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5mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment Reviews

5mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment
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Average Rating 4.8/5
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  Used in Multiplex for Sound Reduction
Self-installed in Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Hallway, Bedroom
Matt from Sarnia, ON wrote...
I just completed installation of this product under LVT and 12mL laminate with marked results. This was installed on the second floor of my multiplex and the tenants below recorded that all footfall noise was eliminated to the point that only hammering was heard. The floor is not insulated and did not have a dropped ceiling below so I am very happy with the result. I paired this product with acoustical caulking for best results. 5mm rubber cut very easy with a sharp box-cutter knife. Recommeded after extensive research and was happy with delivery time and the packaged product arrived with ample packaging for protection. Only thing is this stuff is HEAVY but great for adding density to your floor. Will purchase again for myself and friends. Matt
Customer review image of  in Kitchen and living room
Customer review image of  in Kitchen and living room
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  make much less foot traffic noise
Self-installed in Kitchen and living room
Bryan from Winchester, Virginia wrote...
Great product. Our bedroom is downstairs below the kitchen and living room where I installed the new flooring. This underlayment helped quiet the floor traffic significantly. Easy to use and very heavy duty. Thank you, Bryan in Winchester, Virginia.
  Garage underlay
Self-installed in Garage
Zachary S. from Sacramento, CA wrote...
I purchased the underlayment for my garage floor and it has exceeded my expectations. It was easy to install (cut for exact placement) and I will also be purchasing more to continue with my garage project .
  stable underlayment
Self-installed in Theater
Scott from Atlanta wrote...
I used this as an underlayment for my home theater. We used 18″carpet tiles on top and it worked perfectly. This product is a good sound dampener and served our purpose well. Rubber does a ground job of Isolating the bass frequencies on the bottom end and eliminating some of the reverberation. Next time i would probably go with the thicker version, as this is only a 1/4″ pad, but it still worked well, and will never wear out like foam.
  Hard floor, heavy weight but breaks easily
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in For a Hare Krishna festival in Utah
Govinda caran das from Spanish fork, UT wrote...
Needed a floor to prevent oil spills on asphalt. This one worked great for the most part. It had pores in it though, which was unexpected. It also broke off easily.
  Easy to install
Verified Purchase
Anonymous from Pasadena, CA wrote...
The rubber didn't seem as dense as I had gotten before. It was a little crumbly and warped in some places. It works under flooring though since it just all flattens out.
  Very very nice
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Upstairs condo
Jessica from Saline,MI wrote...
We used this as underlayment underneath our new laminate flooring. We installed everything ourselves and it was a dream to lay down, it’s super heavy so it didn’t move much and made our lives so easy. We chose this as underlayment because another reviewer said it helped with sound proofing. We live in a condo that is above 4 garages, so we wanted to muffle the garage door opener sounds and vibration as much as we could. We definitely notice a difference in sound quality, the openers CAN be heard but it’s not as noticeable and rumbly as before. It completely eliminated the vibration felt when someone was opening their garage door. We had to wait a while for it to be shipped, and the freight driver put it right into our garage for us! Super nice and well worth the wait. Honestly this product is amazing and well worth the money. My ONLY negative point to this underlayment is that it is freaking thick so it’s hard to cut to size. We ended up using some heavy duty kitchen shears we had and it worked well. Our knife wouldn’t even come close to cutting through this stuff. AMAZING MATERIAL!!
  Easy to install
Installed in Condo
Anonymous from Boulder, Colorado wrote...
Except for the rolls being heavy (for me), it is a great product
  Soft and sturdy
Self-installed in Garage
Dionne from Pecos TX wrote...
This product was very easy to install and is very Sturdy. My only complaint is the very inefficient shipping time and route. The product passed my house twice in delivery destinations. I called severe times trying to pick it up.
  5mm Flooring
Anonymous from Indianapolus IN wrote...
Excellent product I used this product as flooring underlayment and it paired up perfectly. My only complaint is that shipping is expensive.
  Great product
Installed in two bedroom apartment
Jeff from Bowling Green KY wrote...
We used the subflooring on a floor in an apartment over a pub. Though sound still penetrates when it is very loud downstairs, it does a great job muffling the sound. During more quiet hours you don't hear a thing and when it gets loud down there, is just sounds like a neighbor playing their tv a bit loud. Definitely recommend it. Used high quality plank vinyl flooring over it and it holds up great.
  Great product and price
Self-installed in Second floor
Beverly M. from Friendswood, TX wrote...
Using the product as an underlayment for bamboo flooring on second floor. It's wonderful! I can hardly hear any sort of running, etc. upstairs. My son was jump roping and I didn't even realize it bc the sound was so muffled! My husband knew what my son was doing and pointed it out to me. The installation process was very easy. The most difficult part was moving the bundle around bc of the weight. That small inconvenience is worth the end product- virtually no sound from upstairs traffic. Great product and price. Price of material helps to offset the high price of shipping.
  1974 VW Camper
Self-installed in 1974 VW Camper
Ernest A. from League City, TX wrote...
I purchased rubber flooring and underlay. One product was like an insulation and the other was like a more durable surface (I believe used on gym floors, etc.) Use of Product - I have a 1974 VW Camper. I have installed the durable floor surface on ALL of the interior floor space. I intend to glue the rubber insulation (color specs inside) to the side surfaces. A single roll of the durable surface rubber flooring is perfect for doing the entire flooring space (including back cushion/storage area) and is a market application not currently conceived. The rubber insulation isn’t really necessary, but I will put it to use. How I like it - The finished product will perform VERY well. You must understand I am 100% restoring this vehicle - it has already been de-rusted/repainted/engine rebuilt/etc. I used a product called “Lizzard Skin” made here in Houston. I first sprayed the interior metal with soundproofing (incredible results), then with a ceramic finish (hard surface). The net result is an interior surface that will NOT sweat is better than an Igloo and has studio sound system qualities. On top of that is your rubber flooring - making road noise from below a certain 0, providing quality resilient elastic support for the bamboo flooring I am installing over it. My intention is to build to last the rest of my life. Installation - Installation was reasonably simple, but took longer than expected. Cutting the material isn’t the easiest - I used a razor knife, but still (I found use of a long board underneath provided a better cutting surface to start and then allowed the cut seam to open and use the knife blade to slice the seam & after a couple of times, it was done. It took me +/- 10 hours, and I wish had made patterns before starting, but all worked out in the end as bamboo flooring will be over the top. In the driver area, carpet will be laid down over it. I believe you should consider its application to the RV industry. One roll is perfect for my small VW Camper. It provides: (i) noise reduction; (ii) thermal insulation; (iii) comfort underfoot. I don’t know what sweat issues might exist that can cause rusting underneath. I have avoided that as there is no exposed metal underneath.
  Excellent Product
Self-installed in Second floor except bathrooms
Rob B. from Alameda, Ca wrote...
I installed the 5mm rubber underlayment upstairs over a Warmboard Radiant heat floor. Soundproofing is greatly increased. The weight is enough to keep the pex on warmboard in the grooves. I am extremely happy with this product. What faint smell of rubber their is, goes away in less than a few hours.
  Excellent Product
Installed in Home
Anonymous from San Francisco Bay Area, CA wrote...
I am very pleased with the product. I was worried about the smell of the recycled tires in the underlayment. However, I was surprised that the product did not smell at all. It is really a good quality product that you can feel good about purchasing.
  Perfect solution
Self-installed in see above
JRB from Emeryville Ca wrote...
Very easy installation with double sided carpet tape and a few black screws along hard to secure corner areas. Applied to commercial entry ramp to Will Call area of commercial outfit. Very good traction, stability, nice walking surface. Secured doorways with flat aluminum thresholds. Looks great.
Customer review image of  in Home Gym
Customer review image of  in Home Gym
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  Very happy with the product
Self-installed in Home Gym
Jennifer E. from Virginia Beach, VA wrote...
We have finally completed our project! We used the 5mm Underlayment Roll with 1/2 inch tiles over. We also cut pieces of the 1/4 inch mat roll to shock absorb while using weights. It looks great & feels great! We are very happy with the product.
Self-installed in Equipment
Peter Alleyne from Barbados wrote...
This size is great but I am also looking for 3/4″ roll for another piece of equipment.
  Buffalo in the Attic!
Self-installed in Attic Apartment
Anonymous from Tennessee wrote...
We have a 1920's home. We asked the last tenant to move out of our attic apartment because, although she was a model tenant (she kept it pristine and paid her rent in a timely manner), she sounded like a buffalo pounding the floor above our heads. I couldn't bear it another year. We did our research and here is what we did. We took out the floor including the sub-floor. Then we installed everything new, with the rubber underlayment as one of the steps. We installed porcelain tile and 3/4″ hardwood floor. Although I can hear an occasional sound if something is dropped, regular footstep sounds are non-existent. I am thrilled. The reason I gave 4 stars is that when I first called, the young man in customer service told me that we could install porcelain tile directly over the rubber underlayment rather than admit that he didn't know the answer. That is wrong. I would have much preferred that he said he didn't know.
  The right stuff
Installed in 500 Sq. feet of 2nd floor condo unit
Anonymous from Seattle WA wrote...
We remodeled a second floor condominium unit which included floating 1/2″ engineered hardwood floors over Gypcrete. We needed an underlayment that would pass muster with our condo board and downstairs neighbors. Rubber Flooring's 5mm pre-cut underlayment fit the bill. Our contractor installed the underlayment and hardwood and even he remarked at the solid feel and ″real″ sound of the flooring over the 5mm. It's only been down for a few weeks but we're extremely happy with the product. Now if only Rubber Flooring would have included a couple of burly types to help us get the rolls up to our second floor unit...
results 1-20 of 22
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