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3/4" Shock Mats Reviews

3/4" Shock Mats
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Average Rating 4.7/5
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  Customer Service MOJO
Verified Purchase
Anonymous from Boston, MA wrote...
I don't leave product reviews. I'm tired of every company asking for one for any and everything. I bought tape at Ama... and they asked,″ How was your 'scotch tape?'″ Well, uh, it was tape. Sticky, I guess. Give me a break. That said, I'm leaving this review not just for the product, which was very nice indeed, but for the company's extraordinary customer service. Without going into the details, there was a little product glitch. I emailed them and they got back to me lickity split, and not only via email but with several real live phone calls. Now you may be tempted to think this would be annoying and overkill, but it wasn't. My CS rep, Andrea, was and is, incredible. Helpful. Funny. Personable. She could have been helping me exchange a product, hang a picture, make scrambled eggs or land a plane with one engine, and I have no doubt it would all go well, I'd be laughing, and our mission would be accomplished. So, what does this all mean for you, a prospective buyer? Know that when you purchase from this company that they stand behind their products, and that the caliber of their team is impressive. I will be ordering again, and if I'm lucky they're will be a minor problem. I know they'll pounce on it like a hungry cheetah and I'll hang up the phone a thoroughly satisfied customer. Go RF Inc, and Go Andrea!!
  So far so good
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Roseville, CA wrote...
I bought these mats for Olympic lifting in my garage. I received a complaint from my neighbor that their walls were vibrating whenever I dropped the barbell on my 3/4 inch stall mats (covering my garage). Apparently, that wasn't enough to dampen the sound/vibration traveling through the concrete foundation. After laying these shock mats down on top of the 3/4 inch stall mat flooring, I have not had any complaints from the neighbor. Hopefully it will stay that way..
  Excellent for home gym
Self-installed in Finished basement - home gym
R. Raso from Parker, CO wrote...
This 2 piece mat is an excellent choice for protecting a home gym carpet or basement floor. It is heavy duty and easily absorbs dropped dumbbells or weight plates. The pieces easily interlock together.
  Works perfectly as a deadlift station
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Maryland wrote...
Needed a new solution for deadlifting in my home basement gym. Previously I had a custom built 8x8 platform, which was great, but it had to be disassembled for a major home repair. This mat is convenient, functional, and made of a quality material. Even when lifting heavy (400 lbs plus), it keeps my floor well-protected and free of damage. The 4x8 option comes in two sections which makes positioning it much easier than if it were one piece, which would be a bit cumbersome due to its weight. The pieces fit together quite well and do not buckle or separate at all when in use. As a deadlifting station, this works perfectly. If however you need a full 8’x8’ platform to go under a rack, go instead with the interlocking tiles or the rolled rubber option, since two sets of these would not be seamless due to their beveled edges. I have rolled rubber covering the entire gym floor and for this purpose it works perfectly. Great product for the home power or Olympic lifter.
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  RE:Shock Mats
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home Gym
David Gutierrez from Belton, MO wrote...
I recently equipped by garage with gym equipment to workout from home. In the process I purchased some shock Mats from the RubberFlooring company and I couldn't have been any surprised and satisfied with the Shock mats. They do exactly what the Rubber Flooring said they would do. I'm well pleased with the mats because when I drop by weights, they being bumper plates or dumbbells it absorb the shock and sound and especially protects my floors. I would recommend the Shock Mats to anyone who is thinking about using to improve or start their home gym. Thank you Rubber Flooring company for making a GREAT product!
  2 inches short, bad quality control
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage gym
Anonymous from Ca wrote...
Overall it’s a decent mat to lift on. However, mat was extremely dirty and had cuts and chunks missing out of the edges. Also was about 2 inches short of being 8 feet. Horrible qc.
  Great mats, but the beveled edge needs to go
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in home gym
dwost from Huron, OH wrote...
If you are using these individually it would be fine but for putting under a CrossFit rig as I did in my basement they are not great. I ended up having to cut all of the beveled edges off so I could get them to fit together as a standard mat would. While it states they are beveled in the description, the picture leads one to believe these can be butted up against one another. My fault for not reading the small print. The product is great and looks nice now that they are cut but it was a total PITA due to the weight of each mat.
  Expectations met
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from New Jersey wrote...
The only thing I have an issue with was how when you buy more than one mat to put together they aren’t seamless. Other than that everything was what I expected.
  Great mats
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Lawrenceville, Ga wrote...
This's exactly what I was looking for!! Little pricey for shipping, but the mats are as advertised.
  Excellent product, but the mat is really hard for
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Carport
Anonymous from Bay Area, CA wrote...
We wanted to use these mats for more general purpose fitness activities on a concrete pad beneath swings. We thought they should have some give, but unfortunately, they're really hard---when I jump up and down on them, I don't feel them give at all. But that's probably okay---they probably still give, lending some safety improvement over the concrete, but they appear to really be designed for heavy-duty metal weight-lifting applications. I would buy a squishier surface, but we needed it the outdoor durability that these mats appear to afford. That said, we love the beveled edges and the fact that the mats provide a visual cue to the path of the swings so that children don't run in front/behind and get run into by people on the swings. We did not order samples first---I would definitely recommend ordering samples if you would like feel how hard or soft this particular surface is. We own a few hundred square feet of 2.5″ play tiles also from Rubber Flooring Inc. that we love, and they offer more give, but that's expected, given that they're 2.5″ and these mats are less than 1″.
  As advertised
Verified Purchase
David from Ohio wrote...
These are heavy duty mats just as advertised. Very happy with them for gym use. Only slight criticism is they dont 100% perfectly fit together but that may just be because I have them on carpet.
  Product review of rubber gym floor mats
Self-installed in Home
Andre from New Jersey wrote...
The gym rubber floor mat 3/4 inch I ordered was advertised as shown on the website ( no rips / no tears/ nor defective products). I ordered it July 29,2020. Received it sept 14,2020. ( as far the shipping delay, they were honest to put it on the website so I expected that). It was shipped sept 10,2020. I live in New Jersey and the rubberflooring inc responded to my email when I asked sept 10,2020 when it will shipped. I would buy from them again.
  Very Good
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Commercial Gym
Kyle from Vermont wrote...
Works great. Took the impact out of the floor very well, and reduced noise greatly. Only really minor thing was the mats look aged around the edges so they may have been sitting a long while before we got our mitts on them, I only bring that up because we are a new gym with all new and clean equipment.
  Perfectly Satisfied
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home Gym
Aaron from Santa Clara, CA wrote...
I had been looking for a mat to put over a nice carpet in a spare bedroom for an Olympic weight set to go on top of. After looking around and calling a few places this mat was recommended to me. Everyone I spoke to in the process of asking questions and ordering the mat was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The mat came before their estimated time of arrival (despite it being made to order). The mat is very durable and is holding the weight set very well. I am perfectly satisfied with this purchase.
  Great mat for Olympic lifting!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from 92833 wrote...
I bought this mat to go over the concrete in my garage. I do a lot of CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting and I constantly drop the bar fully loaded with plates from above my head. Not only does the Mat keep the sound down. But it seems to be keeping the impact off of my feet and knees, also it provides more cushion. I would definitely buy this mat again.
  Easy to install
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from Adamsville, Ohio wrote...
Very pleased with product!
  Very happy
Verified Purchase
Anonymous from Dallas tx wrote...
These are the best mats and the price Is great also! The service is wonderful.. the people are nice and on time delivery can’t be beat .. Great product! Great Company! Great people! Great service!
  Get ready to Love it!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home gym
Brian from Mount Pleasant SC wrote...
I got my shock mat for my home gym. They fit perfect with my homemade deadlifting platform. Works like a charm! However, after realizing how awesome they feel under my feet, I took the extra slab and made a smaller platform for my squat rack. Now I look FORWARD to getting under some heavy weight bc my feet are chilling on this mat! HIGH recommend for those who like to lift things UP and put them DOWN. Feels like a pro gym just seconds away.
  Great, just what I needed.
Self-installed in Basement
Andrew from Illinois wrote...
Yep, the mat worked out perfectly. Couldn't be happier. And the price was right too.
  Shock mat
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Lindenhurst IL wrote...
It’s not exactly what I expected but it does work. Was hoping for more of a dead bounce effect it really makes weight pop back up. But it’s quiet which was the main purpose as I lift in a garage and don’t want to shake the house when dead lifting or dropping heavy weight.
results 1-20 of 40
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