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Paver Tiles - East Coast Reviews

Paver Tiles - East Coast
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$32.60 Tile
reg: $10.87 sqft
tile $43.47
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  Perfect for my application!
Verified Purchase
Self-installed in This is an item we resell.
Häst PSC from Virginia wrote...
While I'm not using this material for flooring, per se, it is working great as a foot pad for the rescue frames that we manufacture. It is easily machined using a band saw, router, and spade drill bit. With the thickness of 1 3/4 inch, there is plenty of room for the cleats on the feet to nestle into the pad. It took me awhile to find this product, so henceforth, this will be a repeat purchase!
  Paver Tiles
Self-installed in Exterior patio deck
Rik from Columbus, Ohio wrote...
They were delivered ahead of expected date and were as shown on website. Easy to work with and so in less then 40 minutes I had made a not so attractive 6'x 9'open grate second floor deck into a very usable space.
Self-installed in Barn
Carl from Lancaster, PA wrote...
I have been looking for something to put in my barn for our cattle and horses to walk on. Originally I had some other flooring in there, but over time it got pretty beat up. I came across this product and thought it would be perfect for the barn. The flooring has been working great and the animals definitely like having something more comfortable to walk on.
Self-installed in Workshop
Ted from Charleston, WV wrote...
I recently installed the tiles in my workshop as a floor that I could use to give me some slip resistance and also some durability. I like to do a lot of little projects and they can range from something that deals with welding to something that deals with liquids. So I needed something that would be able to stand up to abuse, but at the same time be slip resistant. I noticed that this tile was used a lot in horse stables and barns, so I thought if it can be used there it can be used in my workshop. The tiles have really made the area more comfortable and have held up so far. I will have to send a review in in a years time to give an update. But so far so good.
  Easy to Clean
Self-installed in Porch
Anonymous from Columbus, OH wrote...
These tiles are super easy to take care of. All I have to do is sweep the major debris off and hose it down occasionally when there are bird droppings on it.
  Great Tile
Self-installed in Farm
Anonymous from Bloomington, IN wrote...
These tiles have work really well in our horse stables and in the pathways around our farm. They make for a comfortable and non slip walk way for the animals as we transport them from barn to barn. The tiles have held up well in the elements and I hope to have them for a long time to come.
Self-installed in Barn
Phyllis from Champaign, IL wrote...
This has been the best product that I have used in my barns. These tiles have been able to withstand the abuse of the animals as they go in and out and they have been very easy to maintain. Everyday we just go through the whole barn and just hose it down. And what really makes the tiles special is that they are more slip resistant when wet. So it makes it a very safe place to work for my trainers. I know the trainers like this better than dirt or some of the other products I have had in there. Definitely one happy customer!!
  Tough Tile
Self-installed in Horse Barn
Anonymous from Lexington, KY wrote...
I recently purchased these tiles for one of my horse barns and they have really turned out great. They really stick up to the abuse of the horses walking on them and they are easy to clean. All we use are some hoses and some shovels.
  Tough Tiles
Self-installed in Horse Stables
Anonymous from Dayton, OH wrote...
We have had these tiles installed for awhile in one a few of our horse stables and they have really stood up to the abuse given. We have quite a few horses in an out of the stables and they can be quite abusive to any flooring that we put in there. So far the horses haven't been able to get at the flooring and it has been really easy to maintain the flooring. We're even thinking about adding this flooring to another barn of ours. I'm very pleased thus far with this product.
  Slip Resistant
Self-installed in Barn
Anonymous from Valdosta, GA wrote...
We use these tiles in our cleaning area and they have really given my staff a safe area to work. The tiles really help to give the trainers a slip resistant area to work when its super wet and also a safe place for the animals to walk when entering and leaving. The tiles were easy to install and are very very durable. We have had them installed for a little over 3 months and they still look virtually new. Definitely will recommend these tiles to my friends.
  Delivery Time
Self-installed in Porch
Anonymous from Binghamton, NY wrote...
The tiles themselves are very nice, but the amount of time it takes to get them is a little long. At first I thought the tiles were suppose to be here in a couple weeks, but as the weeks kept going and going they still were not ready. After about four weeks I got the tracking for it and then there was an issue with the delivery. I was just grateful the customer service rep was able to help out with my situation and make it right. I would definitely give this more stars, but I can't due to that fact.
  Good Price
Self-installed in Barn
Anonymous from Louisville, KY wrote...
Even though there are products out there that would be cheaper, these tiles are still priced very competitively. I really liked the fact that these tiles come pretty thick. That makes them a lot more durable overall and it's nice that they are made from rubber. That makes things a lot easier to maintain and safer. When these tiles get wet, you don't have to worry about sliding around and falling. Definitely a quality product for the price.
results 1-12 of 12
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