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Smooth Grip-Loc Tiles Reviews

Smooth Grip-Loc Tiles
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  Great for Pet Areas
Self-installed in Closet
Anonymous from New York, NY wrote...
Installed 16 sq. feet of the smooth grip-loc tiles in a walk-in closet where I keep my cat box. It took me 1-2 hrs to lay it out, measure and easily cut with a utility knife to accommodate the built in shelves. Now, the litter my cats kick out of the box stays in the closet instead of being tracked around my apartment. The tile is low enough that I can remove the excess litter by vacuuming from the top once a week. Problem solved!
  Works great in Michigan basement
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement
Anonymous from Michigan wrote...
Works great on wet (not flooded) ″Michigan basement″ floor. Keeps my shoes dry.
Customer review image of  in Outside covered patio area.
Customer review image of  in Outside covered patio area.
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  So many compliments!
Self-installed in Outside covered patio area.
Scott from New Jersey wrote...
Great product, durable and looks great! Not the easiest to install at first, but once you get started, you get into a groove and it goes quickly.
  Follow up video
Self-installed in Outside covered patio area.
Scott from New Jersey wrote...
See attached video!
  Excellent stuff
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Outdoor shower
Anonymous from Ormond Beach, FL wrote...
Great for outdoor showers. Very good under bare feet. Some small effort to snap together, but works.
  Great floor for my storage shed.
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Storage Shed
Mike from Roy, Utah wrote...
These tiles are exactly as I had hoped. They keep my floor dry in the shed and flow any water out the bottom end. They went together well. The only thing I found difficult was snapping them together. It took a little work to figure it out. Maybe a better instructional video would help.
  Perfect for our Use
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in basement
Anne from Albany, NY wrote...
The product was exactly as described. Easy to put together. We used it for part of our basement floor because we always get a little moisture on the floor and this allows air circulation under it. Perfect!!
  Easy to put together and install
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Bunny coop
Anonymous from Palm Coast, Florida wrote...
I love the openness of the squares.
  Shower Floor
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Showere Floor
Pete C. from 33413 wrote...
These tiles created a non-slip surface for a slippery tile floor
  Perfect for the job
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in SHower
DCGram from CA wrote...
Fairly easy to assemble. Durable. They perform as expected.
Customer review image of  in Puppy play pen
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  Grated rubber tiles
Self-installed in Puppy play pen
Alisha from Plant City, FL wrote...
I really liked the tile, I used it for my puppy pen now 2 litters. I have to work full-time and the holes keep the poop and pee off my puppies feet while still being soft for them to walk on. It can be difficult to clean the mashed in poop but I just take the tiles outside and hose them down. I did end up having one puppy with Spina Bifida and he hasn't able to get up and walk, he had to slide through the play pen, this really helped him stay cleaner and dryer.
  Smooth Grip-loc Tiles
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Bathroom shower
Kski from Waukesha, WI wrote...
Fast delivery. No issues or broken tiles. Took a little time to snap together. Easy to stand on. Water drains through tiles, no issue there. Purchased for use in a large shower so not to slip. Great fit.
  Used for outdoor rabbit cages
Verified Purchase
Installed in rabbit cages
Justine Tone from Falls, PA wrote...
We are using the flooring tiles in a 4x4 outdoor rabbit cage. The floor is easy on their feet and the urine falls right through. We rinse them off and they are good as new. The only issue I had was that I thought they were a little hard to link together although my 14yr old daughter had no problems with putting them together.
  Perfect and Fast Delivery
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Searay Sedan Bridge
Dorothy from River Rouge, MI wrote...
Just what we ordered and the fact the order was delivered without issues is perfect. Best price around. Thank you, Alexia and Fatima, you are very good as customer service representatives.
  Keeping boat storage dry
Self-installed in All storage compartments of the boat.
Steve L. from Hamburg, NY wrote...
Use it on all the flat floor compartment in my boat to keep air circulating and mold, mildew under control. No more wet stuff laying directly on the floor holding moisture. Great stuff and reasonable compared to the other products on the market. Work just as well at keeping moisture away and providing good air circulation. I had the expensive stuff in my last boat.
  Just What We Wanted!
Self-installed in Boat
Anonymous from Port Townsend, WA wrote...
We wanted these grip-loc tiles to place in the bottom of our 16' C-Dory Cruiser for boating on Discovery Bay. The tiles are easy to use and can be trimmed to the correct size. No more standing in water during our fishing trips.
Self-installed in Under lab sink
Anonymous from Colorado wrote...
These tiles are so easy to install! They are equally easy to cut to fit. They make your project look finished and nice looking. I am extremely pleased with them!
  These tiles did the job!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in Basement to be used for home gym
David from New Woodstock, NY wrote...
These tiles go together fast and easy. They keep me dry on my often moist basement floor. I should have ordered them a long time ago. Highly recommend for wet basements to be used for storage, gym, etc.
  Great flooring
Self-installed in Home gym (garage)
Anonymous from Oregon wrote...
These tiles are very easy to install. Cutting to size is simple with a box knife. I'm very happy.
Self-installed in Garage
Anonymous from Charlotte north Carolina wrote...
I ordered these tiles to transform my garage into a personal training studio. It was very affordable and made a huge difference and looks amazing! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested.
results 1-20 of 20
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