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Armorclad Master Kit w/ Topcoat (2 Car Garage Kit) Reviews

Armorclad Master Kit w/ Topcoat (2 Car Garage Kit)
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Average Rating 5.0/5
Customer Reviews
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  Great Pruduct
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Florida wrote...
Easy to apply. Rock hard when it sets. Great looking floor.
  Pain is in the prep!
Self-installed in Garage
Nick C from VIRGINIA Beach wrote...
I really like the easy of application once prep was done. The hard part of the application was getting the flake pattern consistent. I divided flakes onto four buckets. By the time you’re done you just about have the design right. If I had to do again I would divide them into 5 parts not 4. 1 on each fourth of the floor and a 5th to clean up inconsistencies. And go a little light on spreading out. The product dries fast. 30 min ish so get some help to apply. Spread don’t push. Top coat wasn’t too glossy but I didn’t want it be anyway. I also only did one top coat but could have done 2.
results 1-2 of 2