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3/8" Soft Mats Reviews

3/8" Soft Mats
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Customer Reviews

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Great product
Self-installed in Family room
Verified Purchase
from Anaheim CA wrote...
I was worried that I needed thick "rubber" and that "foam" would be too spongy. Not true. I have this on tile and do P90X style workouts very comfortably. I'm 55 and have no pain going quickly from standing to kneeling. Works great.
Just what I needed!
Verified Purchase
from Cincinnati, OH wrote...
I was looking for a mat to use when I workout indoors (walking/step aerobics/weight lifting). I wanted something durable that would protect my floor and give me adequate support/comfort, but also be easy to store away since I'm very limited on space in my tiny apartment. This mat works perfectly. Lightweight, but durable and supportive, the perfect size, and easy to store away. The only disappointment was it didn't come with the carrying strap as it's supposed to. I could have called and asked for it to be sent to me, but I decided I can do without it. I'm not actually transporting it anywhere so when I'm done with it, I can just roll it up and put it in the corner. Other than that, it's perfect.
Just what I was looking for
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Baltimore, MD wrote...
I needed a mat that we could use for exercising in our basement. This was perfect. My wife is very happy with the size (both in terms of area and thickness) as it meets her needs. It rolls up easily to keep it out of the way when not in use. It also cleans easily. We use a small spray bottle and a mild disinfectant after each use. All in all, very happy with this purchase.
Self-installed in N/A
from Ukiah, CA wrote...
I like it. Works well for stretching and exercise in the living room,then roll it up. I have seen other mats in Walmart and Big 5 since then that were cheaper, but also smaller and too soft, not dense enough, and that I'm sure wouldn't hold up.
Perfect! And great customer service.
Self-installed in Living room
Verified Purchase
from Scottsdale, AZ wrote...
I needed 2 mats for my T25 DVD workout. I called and spoke to Kim at Rubber Flooring. She was refreshingly knowledgeable and pleasant. I told her my needs and she suggested the proper mat and I ordered two. Just a few days later they arrived. They work perfectly for my use. There was what looked like a 12" razor like slit in both mats in the same place so I emailed Kim and she hooked me up with customer service. I took a couple photos of the damaged mats with my phone and emailed them in. Two days later I received two replacement mats free of charge. Now that's great customer service!! In the future, I won't even look anywhere else for mats.
Soft mat
from Mpls, MN wrote...
Good small mat for working out and no installation, but curls at the ends. I have tried weighting it down for a few weeks, but still curls. It still serves it purpose on what I wanted it for and I do use it. I subtracted a star from 5 for each of the cons. Minus one star for the curling and another star for the price tag. Price would have been worth it, for a mat that did not curl. 3 stars it is.. but a nice thickness of mat.
Does what it is supposed to do
Installed in Home Gym
from Leesburg, VA wrote...
I was after something I could use as an exercise mat to take the stress of my knees during jumping, and other exercises. This arrived on time, and was what I expected it to be. It took a little while to uncurl, but otherwise is working nicely.
Dog crate
Self-installed in Bedroom
Verified Purchase
from Dearborn Heights, MI wrote...
I have a Lab who is approximately 70lbs. I installed a double layer of the soft mat into my dogs crate. I then covered it with quilted material and my dog loves it. My dog used to scratched the foam padding from his dog bed, frequently tearing the cover and making a large mess. Making the purchase of a new large dog bed necessary usually costing $45-$80. Since my new crafted dog bed design no more scratching. THANK YOU
great for camping!
Self-installed in in my tent
Verified Purchase
from Flagstaff, Arizona wrote...
This insulates my sleeping bag to an amazing degree!
Fast delivery and great product
Self-installed in Boat cockpit
from vermont wrote...
I actually used this for seat covers on my sailboat, and was looking for a non skid surface. Delivery was prompt and the product is just what I was looking for.
Unique Use
Verified Purchase
from Seattle, WA wrote...
We are using your flooring to rehearse this odd scene from some choreography we are performing. Dancers are Brian Evans and Sarah Chiesa and the photo was taken by Katie Daugherty.

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
Exercise mat
from VA wrote...
Great for Insanity workout. Provides a lot of additional padding as our apartment flooring is very minimal.
Kids room
Self-installed in Kids bedroom
Verified Purchase
from Fredericksburg Virginia wrote...
I use this product for a different purpose. I have a child with special needs That was banging his head against his bed so I use this product to form a protective barrier around his bed. It has worked great thank you.
Great Product
Installed in We use and roll up each week; store in a trailer w
Verified Purchase
from Alexandria, VA wrote...
We use these mats in our kids ministry for a portable church that meets in a school. We had been using the 1ft squares that you connect together and needed a quicker solution for set up/tear down, but also a simpler solution for cleaning the mats. These mats are simple: roll out, use and roll up when done.
Self-installed in HOME
Verified Purchase
from Elk Grove CA wrote...
It’s not as soft as I wanted - please advise
Self-installed in I’m actually using them as a temporary flooring so
from Austin, TX wrote...
If there is a way to make the mat softer, I would appreciate it. I needed the mat so ended up using it and not return but... Thank you! Kyung
Not what I was hoping for
from MI wrote...
I bought this mat to use on the laminate floor when I do sit-ups or other exercises. It is not as soft as I would have liked. I just took it out of the strapping for the first time and tried to lay it out, but the ends curl up a lot - will not lay flat. Flipped it over to use it that way, but the ends curl under. I thought it would be a mat that would lay flat once unrolled. I need to keep it rolled up when not in use, but this will never resolve the curling issue. Pretty pricey for something that sounded like what I was looking for and now don't like. It does not add any enjoyment to doing the exercises, only frustration.
Happy Customer
from Chicago, IL wrote...
My daughter is learning to crawl. We love how our mat rolls up and we can move it all over the house easily!

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
supportive sleep while camping
Self-installed in tent
from Murfreesb oro, tn wrote...
I am very pleased with the foam mat. I use it in my tent while camping and it is cushioning. I am considering buying a larger size to put under the tent area. It would help keep the tent floor dry in case of rain.
Jazz dancing
Self-installed in Garage
from Sacramento wrote...
My granddaughter can do her jazz/gymnastic moves without hurting her knees. Good product
results 1-20 of 45
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