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Playground Swing Mats Reviews

Playground Swing Mats
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Customer Reviews
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Customer review image of  in Playground
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  Very Happy
Self-installed in Playground
Adam P. from Baton Rouge, LA wrote...
We love our slide mat! The kids have a softer area to hit when the come down the slide.
Customer review image of  in Home Playground
Customer review image of  in Home Playground
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  Love Them
Self-installed in Home Playground
Larry M. from Marietta, GA wrote...
Love the timber and mats! We own 2 preschools so I think we’ll do more business soon enough. This is for our home.
  Great item!
Self-installed in Yard
Joe from Denver, CO wrote...
We bought this to put under our swingset for when our girls do gymnastics, and they're awesome. They seem to be very high quality and look good in our yard.
  Playground Mats - great product
Self-installed in Playground Gym
Steve Santos - New Creating Reno & Const. from New Bedford, MA wrote...
Product arrived slowly and expensively, but it was a quality product and installed easily.
  Great product
Anonymous from Winston Salem, NC wrote...
These are very heavy, thick, high quality mats that work well under our playground swings and slide. The kids play hard on them and they do not move. Helps prevent mud getting on shoes and being tracked into the house.
  Rubber Mats for under Swings
Self-installed in Playground
Jane K. from MIddlecreek Township Snyder Co. Pennsylvania wrote...
Very Very impressed with the quality and for an amazing price.
  good quality and inexpensive
Self-installed in Under school swings
Laurie from Bay City, Michigan wrote...
Our swing mats arrived within a week. They were good quality and the price was one of the best that I found.
  Playground Swing Mats
Anonymous from CUMBERLAND, RI wrote...
This is a repeat purchase, since we were pleased with the previous mats we bought
  Easy to install
Anonymous from Virginia wrote...
Very straight forward and effective product
Customer review image of  in Swingset
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  Picture of mats underneath swingset
Self-installed in Swingset
Curtis T. from Chocowinity, NC wrote...
Looks great, thanks.
Customer review image of  in Playground
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  Worked Perfectly!
Self-installed in Playground
Joe from Post Falls, ID wrote...
This product worked perfectly for its intended purpose. Prior to the swing mats in our community park we were constantly raking and filling the holes and exposed weed mat caused from swing use. These mats are heavy and their weight prevents movement from high winds and are a theft deterrent. We have been delighted with this purchase.
Customer review image of  in Playground
Customer review image of  in Playground
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Self-installed in Playground
DeAnna from Fort Walton Beach wrote...
Last year our church made a huge investment to completely over haul our playground. In less than 6 months, the “underside” of the new swings and slide looked ugly and ragged! What a disappointment. I searched and searched, and found your heavy duty mats! We did a quick cleanup and install and it solved all the problems, gave reinforcements to the heavy traffic and wear spots AND they look really finished! Once again, our playground is awesome! Thank you so much!
  Mats used under swings.
Self-installed in Preschool playground under 4 swings.
A Brown from Kalamazoo MI wrote...
The mats solved the problem of fall area material being kicked away when preschool children swing. We had used them at our other child care center and found they worked well. They are heavy enough that the children cannot move them or kick them out of position under the swings. No more mud and children are safe while swing. Costly but they should last forever.
  Heavy Duty Mat
Self-installed in Community playground
Joseph Porcello from Post Falls, Idaho wrote...
As advertised this is a heavy duty commercial grade mat. Won't blow away or move from everyday use. Environmentally friendly colors are a plus.
  Playground mats
Self-installed in playground
Anonymous from Lake Oswego, OR wrote...
I love the mats I purchased, they are exactly what I wanted and working with the delivery people was top rate. Thank you
results 1-15 of 15