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Vented Grid-Loc Tiles™ Reviews

Vented Grid-Loc Tiles™
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Customer Reviews

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I Love These Tiles!!
Self-installed in Garage
from Rockwood, MI wrote...
Garage is 20x25 and I used the handy online design tool. I'm simply not an overly talented DIY guy but these we so easy to install. I did have a neighbor cut all the perimeter pieces on his band saw which was a time saver. I know the instructions and video say all you need is a utility knife but these vented tiles are thick and the vented spaces make it somewhat challenging to cut quickly with that knife. There's a video online showing how to use a tile cutter with these exact tiles as well. With that being said, my wife and I couldn't be happier with the results. Every neighbor that stopped by thinks they look amazing. I almost went with the Diamond Grid-Lock which are less expensive but with Michigan winters I felt the vented made more sense so the water has somewhere to go.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Beautiful & Practical Floor Tiles
Self-installed in Garage, Front Porch
from Quitman, MS wrote...
Love, love, love the look of these tiles in our garage & extended to the front porch. Every person who has seen it, love it also. They were so easy to install, they just snap together or apart, and easy to cut with a jigsaw. We're using the extra for outside doormats. Highly recommend! Only recommendation to company- we wanted the dark brown but did not find the edging for that color, so we ordered the dark gray, but still love it too.
Pontoon Boat Storage Area
Self-installed in Pontoon Boat
from Ft. Spokane, WA wrote...
The storage area under the seats of my pontoon boat are open 3/8" all around for ventilation. This is a good idea except when you wash down the deck and items such as life jackets get wet. I used the vented grid lock tiles to elevate everything up off the floor which allows most of the water to pass under what is stored in the compartments. Whatever is left dries easily.
Vented Grid-Loc Tiles
Self-installed in
from Cleveland, OH wrote...
Your product transformed my garage into a beautiful part of my home. The pitted cement floor needed to be repaired. Luckily I found your product on the Internet. It was the least expensive solution compared to Nature Stone or a new cement floor. Everyone that has seen the new look could not believe the transformation.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Great Product
Self-installed in Crawl Space
from Salt Lake City, UT wrote...
I bought the Grid-Loc tiles to go in my crawl space under my home. My thinking is that the vents will help keep things dry in the event of moisture entering the space. I am more than pleased with the results. My only gripe is that the ordering process indicates that the tiles are 12" by 12". I didn't see anywhere a statement saying that they ship with 4 tiles pre-assembled (2' X 2') this would have been good to know because I would have changed my order. I ordered 100 tiles to create a 10' X 10' square. Had I known, I would have planned accordingly.
Vented grid loc tiles
Self-installed in Garage
from Naples Fl. wrote...
Easy install and soft to walk on with no plastic sound. Placed directly on the concrete floor in a black and silver checkerboard pattern. Rain water drains down and then out under the garage door. Floor tiles are dry to walk on in minutes. Did a 2 car garage in 3 hours with a few cuts around cabinets with a box cutter. I recommend over epoxy or paint. It also keeps the dust down from the concrete.
Love Love Love it!
Self-installed in Garage
from Bethlehem, GA wrote...
It's beautiful! I ordered samples so I would know exactly what color I was getting and to check out how hard it was, then ordered online. The hardest part was getting everything out of my garage and cleaning the floor. As far as laying the new flooring down, it was easy. I took my time and it took me about two hours to get it all down for a 19" x 20" garage. I still have a small strip along the back of the garage that I want to fill in with the pieces I had left over, but that won't take long. I didn't even have to cut any on the sides- it came out to be a good fit without cutting! Then when I was through, I had to pull in all my stuff- shelves, bench, etc. I thought- how am I going to get all this stuff in here when I don't have any help? To my surprise, everything will SLIDE across this flooring! It was a breeze getting my heavy stuff back in there. LOL! When I had laid down one section across the width, my wife said I DON"T LIKE IT- IT LOOKS TOO BUSY! But after I got the whole garage done, she loved it! Now I've got the best looking garage in the neighborhood. Sometimes I just walk out there just to look at it! It covers up that ugly paint job I did years ago with the "hot tire pickup" spots all over, so now I don't have to be reminded of that botched paint job any longer! One thing I was worried about- does it move? It doesn't move. It stays looking clean. Nothing big can fall in between the cracks. I'm getting dirt and stuff like small pieces of Styrofoam falling down in the cracks, but they said you can blow that out. It was worth every penny.
vented tiles
Self-installed in outdoor patio
from Atlanta, Ga wrote...
This is a fantastic product. I installed about 400 square feet on an outdoor covered patio over concrete and the results are simply beautiful. I am age 75 and installed the tiles myself in just a few hours. Used a stool with rollers so I didn't have go get on my gimpy knees and it was an easy job. It isn't often that you buy a product that turns out to be much better than you hoped, but this one is just that. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a beautiful solution for a floor covering where some rain water will be encountered.
Fantastic floor - Easy to Install
Self-installed in Garage
from Arlington, Texas wrote...
Ordered this in grey and black tiles to lay cross pattern. Very easy to install and cut on my table saw. It looks amazing! Many neighbors complimented me on it as said looks beautiful! Highly recommend this floor. I love the vented flooring as looks great and easy to keep clean. I was one piece short and customer service was excellent as sent me the extra piece very fast and no charge for it. I am very happy with this product.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Love this product
Self-installed in garage
from Westminster, CO wrote...
Actually put it down, so my motorcycle would have a special home! So happy I found this product. Like the design your own feature. Pick color, dimensions, tile types and it gives you total tiles needed....Can be creative as you want....Customer service was excellent. Posted on FB under Colorado Harley Riders, and have had several inquires...I'm sure there will be more in my future! Dale
Deck Solution
Self-installed in Outdoor Deck
from Worcester, Massachusetts wrote...
I got tired of my deck looking shabby soon after working hard to re-stain it. I bought 300 of the interlocking tiles to solve the problem. Installation was easy. Cutting & trimming was easy. Only problem was expansion from the sun I didn't allow for. I had to trim back edge tiles against the house a half inch to allow for the expansion. Looks fantastic and no more staining!
Simple design makes the garage pop
Self-installed in Garage
from Barnegat, New Jersey wrote...
The tiles are incredibly easy to install, especially with a rubber mallet. Added a simple design and really made the whole garage pop. Cutting tiles was easy as well using a miter saw. Overall, very happy with the flooring. Even though my garage is small, the tiles make it feel so much bigger.

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
Garage makeover
Self-installed in Garage
from Celebration Florida wrote...
Looks great ! Went down very easy
2+ Years Later... Still Love My Floor
Self-installed in Garage
from Charlotte, NC wrote...
After two failed attempts at store bought epoxy while living in my last house, I told myself "it'll be tiles the next time around". Well, I ordered my tiles just prior to closing on our new home in Nov. 2015. Buying process and delivery were very easy. Prior to moving all our stuff in, I painted the garage and my son and I installed the flooring. I also laid a layer of landscape fabric down so when looking at the vented tile, you see black rather than the ugly concrete below. The two-car garage and the 3rd bay (workshop) took just over an hour and 30 minutes to complete. Fast forward to May 2018 (time of this review), my floor has held up to everything I've thrown at it and neighbors/friends consistently complement the look. The car side has the vented and diamond tiles, while the workshop has a solid floor of diamond tiles. I honestly don't have zero complaints and I'm still very pleased with my purchase. If you have been on the fence, go ahead and do it. You won't regret it. Pros: -Looks great -Good pricing/fast free shipping -Easy to install -Easy replacement should you damage a tile -Easy to clean Cons: - The only thing I can think of is you cannot use a jack stand or car jack directly on the tiles (I use a small piece of plywood to disperse the weight and have had zero issues)

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
The Right Choice
Self-installed in 3 Car Garage
from Central Valley California wrote...
The Customer Service was excellent, the product was extremely good quality, I was originally going to epoxy my garage and I am so glad that I opted for the "Ribbed Tile" looks great easy to install, I get compliments anytime somebody walks into my garage.
Self-installed in Lani -- for surface drainage.
from Florida wrote...
Great product. It went together easily and looks very nice.
Literally one of the best decisions ever!
Self-installed in 3-Car Garagde
from Virginia wrote...
Always dreamed of a world class garage...cabinets, flooring, etc. I had been looking for years for the right set-up. Over time I have seen my neighbors do epoxy, foam tiles, other plastic tiles, etc. They all were good but none of them blew me away. However, I came across the vented tiles by garageflooring...DROP THE MIC. These tiles are so first class you will be amazed at the quality....literally amazed. The other piece was that I installed it myself and my kids helped out, what a fun time. I will say use the online calculator and style guide but then call the reps they are very helpful. In addition, I would recommend that you step up to the underlayment. I was hesitant at first about adding cost without a real benefit. However, the underlayment makes the tiles silent and their is a slight visual effect of seeing through the vents to the black underlayment, it almost gives the floor a 3D sort of quality. Check out the pictures and buy these tiles you will not be disappointed.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Beyond easy!
Self-installed in Pool house
from Burbank CA wrote...
I put these tiles in my pool house because they are comfortable to walk on barefoot. Putting them down was very easy, especially with the instruction to start in the left front corner. My rubber mallet didn't damage them at all. Probably the hardest part was breaking them apart from the 2x2 squares they were shipped with so that I could make the checkerboard pattern I wanted. They really do seem indestructible and they look great.
Great Floor
Self-installed in Garage
from Goodyear, AZ wrote...
Easy to install, looks great and gives a good feeling.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
Love the new look of my garage floor
Self-installed in Garage
from New York City wrote...
I originally had Rust-Oleum RockSolid coated for over 3 years now. It takes two 2x cars garage kits to finish the job nicely I also added 3x of the anti skid sands. But the floor is still slippery when wet. The total cost for my 2 cars spit garage (about 460 sq ft) is about $500 included all the additional support materials and takes me over 1 week from start to finish. aka lots of works! For the Grid loc tiles, it does cost more but I finished in one day! I have mixed Diamond grid loc and vented grid loc! So far I love the new look. It is a lot cleaner and love the vented tiles to let the snow and ice water seats below. It does have the plastic noise when walk over the diamond tiles, but is not a big of the deal. The vented tiles doesn't have the plastic noise when walk over it. Now, lets see how they holding up with east coast weather!

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
results 1-20 of 97
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