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7mm Smooth Flex Tiles Reviews

7mm Smooth Flex Tiles
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  Flex floor, solo install.
Anonymous from Westchester NY wrote...
Certainly not inexpensive, but considering it looks like a wonderful permanent solution to the concrete garage floor peeled paint look, I'm glad I installed it.
  Smooth Flex Tiles
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Barn Floor
Anonymous from Crestwood, KY wrote...
Great product, easy to place and once together locks into a smooth comfortable floor. Highly recommend
  7MM Smooth Flex Tiles
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Garage
Jim D from New Orleans, LA wrote...
Totally awesome!!!... as long as you plan correctly. I did some extensive measurements and did not use the web site to plan the layout as I suspected there would be too much waste - and there would have been. The product itself is excellent and exceeded my expectations. Very durable and doesn't give way to a heavy load. To fill, etch and seal the floor would have cost almost 2X what I paid for this solution. As long as you have a floor that doesn't have visible waves, this product will go down very easily with a rubber mallet to connect the tabs - but I will warn that the tiles that need to be cut to fit CANNOT be cut with a utility knife, but can VERY EASILY be cut with a table saw using a finish blade. Total install time (including cutting to fit edge tiles) was approx. 3.5 hrs for a 380 sq' garage. Would strongly recommend using this product as an alternative to shelling out big bucks for a sealer that will chip when you drop something on it. I have a raised area (approx. 4″) for washing machine/dryer and was able to cut some of the left over tile and apply to the vertical surface using liquid nails to make a very nice return (overlapped the tile on the raised are with the vertical tile)
  Great Soultion
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Home GYM
Larry from Rockford, ME wrote...
Purchased this product after having to remove a previous rubber floor due to a latex allergy. The product was very easy to install, easy to clean, and best of all non allergenic! I would recommend to do final cutting/fitting a band saw be used. The product can be cut with a knife or hack saw, but with the size of room I installed and my OCD I had to cut every tile along the edges.
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Customer review image of  in Living Room
Customer review image of  in Living Room
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  Living Room Garage
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Living Room
Shawn from Orlando, FL wrote...
Here is a quick story of how your flooring solved our problem. My wife and I have no children and didn’t need a bigger home but I wanted a shop for my dirt bike. We had no space to add onto the garage so she agreed that I could convert our formal living into an indoor shop. I had to design it so the flooring and walls could easily be converted back to a normal look in case we ever wanted to rent or sell the home in the future, so I ended up with the following.
  Very Happy
Luke from Twinsburg, OH wrote...
I'm very happy with your product.
  Avoid cold weather installs
Self-installed in Trailer floor
Dave from The Dalles, OR wrote...
Cut easily enough with a box knife, but a hack saw was much faster with a file or sand paper to dress the edge. Just be careful when installing while it's <40F (4C) outside as the tiles lose some flexibility when tapping them into place and you might crack one or break off a locking tab.
results 1-7 of 7
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