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HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles Reviews

HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles
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Customer Reviews
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  My Hockey Floor
Partick Olenski from Asbury Park, NJ wrote...
These are some of the photos I have taken with my flooring tiles!
  Hat Trick
Self-installed in Garage
NGH from Alexandria Virginia wrote...
I'm a hockey program director and coach with over 800 games under my belt. My 5 children play travel hockey and I play men's league when I can fit it in. I looked at several different hockey flooring tiles. These tiles were inexpensive and as good as any of the other hockey flooring tiles I used or looked at. Number Purchased - 50 Tiles. Use - Puck handling and shooting in garage with green biscuit, pucks and hockey balls. Pro - Inexpensive, durable, easy setup, tight seams, delivered quickly. Cons - Could be packaged better, I had some smashed corners in one box. I would highly recommend these hockey flooring tiles. I will likely purchase more for my garage and may build an outdoor shooting area or mini rink as my kids get older.
Customer review image of  in Backyard
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  The HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles are GREAT!
Self-installed in Backyard
Joseph Melanson from Portsmouth, RI wrote...
The HotShot Hockey Floor Tiles are GREAT! They were easy to install and easy to clean and maintain. My boys love practicing their shots and stick handling on the tiles.
  Roller Hockey Rink
Self-installed in Basement
Trent from Chesterfield, MI wrote...
The HotShot Hockey floor tiles purchased work great for Rollerblade use. The 18″x18″ tiles are very durable and have a gripable feel when skating on. The installation of these tiles are easily done when using a rubber mallet. It took me about 6 hours to lay a 28'x15' area in the basement. Rubberflooringinc sent me a sample before my purchase and decision was made. This made my decision much more easy while deciding on thickness, durability, and installation needs. Some of my tiles were bent during shipping but was able to fix or use these as the cut side of wall. Delivery driver loaded the tiles into the garage and away from the weather. I recommend anyone to use these tiles for floor hockey or Rollerblade use, even adults.
  Great product and great customer service
Self-installed in basement on concrete
Bill from Michigan wrote...
First off, these are the same tiles as the expensive ″name brand hockey tiles″. Much better price here at rubber flooring for the same product. I ordered the tiles after numerous emails and multiple emails with Kim at customer service. To say she was helpful would be an understatement. She helped me with ordering the correct amount of tiles for my needs and made sure I was going to order the right m/f ramp ends for them as well. The 18in tiles are great! Easy to put together and light weight but still sturdy. Sticking handling with a puck is a little tricky, as they don't slide the best but it could be my pucks are dirty. A green biscuit slides great and feels like ice though. Shooting off the tiles is just as smooth as ice. I have had the tiles for a couple months and they get used daily for shooting and stick handling. There is no sign of damage or wear from the amount of use they are getting. I will also send in some photos to show the size and wear and tear, so far. Thank you so much for the help and a superb product! I will be ordering more tiles from here in the future and will probably order my wood flooring from this great company.
  We have a winner!
Self-installed in Kids play room
Anonymous from St. Louis wrote...
Great product, delivered in a timely manner at the best price on the web. Enough said!
  Good Product
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from Madison, WI wrote...
I like these tiles, they seem well made and solid, go together easily, and have been holding up real well so far. They are great for practicing shooting, but they aren't quite as slick as I would like. You can use a real puck for stick handling, but it won't quite slide right. I bought a green biscuit to use for stick handling, and that is much more realistic. So overall, very good, great if your primary use is as a shooting surface, only ok for stick handling, unless you get a specific stick handling puck. Have a six foot by six foot sheet in my basement currently, and will likely buy more to expand it at a later date.
  Good Alternative for Dryland
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Chicago wrote...
black pucks, blue pucks, green biscuits all slide smoothly on the surface. Stick-to-stick passes travel at least 12 feet without much strength (a 4 year-old is one of the passers).
  Awesome I wish I bought it 10 years ago
Self-installed in Basement and garage
crAig from Saginaw Michigan wrote...
Unbelievable my neighbor bought some 3 years ago been parking on it in garage no damage what so ever. So we bought it last Xmas. Varsity players on it all the time!
Customer review image of  in  Foyer
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  Whole Floor
Self-installed in Foyer
Vicki P. from Allen, TX wrote...
I snapped together a 6 ft x 12 ft floor to practice roller skating turns and other techniques. The floor is high quality and looks nice in my home. I also purchased the edges to go around my floor which adds a nicely finished appearance.
  Hokey tiles
Self-installed in Outdoor concrete patio
Anonymous from Erie Colorado wrote...
Easy to install and filled my sons needs to practice his hockey shots
  Hockey shot floor tiles video
Brooke D from Willmar, MN wrote...
Sending in our hockey shot floor tiles video review! Thank you
  Hot Shot tiles
Self-installed in outside
Wayne from MA wrote...
Good quality and hold up well in winter weather.
Customer review image of  in Basement
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  Easy cheap tiles
Self-installed in Basement
Adam from Manorville ny wrote...
Searched a lot about hockey tiles. These are good for what they’re for. Couple of caveats. Definitely helps if you’re using ice hockey pucks to use a floor cleaner like pledge etc to make the pucks slide better. Cheap price. Easy installation tiles just snap together. Probably going to get more give my kid more room to play.
Customer review image of  in Event Hall
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  Product is wonderful!
Installed in Event Hall
Steven from Peoria, AZ wrote...
The hockey shot flooring product is wonderful for roller skating. We hosted large scale events with thousands of visitors over four days and it performed perfectly, and still appears quite new. The white finish is perfect for lighting too.
  Good tiles
Self-installed in Driveway
AF from NJ wrote...
Tiles as expected. Pucks glide nicely, very durable.
Customer review image of  in
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  We love the Floor tiles!
Feng from Amherst, MA wrote...
The floor tiles arrived on time and in good condition. It is easy to install - just snapping one tile's edge to another. The material is made of hard plastic and looks neat. Note that the tile surface out of box is not as smooth as ice. So if you practice puck control, you'll need to spray some lubricates - I found the wd40 silicon spray works great. Just apply a thin layer, and the puck moves just like on ice!
  Best tile for my money
Self-installed in Carport
Nicki from Federal Way, WA wrote...
The hockey tiles are awesome. Easy to snap together and easy to clean. My kids love them. I love how inexpensive they were for this budget minded mom. The customer service has been wonderful too. Very caring company.
  Follow up video
Self-installed in Backyard
Nicki from Federal Way, WA wrote...
Happy Customer!
  Best hockey tile investment
Self-installed in Car port
Nicki Vannatter from Federal Way Washington wrote...
I started out with 20 tiles for my 3 kids to shoot on in front of the net. Soon enough I was buying more because my kids needed more room to work on shots. They love the tiles. I love that I can drive on them. We have them in our carport. All it takes is a quick sweep and the kids are good to go. I have yet to need to put any spray on them to keep it easy to move on and I have had them several months now. They are easy to put together in minutes.
results 1-20 of 38
1 2