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Impressions Carpet Tiles Reviews

Impressions Carpet Tiles
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  Extremely pleased
Verified Purchase
Kristen from Milton, FL wrote...
We are extremely pleased with our new floor tiles. Our back patio is complete with these great and easy to install tiles!! Enjoy the pictures. We love sitting out there! Thanks, Kristen
  Fit my needs perfectly
Verified Purchase
Installed in outdoor concrete high rise condo covered patio
Anonymous from Atlanta, GA wrote...
I was looking for an outdoor, peel and stick, carpet tile I could use on my covered patio on my high rise condo that would not negatively affect the substrate concrete. This patio being open on one side gets sun and rain, so I needed something that won't fade in the sun or grow algae/mold/mildew. It also gets botanical debris and pollen, so it is important that it is easy to vacuum. The stickiness of the tile was pretty good. In areas that might not have been cleaned well enough, outdoor carpet tape was added for extra stickiness, so when I vacuum the tiles are now staying stuck. I won't know for quite a while if the tiles stand up to their promise of preventing UV fade or growing any mold/mildew.
  It was easy to install and my kids love the floor
Maria from Lompoc wrote...
Highly recommend these carpet tiles
Joel from CO wrote...
Works nice and makes the concrete more comfortable. I like that I can hose it down and it stays slip resistant.
Self-installed in Enclosed patio
Howard from Lake Charles, LA wrote...
These carpet tiles are inexpensive but they look and feel durable.
  Easy to lay
Teresa from Calistoga wrote...
Nice upgrade
  Patio purchase
Self-installed in patio
Theresa from Denton wrote...
I picked up these carpet tiles for my screened in patio area. It's covered, so I wasn't worried too much about the elements, but I still wanted to make sure these carpet tiles could hold up against anything- rain or shine. So far, it looks like these carpet tiles do the trick.
  Outdoor upgrade
Ashlee from FL wrote...
We put these self adhesive tiles on our patio and it's made the world of difference. I can now walk barefoot without worrying about getting splinters from the cheap wood decking the previous owners put in.
  We love it
Jeremy from Lewes wrote...
For a nursery at church.
Angelica from Seattle wrote...
I put down the carpet tiles outside on my front porch since they are outdoor approved. It helps to prevent slip when wet and makes the concrete look nice.
  Very useful product
Christine from Phoenix, AZ wrote...
Carpet tiles were super easy to put down & look great!
  Laundry Room
Candice from Stone Ridge, Virginia wrote...
My husband and I installed these in a couple of hours in the laundry room/garage entry way in our home. It picks up any rocks or dirtiness in shoes from treading through the house, and I like that it can be easily vacuumed.
  Very useful DIY product
Robert from San Jose, CA wrote...
We had to scrape up some outdated carpet that was falling apart. We put this stuff down and it stuck nicely!
  Carpet tiles
Andrew from Philadelphia, PA wrote...
These carpet tiles are a little bit thinner than I was thinking they would be, but I am glad to have ordered a sample first so that I was prepared for that. Putting in finished basement so it won't be too much of a bother.
results 1-14 of 14
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