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1" MMA Mats Reviews

1" MMA Mats
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Customer Reviews

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Very Happy
Self-installed in Gym
from Canyon Country, CA wrote...
Happy Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Great Martial Arts Flooring
Self-installed in martial arts dojang
from Pleasant Hill, IA wrote...
I ordered the 1" MMA tiles for our Tae Kwon Do school. I placed my order late at night and was surprised to see that they had already been shipped early the next morning. The tiles themselves are great; durable, easy to clean, and look great. Installation was also very easy, it only took about 2-3 hours to install over 1200 s.f. of flooring, with 4 people working on it. We are holding classes on the flooring four nights per week, and so far it is holding up beautifully. Highly recommended!

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Perfect for Home BJJ workouts
Self-installed in Home gym
from Alexandria, Va wrote...
I started BJJ in January and began searching for some type of mat for home workout. Both the reasonable price and the size of the mats made them perfect for me. The 2'x2' size is easier to store than standard 3' mats. They also lock together very tight and even though I put them together and take them apart 2-3 times a week are still holding up well. I have reccomended them to all of my friends I train with.
perfect for my gym
Self-installed in commercial gym
from Machesney Park, IL. wrote...
Great mats. The 1" thickness is perfect. We are a commercial gym and this mat gets used daily in a big way and they are holding up very well. The initial slippery surface people have spoke of is just about gone after a months use. Our members are really enjoying the upgrade.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
AcroYoga Mats!
Self-installed in Home/Gym
from Dallas, Tx wrote...
These tiles are perfect for my acroyoga practice, picked up 12 and that is perfect for one couple. Dropped my flyer a few times and the impact is really softened. I break them down and hide in closet until I get to play; setting up in my living room or taking to gym is no problem!
Best Mats for the Money
Self-installed in Dojang
from Burlington, NJ wrote...
Dollar for dollar these are the best mats you can buy. They are of good qualitiy and the free shipping is a major consideration. I have been using the mats for several weeks and some of my students are around 250 pounds and the mats hold up extremely well. We train with MA shoes and the mats don't show scuffs.
Not the usual use!
Self-installed in Boat
from Oklahoma wrote...
I purchased this product after getting a quote on reupholstering my boat. Since its primarily just me, I didn't want to spend that kind of money so I started looking for something like this and since the price was right, I purchased a box to try it out. It worked almost perfectly after I cut 2 of the squares to make the seat for the center console. My only issue was the same as alot of other reviews have pointed out, the coating on them made glueing 2 together a challenge. Other than that, outstanding results!!
Awesome product
Self-installed in Garage
from Michigan wrote...
Ordered for a garage workout area, and am very pleased. First the thickness of the pads are great, much thicker and at a better price than the sporting good stores in area. The assembly was easy, our 14 year old son put it together, and the edge pieces are nice. Overall very happy
Great for kids room!
Self-installed in Kids bedroom
from Oklahoma wrote...
We chose to install the 1" MMA mats in my son's bedroom as opposed to carpet. So far (1 month in), we are extremely pleased with the results. Install was quick and easy, the kids love the feel, and it was about $600 LESS then having carpet installed! We have the kids take off their shoes, boots, or cleats before they enter so that should help extend the life of the product. One of the cool parts about these tiles is that as they get beat up (and they absolutely will), we can just flip them over or even replace tiles as needed.

FlooringInc - Customer Photo
Muay Thai gym
Self-installed in Gym
from Florida wrote...
Awesome mats. Just what we needed for our Thai Boxing class. Easy to clean and great rebound. Wouldve given 5 stars but they are a little slippery.
Great Floor
Self-installed in Krav Maga School
from Hyannis, Ma wrote...
Awesome floor, easy to install, great for ground work and take downs!

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Best for Basement
Self-installed in Basement
from Parsippany, NJ wrote...
Excellent Product .. So, easy to install
Self-installed in converted upstairs room
from Hoquiam, WA wrote...
My husband & I purchased a home that was built in 1926, and needless to say the floors aren't totally even. We wanted to put flooring down in the converted upstairs to use as a music/tv/karate room for my husband who has numerous guitars and amps. We had been searching for something for quite a while that we could use to make the space more comfortable as well as adding a little buffer between floors when he was playing his guitars. We happened to come by your site through a search and were very pleasantly surprised at how many products you had as well as the prices! We decided on the 1" MMA squares and from the moment they arrived we realized they were even better than we thought they might be. My husband & I put in the flooring with very little work, even adding a contrasting band around the edge. It came out beautifully! We were so impressed by the quality, easy installation, and great price... and decided to order 2 more boxes to finish off even more of the upstairs floor. We would HIGHLY recommend these floor tiles to anyone looking for an inexpensive yet high quality flooring with some added cushioning. It could be used for any situation (martial arts/music room/exercise room/and more, the possibilities are endless. We are thinking about putting more of this down in a couple other rooms. We live in an area with a lot rain & humidity and these tiles even add warmth where the floor was cold before. THANK YOU Rubber Flooring INC!!

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Best for cheap
Installed in Home gym
from Bartlesville Ok wrote...
They were insanely easy to install, and although very lightweight they are very durable.
Superb Pricing and quality
Self-installed in Spare bedroom
from Atlanta, GA wrote...
Great flooring overall. As others have mentioned, it has a very slippery feel. Definitely sticks to your feet and socks which can spread throughout the house (mine being 100% hardwood and tiles). Hasn't totally gone away after almost a month of personal use for cardio workouts. I even tried to wash them with a rag but it didn't go away. Hopefully it'll go away in due time. I'm already noticing the areas that experience high traffic to be less slippery. Two mats had a permanent little indention. size of a nickle each, but it's barely noticeable. Probably from shipping. Doesn't affect anything anyways. It does shift around easily for a 9'x12' set up on hardwood floors. Thankfully, two sides are against the wall, so it's not so bad.
Slippery at first but great product
Self-installed in
from St. Paul, MN wrote...
I have a temporary location for my marital arts school. We do ground work and stand up. The mats work well for both. Throws and takedowns are absorbed well. The mats are not too squishy at all for stand up training. I'm two weeks in and the mats are way less slippery. After several hip escapes and mat mops, I feel more comfortable doing stand up.
Absolute perfection
Installed in
from Illinois wrote...
The mats are exactly what I wanted. If I had designed Myself...Love them
Self-installed in Garage
from Cornelius, NC wrote...
Fantastic, as advertised. Even better price. Set up in my garage for a home gym. Able to practice throws, grappling, sparring etc with no problems. I highly recommend.
Great company
Self-installed in Gym
from Stratford NJ wrote...
Mats arrived in a very timely fashion, actually a few days earlier than expected. They were installed in about 2 hours for a 400 square for area. I have a Muay Thai school, mats have just enough give for falls, but aren't too soft to maintain footing. I will definitely be using Rubber Flooring in the future.
MMA Mats
Self-installed in Gym
from Ohio wrote...
Mats came in timely manner. They are great 1” mats. Very impressed with quality and price. I would recommend them. If your using them for jiu jitsu I would recommend putting carpet padding or som thing else underneath them for more padding.
results 1-20 of 169
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