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Jamboree Playground Tiles Reviews

Jamboree Playground Tiles
Price from
$19.96 Tile
reg: $6.65 sqft
tile $26.61
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Average Rating 4.6/5

Customer Reviews

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Great kid friendly product!
Self-installed in Backyard Play area
from Brooklyn, NY wrote...
Installed these in my backyard. They are fantastic for the kids to play on. They offer the cushion they need to accidental falls and are very attractive looking in the yard. Took a little time with install but very much worth the effort!
Best deal I found online.
Installed in Outdoor community playground
from Charleston, SC wrote...
I am the ultimate price shopper so I was checking with anyone and everyone I could find for some of these playground rubber tiles to install in our community park without having to eat up too much of our HOA budget for the year. Rubber Flooring Inc got me the best deal, had excellent service and communication during the entire process, and the playground surface looks even better than I imagined. Great doing business with you.
Tough Tiles
Self-installed in Backyard
from St. Louis, MO wrote...
I have had these tiles for about a year now and they have been through hell and high water. Right after I installed them we had some pretty bad storms roll through that had some large hail and the tiles held up well. The tiles also have held up well to the sun and to some snow. Even after all of that, the tiles look pretty like they are new. There was a little fading, but not much that anyone would really notice. But other than that they are pristine. They are also really easy to clean. Just sweep and hose down. Great tiles.
Perfect Price
Installed in Playground
from Nashville, TN wrote...
I have been looking for playground tiles for awhile and I could never find any that were at a good price. I came across these tiles and fell in love. The price was perfect and the colors looked really nice. I received a sample before I bought them to make sure they were up to snuff and they were. I really like the look the tiles give to my playground and the kids really love them too. Now they can play and not get rocks stuck in their shoes.
Happy Customer
Self-installed in Backyard
from Carlinville, IL wrote...
Happy Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Great Product
Installed in Backyard
from Chicago, IL wrote...
I bought these tiles for our backyard playground. The tiles worked really well because they give more cushion over using mulch. The tiles also give the playground a really nice look. A lot of my friends of commented on it and really want to do the same thing in their yard. Great product!
Installed in Playground
from Columbus, OH wrote...
I bought these tiles as an upgrade to the mulch that we had in our playground area. Mulch was way cheaper than these tiles, but it was super messy. The tiles create a really nice look to our playground area and they are way easier to maintain. We have had the tiles for some time now and even though we don't get a ton of sun here in Ohio, these tiles have kept their color well. I also like the fact that now the kids can play and not get severly hurt.
Pretty Easy Install
Self-installed in Backyard
from Baltimore, MD wrote...
I had never installed a floor let alone a playground floor, but I thought I would be up to the challenge. After talking with the reps and getting all the stuff that I would need to install the flooring, I felt pretty confident. I made sure that I had some help and was able to install the flooring in one weekend. The install was pretty easy, but the only thing that was a little difficult was puttin in the edging on. The adhesive kind of got everywhere. But other than that the flooring looks great and the kids love it.
Great Look
Installed in Playground
from Birmingham, AL wrote...
I bought these tiles for my grandkids and they love the tiles. I also really like that I was able to mix and match some of the tile colors to create a really cool pattern. The tiles have worked out and great and have definitely done their job in protecting the kids when they fall. Have and will recommend these tiles to all my friends and family.
Good Service
Installed in Backyard
from Hartford, CT wrote...
I was a little skeptical about purchasing my flooring online, but after dealing with this company my opinion has definitely changed. The customer service reps were very helpful in helping me find the right product and with helping me make sure I had everything I would need to install the flooring. The delivery process was very smooth as well with the flooring coming in a somewhat timely manner. The install went great and the floor looks awesome. Now I can rest assured that my kids will have a safe place to play for a very long time.
Nice Tile
Installed in Backyard
from Louisville, KY wrote...
I decided to use a couple of the colors to create a large checker board pattern in our playground area. The tiles look really great in that area and have really impressed a lot of my neighbors. They really make my backyard stand out. And the kids really like playing on the equipment even more now because of the tiles. Definitely will recommend this product to anyone looking to put in a playground area.
Protecting my kids backyard
Self-installed in Home play ground
from Long Island NY wrote...
I bought these tiles to create a safe place for my 3 yr olds to play on. I put a 20 x 20 floor down, surrounded by 4 ft fence and put in play houses, etc. it is a great safe play space for them.
Great tiles for playground!
Self-installed in Outside yard under our playset.
from Nashua, NH wrote...
Easy to install and are exactly what we were looking for!
Easy to Maintain
Installed in Playground
from Madison, WI wrote...
I bought these tiles for our playground area at our school and have been really impressed with them. They have a lot of traffic on them most days and have held up to all the abuse. They have also been a breeze to keep clean. Before we had mulch which can be a pain to keep together. The stuff gets everywhere. With these tiles all you have to do is hose them down if they get dirty. Also, it is nice to have a product with a good fall rating. Now we can be assured that the kids can play in a safe enviroment. We are very pleased customers.
Safe Floor
Installed in Activity Area
from Little Rock, AR wrote...
I have been looking for tile that would have a good fall height rating that we could use in our church activity area. We like to host a lot of activities and from time to time the kids will fall, and with the previous floor we had, and really hurt themselves. We decided that we needed to get some type of flooring that would help minmize that. So we came across these tiles and found them quite affordable. After purchasing them and having them installed, we haven't had any major incidences. Now when the kids fall they have some padding. I am glad we found it.
Teenage Mommy Playground
Self-installed in Playground
from Hemet, CA wrote...
Installing a rubber floor for our new teenage mommy playground was the right choice. It was easily installed by a couple of our volunteers in just a few hours. We laid it over an asphalt surface and looks fantastic!
Great play surface
Self-installed in Outdoor play area
from Ashburn wrote...
Nice quality tiles creating a great alternative to a play area filled with mulch. We used under a play set and bordered with a man made faux concrete timber. Would use again. Did not love the interlocking pins but once all put together did rest flat. Curious to see how it holds up long term.
Great Service, Savings
Self-installed in Play set
from Franklin, Tn wrote...
I love the product. It was easy to install and looks great. The customer service representative saved me a ton on shipping by suggesting I upgrade to the thicker tile that I could pick up locally rather than paying for shipping across the country.
results 1-18 of 18