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5'x10'x1-3/8" Roll Out Mats Reviews

5'x10'x1-3/8" Roll Out Mats
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Average Rating 4.6/5

Customer Reviews

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excellent mat
Self-installed in home gym
from dayton ohio wrote...
The mat was exactly as described. I thought the price and size were great. Good tumbling or judo support and it rolls up very small for its size. I leave the mat laid out full length for immediate use myself. The only negative is not about the mat. The tie strap that comes with the mat broke the first time I tried to use it - the buckle that is. Buy a better buckle tie up belt if you roll up your mats regularly.
Great for a home dojo!
Self-installed in Garage
from Gilbert, AZ wrote...
You need students to get the money for a studio space, but you need a studio space to attract students. Some martial arts can't be practiced on grass and concrete, so what do you do?? Buy these mats and make a home dojo in any available space, that's what! I have a fairly large garage, so I've purchased a few of these mats, taped them together, and rolled them off to the side when the dojo is used as our humble 'garage'. They're a GREAT solution, especially for someone working with limited space and few options. That take throws like a CHAMP, and have a great tatami texture. I can't recommend them enough.
Installed in
from Atlanta, Ga wrote...
I bought this mat for performing P90x workouts in our home. The quality is great and exactly what I was looking for in a home exercise mat.
Good exercise mat for all P90x workouts
Self-installed in
from San Francisco wrote...
Great level of cushioning while still being firm and heavy so it does not move.
Tae Kwan Do Mat
Self-installed in
from New Braunfels, TX wrote...
My son uses this well constructed mat for Tae Kwan Do practice. We've had it about a month. It arrived safely and promptly. This is the second mat we've bought from Rubber Flooring, Inc. Their customer service has been excellent and we've been pleased with both products.
Rubber Mat review
Self-installed in Basement
from MN wrote...
Very expensive for what you get . Although it works nice, it costs a lot .
great product for working out at home!
Self-installed in home gym/spare bedroom
from milwaukee, wi wrote...
we love this mat. It is very sturdy and his perfectly in a side bedroom. we use this for yoga and P 90 x. I would completely recommend.
Roll Out Mats
Self-installed in Home gym
from San Diego, CA wrote...
These mats are dense foam and the rolling up aspect is great. However, upon unrolling them the first time it's not as you might expect. It looks like construction paper was glued on top of the foam and isnt quite the material I was expecting. I was under the impression it would be like gym mats with vinyl or leather. I bought two of these mats and there's no way to attach them together other than placing them side by side, which leads to another problem. Once training on these mats they seperate from each other by slightly sliding apart. I had to continously put them back together after a few rounds of punching a heavy bag.
Self-installed in Gym
from Springville, ca wrote...
Great mats easy to move back and fourth perfect for grappling and mma.
Love these mats!!!
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Pasadena, MD wrote...
perfect for MMA/BJJ rolling or doing any DVD workout program that requires jumps and sprawls Just what I''ve been looking for!
Great Mat for Exercising
Self-installed in Living room
from Tallahassee, FL wrote...
We bought the roll out mat to protect our knees, elbows, backs etc. during the TapouT XT workouts. This is a great mat and it makes a humungous difference. I wish it came in a 6x12 version but we make it work when space gets tight. This weekend a close friend and her children dropped by so I rolled out the mat. The kids had a blast tumbling and rolling around while we cooked dinner. It is easy to wipe down and roll up to store. It is not squishy or super soft. It is firm but has enough give to workout on without shoes. It definitely is gym quality construction which is why the price is high. After using this mat our workouts are now more about form instead of how to prevent unnecessary body pain from our wood floors. Shipping was fast and we are extremely pleased. I would think in-home personal trainers would love this.
Rollout mats
Self-installed in Home gym
from Rapid City, SD wrote...
Just received my second rollout mat. I really liked my first one so ordered a second. Plan on ordering more as my room expands. Using mats for pylometric jumping exercises and mats seem to cushion shock well and are holding up well but time will tell. Mats clean easy with water. Have not tried cleaning with any other solutions yet. The mats roll up in a very convenient and lightweight roll that is easy for anyone to move or store. Have not tried any mat tape to tape them together yet but I will have to now I have more than one. I would recommend them. Price is pretty good considering their convenience mentioned above.
Roll out mat
Installed in
from Sugar Land, TX wrote...
I bought this mat for my kids to play on in the family room. (We have hardwood floors) I love how easy it is to roll up and move out of the way when I need to clean the floor or just need it out of the way. It is really easy to clean and very durable. I thought it was going to be great for the whole family to play on because it was thick, but it was more firm then I thought it was going to be. Not very comfortable for my husband and I to sit on and play for a long time. Maybe it will soften over time. What I really wanted was the 1" Martial Arts Mat, they are 4 feet by 4 feet and I was going to buy 4 of them but there was a minimum purchase of 10. I didn't need 10 and that would have been too expensive, the roll out mat was expensive enough as it is.
results 1-13 of 13