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Vidara 7" Vinyl Planks Reviews

Vidara 7" Vinyl Planks
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  Laundry Room Revamp
Ashley from Chandler, AZ wrote...
I helped my folks put new flooring in their laundry room to cover up their nasty, gouged linoleum they've had since the house was built. After seeing many samples, styles, and colors they decided on the Vidara Sierra Walnut. We did a lot of research online, watching many videos to prepare for the actual installation. We borrowed an oscillating tool to help cut the baseboards off the wall, flatten out the sheet flooring underneath that was curling up at the edges, and also to undercut the doorjambs so the vinyl would slide under. We could have made our cuts just using a utility knife and the heat gun, but we had too many cuts to do and not enough arm strength to do it so we got a professional vinyl cutter that cut the planks like butter. The only real issues we had while laying the flooring was trying to get the full plank row installed with both ends underneath the jambs (that required some real elbow grease and trickery to get it into place) & the last row where we had to cut 1″ off the width of the full plank length. Since that row was behind the washer and dryer and the tile cutter is only 2' wide, we cut the planks down to fit side to side in the cutter so we could have a straight cut along the length of the plank. We makeshifted the install that whole back row since the interlocks were cut off in order to fit. Overall, the flooring looks great and we are all very happy that we finally pulled the trigger! Recommendations: Order samples Watch some videos and do some research Definitely have the right tools for the job
Self-installed in Laundry room
Cassie from Chandler, AZ wrote...
We have been in our home since 1991 and even though we have done upgrades throughout our home, our laundry room still had the same pink linoleum floor from the day we moved in! We finally have a connection in flooring so we decided to add the Sierra Walnut Vidara Vinyl Planks and bring our laundry room into the 21st century and I am so happy we did … What a transformation, I love the look and the color is absolutely beautiful & we had it installed in 1 afternoon! I think I have my husband talked into upgrading our entryway and hopefully this will encourage him to do the bedrooms and maybe the whole house! Thanks FlooringInc! Cassie
  A new look
Self-installed in Baby's room
Anonymous from St. Louis, MO wrote...
Pros: the floor looks beautiful and gives the bedroom a whole new look. It was easy to install. Cons: I wish the packaging could have been better for shipping. We paid over $90 for shipping. They dropped it off at our doorstep since we weren't here. When we opened the box each vinyl piece had chips broken off on the edge. Would be nice if it was bubble wrapped and fragile was written on the box or something.
  Gorgeous and affordable!
Self-installed in Kitchen
Anonymous from Oklahoma wrote...
I bought these to update my kitchen, and they came out great! So much cheaper than hardwood, and no one knows the difference!
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  Backfit Health + Spine
Dr. Zitnik from Mesa, AZ wrote...
Everyone loves the vinyl wood look planks and the rubber rolls we installed!
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Self-installed in Front entryway
Cassie from Chandler, AZ wrote...
This is our second installation with the Sierra Walnut since our laundry room turned out so nice =)
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  Rental flooring
Anonymous from Tempe wrote...
We are renting in a very old home and recently had one of the worst monsoon storms we have had in a long time. Short story: window sills leaked and floors started to curl up in some spots from water damage. Just decided on a temporary covering since we don't own the place. Got this floor to cover up the waviness seen in the back of the house/bookshelf area & I also wanted to cover the horrible blue tile in our tiny kitchen and it actually looks cute now!
  New wood floors in our laundry room
Self-installed in Laundry room
Barb from Chicago wrote...
We have been living in the same old house for 20 years now. I always liked my laundry room but once we got the new washer and dryer (front loading!!) I realized that the floors didn't match the new feeling with these beautiful new machines. With the help of my husband and a friend, we pulled everything out and I was able to put together the interlocking planks in an afternoon. It looks like a catalog and now I LOVE my laundry room!
  Vidara Vinyl
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from Brookfield, WI wrote...
We are using the flooring in our basement. It is covering asbestos tiles. Hope you enjoy the photos.
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  Vidara series
Jennifer from Brookfield, WI wrote...
Hello, We got our flooring this morning! No damage visible. The delivery man was a half hour early (no problem because called, and it was great timing for me). Then he even backed the truck in the driveway and unloaded the pallet into my garage for me. That was a hugely pleasant surprise. Wow! My father helped me to get the boxes into the basement. We opened one box up, and it is GORGEOUS. I can't wait to get it installed. I will try to remember to take pictures and send them to you. I hope you have a lovely weekend. Truly, Jennifer F
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  Super happy
Erika M from Grand Forks, ND wrote...
Super happy with the flooring I chose! It was very easy to install and has made my basement look a lot more inviting!
  Vidara Red Oak
Installed in Kitchen and Utility room
Richard from Bowling Green, KY wrote...
It was what I expected, but turned out better than I expected. 2 boxes arrived damaged, it looked like they had been dropped on the ends and the planks were not able to be used. I did not call in for it as he had enough to cover his project with the 5% extra.
  Looks Great
Self-installed in Sun Room
Richard from Flagstaff, AZ wrote...
We redid our sun room and used this stuff. My wife picked it out and we installed it ourselves in an afternoon. We had old carpet in there that was very faded and we feel this stuff has upgraded the appearance of the room quite a bit.
  Just got our samples
Self-installed in family room
Cindy from Burbank, CA wrote...
We have been carefully shopping around for a wood floor that would be easy for us to install on our own but also not look like a cheap laminate. We ordered a bunch of samples from Flooring and did a comparison to test the durability. The interlock on this once seems pretty easy and it helped us to make our decision and the flooring should be here in a few days! Thank you for the help - we are excited to change up our family room.
  Great DIY flooring
Self-installed in Spare bedroom
Barbara from Nashville, TN wrote...
We ripped the old carpet out of our spare bedroom and installed this in just over two hours. It looks very nice and makes the room feel like it has been upgraded. The only thing we found is that you definitely want to have a level floor so we had to scrape the carpet glue up and use some leveling putty in a few spots but it was also very easy to do without a professional.
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