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3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles Reviews

3/8" Sport-Lock Rubber Tiles
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$32.12 Tile
reg: $4.76 sqft
tile $42.83
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Average Rating 4.9/5
Customer Reviews
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Customer review image of  in Laundry room and mudroom
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  Laundry room and mudroom with steps
Self-installed in Laundry room and mudroom
Anonymous from Salt Lake City, UT wrote...
I installed about 500 sq ft of this in a new laundry room and mudroom. The install was a bit more difficult than I expected. I had a lot of cuts to make around doorways, stairs, pipes, etc. It's pretty heavy and if you have a really sharp razor in your utility knife it cuts ok, but not great. I changed the blade about every 8-10 cuts and that helped a lot. When you rip the strips off on the one side sometimes it leaves little ″knobby″ things that you have to trim off carefully or it won't lock together very well with the next piece. I installed this on three stairs (only one visible in pic). For the riser I bought some rubber glue spray stuff from HD. Then I put a metal bullnose thing on the edge and I think it's going to hold up very well. My only complaint is when the kids come in with dusty feet it leaves foot prints. You can even see some on the right in the pic. It comes up with a wet rag/mop but because of the black color, the dust does show. We'll see how this wears over time but so far we really like it. We were going for more of an industrial look and I think we achieved that with the floor.
  Excellent product...looks great
Self-installed in Basement Home Gym
Chris from Wheeling WV wrote...
The 3/8″ sport-lock rubber tiles are an excellent product and should withstand many years of heavy use. I purchased them for a home gym to be installed directly over a concrete basement. The tiles are thick enough to withstand heavy free weights and protect the concrete underneath. Installation was fairly easy, as I had to make only a few small cuts to fit. The whole floor is seamless, as you cannot even see where the tiles interlock from standing height. Overall, the sport-lock tiles look as advertised and should be durable for many years. I would highly recommend the 3/8″ sport-lock rubber tiles!!!
Customer review image of  in Physical Therapy Clinic (business)
Customer review image of  in Physical Therapy Clinic (business)
Customer review image of  in Physical Therapy Clinic (business)
Larger Image
Installed in Physical Therapy Clinic (business)
Orthopaedic Physical Therapy of New Orleans from New Orleans, LA wrote...
I purchased rubber flooring for my business. I had the floors put in and it took the contractors about 2 working days to do the installation. It was easy to unload from the deliverer, and the contractors were amazed how easy it was to install! After the installation, the place looks GREAT! All the furniture and equipment were easy to put back in its proper place because the floors could not be damaged. My business is a physical therapy clinic and we have patients coming and going all day long. Even our patients notice the difference, not by appearance, but by walking on the floors. It is so much lighter on our feet and easier to walk on. It is also safer to walk on because, before, we had carpet; and sometimes, patients were not able to keep their balance. However, the rubber flooring has really made a difference on patients' gait training and balance exercises. They have commented that it is easier to do their exercises and feel a sense of security when performing gait training and balance exercises. Also, at first we did not know how to clean it but we researched it and it is SO easy to clean! We just mop the floors using water and it leaves a nice clean look. There are no footprints unless there are really muddy feet walking. Also, usually we would vacuum our floors but now we can do a fast and easy sweep to the area. I would greatly recommend this product to anyone who are interested in replacing floors with an excellent product. Actually, I have already recommended rubber flooring from Rubber Flooring Inc. to people who have asked about my flooring.
  Great product!
Self-installed in Basement gym
MH from Nebraska wrote...
These tiles snap together very easily and the finished look is awesome. Everything from the ease of ordering to the FedEx delivery was top notch. These tiles come on a pallet and are heavy. The FexEx guy was very helpful unloading them and rolling them into our garage. From there, I would roll up two tiles at a time and carry them into the basement. I covered a small room (11 X 11) and it took me 2 hours total. Measure and mark with a chalk pen where to cut the edge pieces. Place the tiles so you just need to trim two sides of a square cornered room is my advise. I also found after making the first cut with a utility knife, bend over the piece like you would a piece of drywall, then what's left is very easy to cut.
  Great flooring
Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Plaquemine, La wrote...
Love this floor. My son and I installed it in a spare bedroom turning it into a workout room. It was easy to install and looks great!
  Rubber flooring for basement
Anonymous from Ohio wrote...
I have not placed the floor yet. Brought it into the basement to acclimate to the temperature for a few days. I really like that 2 sides of the square have straight perforations for wall and corners and they can be removed and the tile can be used in center pieces. I was expecting to have to trim edges for the wall and corners. When I place the tile, I will send photos. Important info. is that when the tile is delivered on a palate, the driver will back into the driveway and place the palate in the garage or close to the house if easy access. The reason the company will tell you that the delivery will be dropped at the curb only and an additional fee for the product to be brought close to the house is because some driveways are difficult to access. Don't pay the additional fee if you have an easy access driveway.
  Rubber Tiles
Self-installed in Gym
Anonymous from New Bern, NC wrote...
We are very pleased with our purchase of 3/8″ Sport-Lock Tiles. Our maintenance director & school very pleased with the quality and appearance of the tile. We have installed the tile in a weight room and seams to be working fine.
  Exactly what you'd expect
Self-installed in Exercise room
Jared from Chicago IL wrote...
Ordered the 3/8 in sportlock tiles for a 10x15 exercise room...after bringing the tiles into the room, 3hrs later had the floor installed. These fit better under my moulding than a 1/2 in tile would and unless you are putting this floor down first, I would say go with the 3/8 to be sure. Pricing is very reasonable and doing the install myself saved me $1000 from my carpet installer quote. Tiles fit very well together and like a few reviews suggest, use a carpet knife and change the blade a few times. Very pleased with the outcome and will recommend to anyone looking for a rubber floor tile application. Went with the grey flecked tiles and they do great hiding any dust and camouflaging what few seams can be seen. Thanks!
  satisfaction start to finish
Self-installed in home workout room
Larry from Waseca, MN. wrote...
The product 3/8″ sportlock and the service was excellent. I installed a 10' x 20' room in about 6 hours with not much problem. One suggestion is when cutting use a carpet knife rather than a box cutter. Fits and looks great.
  Great flooring--like a gym!
Installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Chicago, IL wrote...
We just installed the sport lock rubber tiles in our home gym and it is fantastic! It's excellent quality and makes our home workout room look like an actual gym! Couldn't be happier. Excellent value for the money as well.
Self-installed in Home Gym
Flynn McLain IV from Dubuque, IA wrote...
Exactly as advertised. Looks great and I have no doubt it’s going to be extremely durable. Very happy with it!
  great product good price
Installed in gym
pravin patel from belcamp,maryland wrote...
great product good price
  Home gym flooring
Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Albany, NY wrote...
Easy to install, looks great.
  Durable, Great Looking Flooring
Self-installed in Basement Home Gym
Brian from Chicago wrote...
The tiles look great & feel quite durable. I'd definitely recommend.
  Tiles for home gym
Installed in home
Anonymous from District of Columbia wrote...
This worked out great & we had 2 to spare! It's for a home gym, was put on top of the carpet & the family is very happy
Customer review image of  in Gym
Larger Image
  Happy new customer
Self-installed in Gym
David H. from Goodyear, AZ wrote...
Small gym room. Installed myself.
Customer review image of  in Home Gym for customer
Larger Image
  Easy to install and looks Great!
Self-installed in Home Gym for customer
Liska Construction from New Jersey wrote...
This product was easy to install, the 3' by 3' size of the tiles made for a quick installation. The product can be easily cut to size with a utility knife and straight edge. The tiles weigh a bit so you can not carry many but that also helps with them laying in place. They easily lock together, only pain was cutting off the edges you do not need but it takes a few minutes. You should roll out the seams to get a nice tight fit and better look. I highly recommend this product.
  Did not quite fit
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Ohio wrote...
Love the product...service and delivery are great....However, the connect tabs had fraying ″feathers″ which caused them to be less easily installed than our previous installation.....scissors solved the problem....this was a discontinued product so maybe it was the last pallet....anyway...other than that.....great product and company to deal with!
  Rubber Floor rec. Room
Self-installed in Home work out room
Robert J Schauf from Barron ,Wisconsin wrote...
Love the easy install and durability. Will be great for our work out room.
  Perfect flooring...
Self-installed in Home Gym basement
Anonymous from Chicago wrote...
Used this to replace carpet in our home gym; perfect product!
results 1-20 of 68
1 2 3 4