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2mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment Reviews

2mm Pre-Cut Rubber Underlayment
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Average Rating 4.9/5
Customer Reviews
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Customer review image of  in Bedroom
Customer review image of  in Bedroom
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  Very Happy
Self-installed in Bedroom
Ralph G. from Ormond Beach, FL wrote...
Very Happy
  Great product and price
Installed in Second floor
Beverly M. from Friendswood, TX wrote...
Using the product as an underlayment for bamboo flooring on second floor. It's wonderful! I can hardly hear any sort of running, etc. upstairs. My son was jump roping and I didn't even realize it bc the sound was so muffled! My husband knew what my son was doing and pointed it out to me. The installation process was very easy. The most difficult part was moving the bundle around bc of the weight. That small inconvenience is worth the end product- virtually no sound from upstairs traffic. Great product and price. Price of material helps to offset the high price of shipping.
Customer review image of  in Garage and patio
Customer review image of  in Garage and patio
Customer review image of  in Garage and patio
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  Garage and patio underlay
Self-installed in Garage and patio
James O. from Olive Branch, MS wrote...
I love the product. I used the 2mm underlayment in my garage and on my patio under plastic tiles. It's very easy to install, in the 4' x 25' roles. In the future I am going to use a thicker version of this product for carpet padding. It's hypoallergenic, mold-resistant and will help tremendously in eliminating noise of kids stopping on the floor in the upstairs bedrooms. I would highly recommend this product.
  Perfect Underlayment
Self-installed in 2nd floor bedroom.
David from Indianapolis, IN wrote...
I purchased this as an underlayment in preparation for laying 18 x 18 ″peel back″ carpet tiles. The carpet tiles required a fairly hard surface (little to no movement) and this underlayment was just that, yet it provided enough cushion to soften the floor and provide sound control. I installed over OSB subfloor without any issues....was easy to cut with a pair of scissors. The rubber is also going to provide protection in my son's bedroom, who happens to spill a lot of drinks.
  Good quality for the price
Self-installed in 2nd floor residential condo
Anonymous from Sarasota, FL wrote...
In the past, we've used cork as an underlayment for ceramic tile on a 2nd floor condo. Rubber was much easier to use. Quality and ease of installation of rubber is superior to cork.
  Coin Grid Loc Tiles
Self-installed in garage
ron from Texas wrote...
Bougnt the tiles for my garage. Took a bit of work to get them all installed especially close to the edges and turning corners but it went really well. Got them installed over a rubber underlayment to muffle the noise. Looks great! You need to realize this product is plastic and is noisy to walk on so if you do not want the sound get all rubber.
  Great underlayment
Self-installed in Apartments
Philip from Medford, OR wrote...
This product is super easy to install and works great as underlayment.
  Excellent quality
Self-installed in Family room, sunroom
Mike from Charlotte, NC wrote...
Great product.
  2mm underlayment
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Dearborn MI wrote...
Great product with the best price I found online. Only issue I had was the slow shipping time. Took a couple weeks to get delivery. But it was well packaged and seems like a quality material.
  perfect upscale product for decoupling my floor
Anonymous from Breckenridge Colorado wrote...
Older home that is built on dimensional Joists. The subfloor had to be removed and replacedpriir to leveling dur to dry rot...After multiple attempts to level again, This product provided a perfect decoupling and water barrier in one to the top before without increasing the height very much. This was a big issue because of the height of The Doors as well a s the height of the trim and other accessories of the house. I would highly recommend spending the money on this. The shipping was almost as much as the product itself should be aware but in the end it was still the most cost effective means to get what I wanted
  Love it, it is what I expected
Self-installed in In house gym and storage area floor
Frank L. from Manasquan, NJ wrote...
Installation was simple, I was going to individually checkerboard but went to 4 sq checkerboard pattern. Did not want to spend the effort breaking the 4's down to individuals. I would not have installed them if there was no underlayment option. Would recommend / by again Thanks
  Church gym floor
Installed in Toney United Methodist Church
Ronnie T. from Toney, AL wrote...
We used the rubber underlayment underneath PVC sports tile (also from Rubber Floors) in a church gym. Previously we a concrete floor that had been very slippery with a few cracks. The floor had become hard to keep clean and unsafe. We purchased the Sports Tiles and rubber underlayment and did the installation ourselves. It was very simple. The underlayment really makes a difference. It provides a ″soft″ feeling also helps keep the tile in place since it is a floating floor. You can definitely feel and hear a difference from using the tile with and without the underlayment. We used some good scissors to the cut the underlayment (box knife didn't work well) and double sided carpet tape to hold it in place. We have a couple of rolls leftover but I'm sure we will find a good use for them.
  Must have
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Galloway Ohio wrote...
I used this under my plastic, Grid-loc tiles in my garage and soooo glad I did, Not only does it keep quiet when walking on it, the walk and standing is much softer, comfortable. I bought some double sided tape (carpet tape) to hold it in place. Simple operation. I used a utility knife to cut it with and changed blades often for a better cut and faster. I was skeptical when buying this, but definitely worth every penny. If you're going to spend this kind of money on a floor, then do it right and you won't regret it.
  outstanding product
Self-installed in high rise luxury condo
john christopher from boston ma wrote...
I was totally pleased with the product,the price and the service along with the delivery -keep up the good work definitely satisfied
  Not just for underlayment!
Self-installed in Tool Box Drawer Liner
Anonymous from Carlisle, OH wrote...
Wanted something better than what was offered on the shelves at the hardware stores. This does an excellent job holding my tools in place, looks very professional, and actually ended costing less. Material is easy to cut, and lays flat as soon as you put it in place.
results 1-15 of 15
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