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Double Sided Carpet Tape Reviews

Double Sided Carpet Tape
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Customer Reviews
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  Rubber garage floor and double sided tape.
Self-installed in Garage
JIm from Rochester, NY wrote...
I used two 10' wide rubber garage flooring. I had to splice some pieces along one wall and tape down the edges in the front of the garage. On the side edges, the matting did not curl up. Along the back wall and the garage entrance the edges curled up. Using the carpet tape, I first cleaned the floor and matting with a damp cloth and let it dry. The tape stuck well for a short time and after a couple of days it is doing no good at all. I am going to wait until the summer heat and try again. Maybe the curling of the edges of the mat will be less and maybe the tape will work. However, I was told by the mat people that it doesn't matter what time of the year you install it. I laid it in September.
  Like it
Self-installed in Bathroom
Anonymous from Baton Rouge, LA wrote...
Used this on a rug & working pretty good. No complaints. So much better than it was before the tape!
  Arrived on time
Anonymous from Reno wrote...
Product worked well
  So Sticky!
Anonymous from Waukegan, IL wrote...
I stuck my cat to the floor it was sooo sticky.
  Easy install
Self-installed in Home Gym
Lou from Norwood, Ma wrote...
I used this to adhere rubber floor to concrete. I did take the precaution of washing the floor with an extractor 24hrs. before to ensure that loose dust would not interfere with the adhesive. The product worked well once we had worked out a technique.
  so far so good
Installed in basement gym
ruppert from Pinckneyville wrote...
sticky as you would expect seems to work
  Working with double sided carpet tape
Self-installed in garage
Jean from Romulus, Michigan wrote...
The double sided carpet tape works very well. Make sure your floor is free of and former paint or epoxy. It will stick to that and lift.
  good value
Self-installed in bedroom
Anonymous from Austin, TX wrote...
Easy to use, definitely sticky. Good value per sq inch. Precutting 6 to 8 pieces, drape on something like plastic basket, was efficient & helpful. Received separately by USPS in 3 days!
  Arrived on time
Anonymous from Reno wrote...
Product worked well
  tape is great!
Self-installed in Gargage
Anonymous from Chester Springs,Pa wrote...
Tape worked just as told...great product! Bit of trouble getting it shipped but warehouse fixed issue promptly and all is handled and very well I might add.
  Not much to it
Self-installed in basement workshop
George Lewers from Greensboro, GA wrote...
I think the backing is thicker than the product. I installed 8 mm rubber rolls over smooth concrete. It was better than nothing as all, but not much.
  Used to secure rubber mats to low pile carpet
Self-installed in Home Gym
Anonymous from Atlanta, GA wrote...
My application was a bit different. I wanted to add rubber mats to an existing exercise room with worn in carpet. I didn't want to rip up the carpet, but just to put large mats down to cover about half of the room. I did a ton of research and not many people have attempted this. I was sick of using mats for p90x/plyometric exercises that moved around. The combination of this tape and large rubber mats works perfectly. The tape bites into the carpet without causing any damage and keeps them from moving. I used strips of tape for all the edges and every few feet to make sure sections of the mat didn't slide around. Highly recommended!
  Great product
Self-installed in Basement weight room and laundry room
Gene from Wyandotte Mi wrote...
Worked quite well
  Good Supplement to my project
Self-installed in Weight Room
Michael P. from 20175 wrote...
The tape helped with the install at doorway.
  Rubber floor review
Self-installed in Home gym
Anonymous from Cherokee, IA wrote...
Good product. Cleans well. Odor is a little strong.
  Strong Carpet Tape
Self-installed in Personal Training gym
Carlee from Lansdale, PA wrote...
The carpet tape I ordered worked better than expected. I wasn't allowed to use glue so I gave this a try and it did not disappoint. It stuck to multiple surfaces, even old flooring we couldn't get up. Stuck the best to concrete. But was easy enough to readjust to get our rubber mats pressed as tightly together as possible. The rolls were long enough to really cover a lot of area to make sure our floor stayed still!
  Super Easy to Install!!
Self-installed in Home Gym
Sara B from Goose Creek, SC wrote...
This tape was amazing. SUPER ADHESIVE! Make sure you put it down exactly where you need it.
  Best Ever TAPE
Self-installed in 2 garage floors
Anonymous from Iowa wrote...
We have used this tape on many projects. We bought your flooring for our garage and ran it all around 4 sides and it works great.
  Garage flooring
Self-installed in home garage
Anonymous from Callahan, FL wrote...
The tape did well to piece all the vinyl on our garage floor.
  good product/good price
Self-installed in garage
Anonymous from Long Island, New York wrote...
Double sided tape was needed to keep down floor very well. We put a few weighted items to hold down for a day or so. Definitely needed double side with mat we purchased.
results 1-20 of 29
1 2