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Rubber Floor Ramps Reviews

Rubber Floor Ramps
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Average Rating 4.7/5
Customer Reviews
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Customer review image of  in Home Gym
Customer review image of  in Home Gym
Customer review image of  in Home Gym
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  I love the product!!
Self-installed in Home Gym
Vanessa P. from Jonesboro, GA wrote...
My husband installed rubber floors in my home gym and it turned out great. It did not take him very long to install at all. ( a day and a half) The product is very heavy so he had the help of a friend to make it easier. I ordered 4 rolls total. It was a 400 square foot room. One of the male reviewers went into great detail about how he installed his floor and I would read it first if you are the installer. My husband had no problems at all but read reviews first. I love the product !! It is very durable and looks great too. We ordered transition strips that you can see turned out great also. One of our rolls was defective but customer service was fantastic and replaced it with no problem. I was afraid to order something like this online but now I am so glad I did. It saved me a ton of money and looks great too.
  great product, just what we needed
Self-installed in gym
ESTHER from Philadelphia area wrote...
Awesome product. Used it in our gym that gets used many times a day. It is very sturdy. Only reason I took one star away was that it is very hard to cut. It is doable but be ready to use a lot of exact blades! Enjoy. I would also love to know how to clean this product….?
  Great Product
Self-installed in home gym
Rob from White Plains, NY wrote...
Easy to cut with tin snips, makes the tile installation totally look professional, clean and provides for safe transition. Great customer service too.
  The ramps works
Anonymous from Suitland, MD wrote...
Gotta say I like the ramp piece because it ties off the tile edge facing the door. I'm using it in the lobby of my store, and I am always concerned about people tripping. For the money it's definitely worth it!
  Tricky Installation
Self-installed in Home Gym
Amanda from Tampa wrote...
Good product. Looks nice and made with quality material. Installation was tricky because we didn't want to use glue on our hardwood floors underneath. We placed a bead of Liquid Nails on the ramp's lip that adheres to the rubber flooring. It's working for now, but we may need a more permanent solution later.
  Quick and easy installation
Self-installed in Garage
Dick Ammerman from Gig Harbor, WA wrote...
The ramp was just what I needed to provide the finishing touch to my garage floor. The coin nitro tiles look great, and the ramp makes the entire job now perfect! I love showing it off!
  looks great
Self-installed in gum
stefano from CT wrote...
but corners aren’t easy to cut and they slide off pretty easily
  Great garage doo seal
Self-installed in Seals the garage door to tiling
Brian from Massachusetts wrote...
Super easy to install to the tiles and provided a solid seal to the garage door. No rain getting through when it gets heavy anymore.
  Won’t stay, but helpful
Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Radford, VA wrote...
I’ve stubbed my toes on the edges of mats far too much to not try this. The ramp helps prevent the toe stubbing but it doesn’t fit snug or clip in place. Therefore, it comes off too easily and constantly.
  Ramp Review
Self-installed in Home Gym.. Converted my garage
Anonymous from Englewood Florida wrote...
The product met my expectations thus far. A better evaluation to be made after a few months of use. It would have been better installation if center and corner pieces were sent as presented in online pictures. Having to cut tiles excessively was taxing to say the least.
  Finishing touch to Nitro coin flex tile
Self-installed in Garage
Berl from Wichita, KS wrote...
The Rubber floor ramps are a must to put the finishing touches to your floor, well worth the money and installation is very easy.
  Nice finishing touch
Self-installed in Home garage
Jim Moscardini from Gainesville, VA wrote...
Very nice way to edge my rubber tiled garage floor. They would be perfect if they ″Latched″ onto the tiles instead of needing to be glued.
  Money well spent
Self-installed in Quality Control Lab
Anonymous from Iowa wrote...
Installation was easy and the product is holding up great under VERY heavy traffic.
  Worth it
Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Montana wrote...
If your laying down rubber floors, it’s worth your time and money to buy the trim.
  Easy, clean
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Ithaca, NY wrote...
These look good and really give the project the finishing touch. Cutting the corners to line up can be a bit of a pain but I have very few tools on hand so I did it basically free hand and it turned out fine, so if you're even a fraction more DIY inclined than I am I'm sure it'll be no problem. That being said, they're cheap enough that it doesn't hurt to order one extra strip just in case you mess something up or end up laying the floor out in a slightly different way that you originally planned.
  Rubber floor ramp
Installed in Covered patio
Dennis from Bullhead City Az wrote...
Exactly what I was looking for. Worked well with the carpet tile on a patio installation.
Customer review image of  in Salon
Larger Image
  Happy Customer
Self-installed in Salon
Cody B. from Edinboro, PA wrote...
Installed great.
  Great Quality!
Installed in Gym
Derrick from Raleigh, NC wrote...
Very durable product and pretty easy to install.
  Good Product
Self-installed in Home gym
Dave from Bakersfield, California wrote...
Product is durable and easy to install. It adds the finishing touches on the project. Love it !
  Home gym flooring
Self-installed in Home gym
David Reese from West Palm Beach, FL wrote...
These mats worked well for my home gym.
results 1-20 of 28
1 2