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Octane Tiles Reviews

Octane Tiles
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Octane Review
Self-installed in
from North Texas wrote...
I mistakenly ordered the Octane to finish a floor project, started about 6 months prior, thinking it was the Diamond Grid. Quality of Octane is not the same as the Diamond Grid. BTW the octane has 6 interlocking tabs and Diamond 4, per side. The Octane will dent when jacking up a sports car, because of lower underside rib density, and the diamond does not. Approximately 20 of the Octane tiles had one or two the interlocking loops missing, or where open, on the corners. This was caused by an in-sufficient die void fill of the injected materials. Not a big problem, but clearly not what I was expecting. I did not return the Octane tiles as the return shipping was approximately one half the cost of the tiles. Octane colors not as vibrant as the Diamond grid. For the dime extra Diamond Grid is the way to go...
octane tiles - black&orange H/D deco
Self-installed in garage
from El Paso, Tx wrote...
theses tiles are hard plastic tiles. not comfortable to sit on or soft at all. these are for protecting your existing floor and/or adding some color and depth to your space.

i park my chronic customs chopper on a 4 tile wide by 9 tile long set of tiles.

it is absolutely imperative to have hard sided tiles when parking a bike so that your kickstand doesn't dig a hole in the tile. i used my fist to snap them in place because i am a badass.

my garage floor is epoxy coated so it is very slick.

when i roll off the pad sometimes it slides an inch or 2.

i flipped it over and attached a few 1" neoprene rubber tabs to the corners to make it grip the floor and problem solved.

if i hadn't already spent $600 on the epoxy flooring i would definitely do the entire garage with these tiles.

i'm thinking aboutdoing the floors in my shipping containers with these tiles soon. definitely reccommend them.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Pros and Cons
Self-installed in Garage
from Los Gatos, CA wrote...
Short story, it's easy to install, very affordable, and looks really good. But I probably would choose another product the next time. Why? - the plastic is static-prone, and dust is impossible to clean off - the floor sounds cheap to walk on, tapping and clacking; it has kind of a cheesy, cheap feel to it - any water tracked into the garage (like when coming in from the rain) puddles forever on the plastic, and then finally seeps into the seams between the tiles. I'm sure it's sitting there underneath, moist forever I fear. I'm going to have to lift up the floor after a few months and see whether mold is building up. Next floor might have to be an epoxy coating or some such, to avoid the moisture problem.
Great tile for the price
Self-installed in Garage
from Susquehanna, PA wrote...
Great tile!!! Just as described on the website. A little difficult to snap the pieces together, we ended up using a rubber dead blow hammer. I would recommend installing a thin rubber floor mat under them first, as i walk through our garage now its very noisy with the plastic on the concrete floor...besides that i would absolutely buy these again.
Problems happen, how you handle is the question
Self-installed in Garage
from Fanwood, NJ wrote...
I purchased tiles to put under my Canam Spyder RTS Motorcycle. Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong end part and was short -3- pieces. I contacted customer service and they resolved the issue. They sent me the parts at -NO COST- due to the confussion. The motorcycle looks great on the tiles and I would happily buy from this company again with confidence!!
missing corners
Self-installed in shop
from Oregon City, Oregon wrote...
Awesome product! Easy to install and looks great! would recommend this product to any contractor or home owner. My brother wants to install it in his toy hauler! Just didn't receive 2 of the four corners!
Self-installed in Man cave, "The Harley shack"
from Chicago, IL wrote...
This is a wonderful product, very easy to assemble. I would recommend this product to anyone
Very Happy
Self-installed in Garage
from Panama City, FL wrote...
Happy Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Inexpensive cost. Expensive looking results
Self-installed in Barn
from Michigan wrote...
We love the easy installation of these tiles and the appearance it gave our room afterwards. we used them in our barn where we store some of our antique tractors for display. Easy install.
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Octane tiles
Self-installed in Garage
from Paradise ca. wrote...
Love the looks very easy to install non slip surface I highly recommend it
Best customer service
Installed in
from West Palm Beach, FL wrote...
Excellent product with excellent after sales service. Highley recommended
Truly great product
Self-installed in garage
from Homosassa FL. wrote...
My garage floor was stained, had spilled paint on it and was an eyesaw. I ordered black octane tiles and in one day installed them. They look great are very easy to keep clean. I used a radial arm saw to cut them but any power saw will do. The tiles are easy to work with and very durable.
perfect for basements too
Self-installed in home basement
from Fairfield, CT wrote...
We installed in a small workroom instead of propping and painting. Easily installed and is very practical. First spill cleaned up easily.
great product & great service.
Self-installed in automotive office
from Bradenton fl. wrote...
I purchased tiles & received a partial order. Customer service took care of it promptly. Received my remaining tiles . Tiles went together with ease . Great product & great service & for a good price. Thanks david wherry
Octane Tiles
Self-installed in Garage
from Monroe, NC wrote...
Octane Tiles made all the difference in the floor of my motorcycle shelter. Orange and Black just stand out. Easy installation.. Thank you for a great product...
probably the best
Installed in garage and basement
from Atlanta ga wrote...
Ordered samples of all the garage tiles. These were the best plus the cheapest. 6 locks on each side instead of 4. Definitely makes a difference. 6 locks are much stronger. Installed and love them. Looks awesome under my 67' cobra. Shipping was free and good customer service when order was late. Ordering for second garage next.
Great Tiles
Self-installed in Storage Building
from Dayton, TN wrote...
The tiles were shipped and received in a timely manner. Had a little trouble getting the edge trim, but after a call to customer service all was well. Both the tiles and edge trim went together very easily. It gave our storage building a very cool look.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Best flooring ever!!
Self-installed in Garage
from North Dakota wrote...
This is awesome flooring. Did my entire garage in about a hour. Used a rubber mallet and installed flawlessly!! Amazing product!!

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Floor looks great
Self-installed in Garage
from Troy, MO 63379 wrote...
Ordered the Octane tiles and they arrived on time. Only two white tiles were malformed. Replaced quickly by the company. Took me approximately 4 hours to lay them down. Videos on installation were helpful when found on line. Some of the round tabs broke when stepping on the tiles to lock in place.. You need to be very careful in lining them up. All in all I am satisfied with the look See pic's.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Self-installed in Garage over wooden floor.
from arkansas wrote...
Quick service and nice product at reasonable price. Looks good and cleans up well. Was easy and quick to install.
results 1-20 of 71
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