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5/8" Premium Soft Tiles Reviews

5/8" Premium Soft Tiles
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Average Rating 4.7/5
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Customer review image of  in Living room
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Self-installed in Living room
Paul W. from Washington D.C. wrote...
This past Sunday I had placed an order 5/8 soft tiles for my living room. These titles where very easy to installed. Attached, a photo of our cats giving their happiness for these tiles.
  Great for protecting kids from hard floors!
Self-installed in Childs bedroom
Amber from Baltimore, MD wrote...
I purchased several of these to cover the hardwood floors in my 3 kids bedrooms. They are decorative and functional and I love them. On the site when they calculate tiles for you, I now understand why they estimate so many tiles. The overlap of the tiles does lose you a few inches on each side. I did not make mine wall to wall, it has like a one foot perimeter on the edges. The only downfall is that once heavy furniture is on it, it will leave crush marks that will not resolve, but that is to be expected. Also, I did not take into account how thick the tiles may be because two of my childrens doors would not slide over the tile and I had to remove a piece to allow for door clearance. All in all, I am very happy with this product. Just trying to give a few extra pointers when ordering.
Customer review image of  in Kids Playroom
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  Kids New Playroom
Self-installed in Kids Playroom
Brandon K. from Heath, OH wrote...
Happy Customer
Customer review image of  in Home gym
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Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Des Moines, iA wrote...
The tiles worked out perfect for our new home gym. The delivery was very quick. Image sent in by customer
Customer review image of  in Play Area
Customer review image of  in Play Area
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  Play Area
Self-installed in Play Area
Marie J. from Elmhurst, NY wrote...
Here is a picture of how I used the gray tiles for my little girl's play area.
Customer review image of  in Basement
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  Excellent product!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from St. John, IN wrote...
These tiles were purchased for a child's playroom. I am so pleased with the quality of the tiles. They were easy to cut when needed. Shipping was very fast! Thank you!
Customer review image of  in Kids Play Area
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  Happy Customer
Self-installed in Kids Play Area
Santos P. from Las Vegas, NV wrote...
Images sent in by happy customer
  Rubber Flooring
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home playroom
Jennifer Harris from Nicholasville, KY wrote...
Really like the size and texture of the tiles but I would be careful on the color you choose. I chose pink and blue and they are very hard to clean. Show dirt and every footprint on them. If had to do over again, would go with one neutral color and something that wouldn't show every mark.
  Exactly what I was looking for
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Maryland wrote...
I wanted these tiles for my home gym floor, I placed the order and used their measuring guide. The tiles arrived quickly and they were easy to install. They are firm enough that I can jump rope or use to stretch or do yoga.
  Great product!!
Anonymous from Portland, ME wrote...
The tiles are a wonderful quality product. The colors are beautiful and the comfort/thickness is perfect. It is soft enough for support, but not too squishy to impede stability. They are a little easily marked up by dog claws walking on them and the tiny corner pieces can rip off if you are not careful. But I love the tiles, would definitely order more and highly reccommend!
  Great Product
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Clarks Summit, PA wrote...
Heard about the product from a co-worker who purchased the same item. I bought the soft tiles for an exercise room where I wanted a better surface for performing my floor exercises. Installation was very easy and the product is performing well. Now when I do my stretches, sit-ups and crunches it is on a great surface. Would recommend the product.
  good soft tiles
Self-installed in kids room
Anonymous from Brooklyn NY wrote...
Good quality and no smell
  Quick and Easy
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in GARAGE
Anonymous from Oakley, CA wrote...
Great product, install was super quick and easy no tools necessary.
  Just what i needed
Anonymous from Kingston NY wrote...
I was looking for a way to protect my carpeting. My kitchen is small with little work space. Most prep work is done at my table. The tiles create a easy to clean area under the table. I can sweep n mop with ease. No more stains on the rug! Thank you!
  Good coverage and value
Alison from Kansas City wrote...
Nice and thick. Have them in my living room playpen for our son. I wish they where a little easier to keep clean though. We have pets and sometimes the vacuum doesn't pick everything up on them and I have to lint roller. Often need to wash by hand with a wet rag, and they take a while to dry. Oh... And I have a cat and dog and some of their hind claws have put some pits in the tiles, but that doesn't concern me much. Eventually we will flip them and use them in a different room.
Customer review image of  in Gym
Customer review image of  in Gym
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  Great for gym
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Gym
Mark from New York wrote...
We designed our gym with weights, 2 treadmills and a bow flex. The tile colors of brown, yellow and orange with blue under the weights. Tiles are great. Easy to set up Thank you.
Customer review image of  in Playroom
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  Very Happy
Self-installed in Playroom
Elizabeth B. from Collegeville, PA wrote...
Very Happy
  Garage / workout area floor
Self-installed in Garage floor
Anonymous from Connecticut wrote...
I installed about 800 sq ft of the 5/8″ soft tile in my garage to do double duty. It is a great product for sprucing up the garage and providing a very comfortable surface for working on my vehicles. The double duty piece is that I can pull the cars out and have a great martial arts training area. Parking vehicles on this flooring leaves small tire depressions, but they are not enough to cause problems when the floor is used for martial arts.
Customer review image of  in Home show
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  Home show flooring.
Self-installed in Home show
American Roofing & Metal Co. from Louisville, KY wrote...
We purchased the 5/8” soft tiles for a Louisville Trend Home and Garden show. The tiles installed quickly in a 21’ by 21’ area. After installing the tiles the floor looked like a professional installed it. Before we bought your floor product we used pad and carpet. The carpet had humps from being stored away all year. The soft floor comes up easily and we store it back in its original boxes. This will allow us to use this floor over and over. The Home show was a three day event. The guys that worked the show noticed the difference in comfort, not only did they but the home owners where stopping in are both to rest their feet from all the walking on concrete floors. We gave out several e-mail links to home owners who wanted this product for their home gyms. Thanks for such a great product. Image sent in by customer
  Great price
Larry from wrote...
I spent a lot of time trying tofind a better price and couldn't. Product shipped next day and could not be happier. Thank you
results 1-20 of 271
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