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3/4" Shock Tiles Reviews

3/4" Shock Tiles
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  Definitely shock absorbent!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from DeWitt, MI wrote...
These tiles are definitely very solid, lock together well, and will absorb some heavy impact. The only reason I am not giving them a 5 start review is because they are not all the same thickness and some are virgin rubber and some are recycled crumb rubber. Neither of these are major issues but it would be good to have more consistency in their build/quality.
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  Garage gym floor
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Jason from Las Vegas wrote...
I purchased 50 tiles of the 3/4 inch shock tile for my garage floor. I primarily do P90x workouts and some light weights thrown in occasionally. The floor has a nice waffle pattern on the bottom that provides plenty of absorption when jumping on it which in turn provides cushioning for my joints, especially my knees. I liked the way that it snaps together as a puzzle. It was easy to install. Customer service was excellent and they worked with me in sending out samples to review prior to me making my purchase. I would buy this product again.The one thing that needs to be applied to the website is that ALL these pieces are 22.5 inches, not 24 inches. Make sure you apply the 22.5 inches per tile when you do your build. Rubber flooring was great to work with as they called the manufacturer and confirmed the size (otherwise I would have been short).
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  Fantastic Exercise Mats
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home Gym
Greg from Atlanta, GA wrote...
These are perfect for all exercise. I use them in my basement and do plenty of P90X, Insanity, etc. exercise routines on them. They provide impact resistance and good grip for jumping and moving around. They are heavy enough to not move around when jumping and landing. They are more expensive than the other tiles, but are well worth the price and I know that they will last years for me, especially given that they are for personal use. They were very easy to install. I got the beveled edges and they look great, very professional.
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  Perfect Exercise Flooring
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement / Home Gym
Anonymous from Atlanta wrote...
While this might be a bit more expensive than the other rubber flooring options, this is the best choice for those that want to do more intense workouts. I am 240lbs and do P90X / Insanity videos or cross fit-like training in my basement. These mats provide shock absorption AND support any jumping or sudden side-to-side movement. They will not slide on you. I got them with the beveled edges and the mats look and feel great. I do a lot of my exercises in bare feet and the mats provide traction even with sweat on them. Spend the extra money on these mats and you will not be disappointed.
results 1-4 of 4
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