sound barrier under 1/2″plywood for new hardwood flooring application.
Visual representation of product rating from review using stars
  Worth every penny
Self-installed in Garage
Mark G. from La Fargeville, NY wrote...
I recently used your rubber underlayment on my garage floor as a barrier for my snap lock pvc tiles that i also purchased and I love how it turned out!!! So glad I bought the rubber underlayment, it was worth every penny, as it absorbs all noise and acts as a cushion for the snap lock pvc tiles. Installation was a snap, very easy. Just measure and cut, no experience is needed. I started at the garage door and laid across the floor parellel to the door. This was to insure that i would be square, which i was indeed only off a 1/4 inch at the end of the day!!! Not bad at all for an novice like myself…..
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