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Home Wrestling Mats - Custom Cut Reviews

Home Wrestling Mats - Custom Cut
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$25.74 Linear Foot
reg: $5.72 sqft
linear foot $34.32
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Average Rating 4.8/5
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  A little stiff when it arrives
Anonymous from Boulder, CO wrote...
We got this mat for my son and husband doing jiu jitsu and aikido practice at home. The mat is a great size for small bodies tumbling around but is a little tight for my 6'2″ husband to do forward and backward rolls. When it arrives it is a bit stiff and we think it will break in soon. It also came with an epoxy smell that we let air out in our garage before bringing it into the house. All in all it is well made and a great price.
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  Exactly What I Needed
Self-installed in Amenity Gym
Nicole from Livingston, NJ wrote...
We are using your flooring as part of our office building amenity gym free to tenants. Nice warm up area. Durable, attractive, and most importantly easy to clean! Exactly what we needed!
  OK but...
Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Midwest wrote...
Bought this because they were advertised as ″home wrestling mats″. Even though a person could probably use them for that purpose these mats are much harder than real wrestling mats. Not really what I was looking for although the quality of these mats are good they are not true wrestling mat quality and/or consistency. John
  High Quality Thick & Soft, but Firm Mat
Self-installed in A side area within garage
Doberman_Fan from N Augusta, SC wrote...
Title says it all. Very pleased with the Quality of this large mat. Purchased 3 for my son to practice his martial arts, tumble, fall, etc. Highly recommend & would purchase again.
  Great mat!
Self-installed in Bedroom
Suzanne from Maryland wrote...
My son has this mat in his bedroom and uses it to drill wrestling and jiu jitsu! He loves it.
  Quality Mats
Self-installed in Home Garage
Hector from Comway, AR wrote...
I was worried the mat would feel indented as I'd walk over the edges where the foam is cut, but it felt like a normal padded flat surface. I was, however, a little disappointed the mats weren't precisely flush as they seem to be cut manually along the two long sides. This made my set up have small gaps underneath the mat tape where I joined them, but it's tolerable. Can't beat the price as compared to some other roll out mats. These make it convenient for me to utilize half my garage as a gym and roll it to the side if I need to park the car, and it pairs perfectly with my sliding heavy bag. Shipping took 11 business days from the date the label was made. I was hoping it'd ship within 10 days as the site read, but it was free shipping, so I can't complain too much.
Chris from NYC Area wrote...
I have a small home gym where i laid out 3/8″ Tight-Lock Rubber Tiles. For stretching/Yoga/roller work i purchased two of these wrestling mats for so my wife and i can use them at the same time. They roll up very easily and are tucked away in a closet. Excellent and sturdy product.
  mat review
Self-installed in gym in basement
Anonymous from Maryland wrote...
Love it! Worth the investment! Great mat to use with the TRX!
  Looks great
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Kids playroom
Anonymous from Pittsburgh PA wrote...
The mats look great in the play room that we have set up for our boys. It fit perfectly and was easy to cut where needed.
  Best workout and stretching mat
Self-installed in Home
John from Westfield, NJ wrote...
This is by far the best mat in the market. It is thick and high quality. Easily to roll and put away.
  Just what we wanted
Anonymous from Portland Oregon wrote...
These mats are perfect for our in-home gym for stretching, yoga, high intensity exercises with a lot of jumping, everything! We love them!
Self-installed in Living room
Sean from Miami Beach, FL wrote...
Excellent customer service, have the mats set up in the living room by the boxing equipment and they work well for sparing. Fold up nicely when not in use. Excellent product.
Self-installed in Garage/ home gym
Benjamin from Michigan wrote...
Very happy with this mat! Durable and great price for its size. Very fast delivery. Box arrived in perfect condition. Kids are using for gymnastics and I'm using for Karate and Jujitsu. Plenty of cushion for tumbles and throws!!!
  Great Jiu Jitsu Mat
Self-installed in Home
Anonymous from Lakewood, CA wrote...
Great mat and actually was delivered sooner than expected. I was worried it would not be thick enough but it I assure you it is and does the job it's meant to do. I'm 5'10 185 lbs and the guy roll with is about the same. I put this in my garage with the intention of doing some light jiu jitsu but there are definitely times where things get a little more intense when scrambling for better positions and the mat absorbs the impact very well. I probably wouldnt recommend doing any hard throws or tosses but to be honest I think the mat is quality enough to take it. Awesome mat, thank you.
  Great mat
Self-installed in Home gym
Jason from Colorado wrote...
I bought two of these for using in my shop with my sons, specifically for wrestling practice. They are lightweight, seem durable and great for our application. The only negative I would say was concerning shipping. They arrived in poorly taped boxes too small for the mats. One mat had a small chunk taken out but since it was on the bottom it really didn't matter.
  Passed the Grandchildren Test
Self-installed in home gym
Anonymous from San Diego, CA wrote...
My grandkids love these. They were a gift from us grandparents on the east coast so we haven't actually seen them but my son said they are huge and thick-good quality that will hold up to our jiu jitsu practicing grandchildren.
  Sturdy, functional mat
Self-installed in home gym
Anonymous from Oakland, CA wrote...
The mat is sturdy with a durable vinyl top layer that has good traction for barefoot use and is easy to clean. The foam provides excellent cushioning yet is firm and supportive. It rolls up easily for storage and comes with an ample strap to cinch it. I use this over a concrete floor for body weight workouts, stretching, yoga, and some tumbling. I also stand on it while I'm doing exercises with dumbbells but I'm not dropping heavy weights on it. The 5 x 9 size is good - lots of room but light and easy to move. I'm very happy with the quality and performance of the product and the price was reasonable compared with others I've seen advertised.
  Perfect for active kids
Self-installed in home
Anonymous from Orlando Fl. wrote...
Perfect for kids to play on. Plenty of cushion Light weight easy to roll up and store
Anonymous from Portland, Oregon wrote...
I got it for cheaper than other websites so that was cool
results 1-19 of 19
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