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5/8" Premium Soft Carpet Tiles Reviews

5/8" Premium Soft Carpet Tiles
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Customer Reviews

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Basement Application of 5/8" Soft Carpet Tile
Self-installed in Basement
from michigan wrote...
I installed 500 sq ft of carpet tiles in my L-shaped basement in about 8 hours. I selected waterproof carpet tiles because I was concerned about possible moisture or mold in the house I had just purchased. I wanted to be able to remove sections of carpet in case of moisture, stains, wear,mold, etc. The carpet arrived in good condition, was easily cut with a sharp matt knife and square. I spent significant time planning the layout to avoid wastage and small pieces. I tested samples of the carpet against full strength bleach, and against insect prevention chemicals in case I used either in the future. I also tested the samples for water absorption. All tests were good. The carpet does tend to leave "dents" under heavy objects so I place protection under the furniture legs. Follow the arrows on the bottomside. Some carpet tiles are slightly different shade. The fit of the tile is excellent, so seams are not noticeable. Great for basement.
art show floor
Self-installed in Art Show
from Franklinton NC wrote...
I am an an artist and was looking to upgrade the flooring I use at shows. After looking at several samples from other companies, I chose Rubber Flooring Inc because of the quality of the squares when the went together. When these squares are together you can't see the seam. The other brands had sloppy joints making it obvious the floor was puzzle pieces.

RubberFlooringInc - Customer Photo
5/8" Premium Soft Carpet Tiles
Self-installed in Office
from Southfield MI wrote...
I installed the carpet for the first half of my office in about 90 minutes, can't wait to do the other half.

Total area to cover is 500 square foot, it is just looking great, all the customer are asking, where can I get that tile. It was super easy to install, anyone can do it, even you.

Have pictures to prove it.

RubberFlooringInc- Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer

RubberFlooringInc- Customer
good product good company
Self-installed in basement
from Ohio wrote...
Really like this product, put it in my basement and it makes a big difference. Company was pleasant to work with, I think it says volumes about their desire to get feedback about a customers experience with the product when they contact you for a review. Great job.
5/8" carpet tiles are great!!
Self-installed in Family Room / Play room
from San Mateo, CA wrote...
The foam tiles are great! We needed to install a padded floor so our 10-month old would have somewhere safe to play (and fall!) on as most of the flooring in our house is tile and hardwood. I followed the directions on how to measure and the quantity they sent me was true to my measurement. It was super easy to install (I said to my husband "this is the only flooring you will ever see me be able to install by myself in under 20 minutes") and has worked like a charm. Vaccuums clean, and we chose a brown color so it blends in with the house too. I would highly recommend it to others!!
Excellent product
Self-installed in basement
from Albany area, NY wrote...
I ordered this product to line a 5x6 ft dog pen. It lays flat, insulates the dogs from the concrete floor, is washable and good looking. I was so impressed with this product that I recommended it to a friend who was looking for something to line the bottom of his boat. Great product, fast service!
premium soft carpet tiles
Self-installed in trade show floor
from Charleston, SC wrote...
These carpet tiles were amazing! We purchased them instead of renting the carpet from the trade show company. It was so much nicer and had great cushion! I would highly recommend.
Goes together with easy but color is not the same
Self-installed in Trade show floor
from Gilroy, CA wrote...
We ordered this for our booth at a trade show. Wow, our feet were very happy with these carpet tiles. All of our customers appreciated the foam padding. Only issue we had was that the color was not the same through out. We ordered navy and had about 3 different shades of navy. It looked a little funny, we just tried to mixed it up as much as possible so it would not be as noticeable.
Easy to use. Looks great
Self-installed in Utility room
from Chicago IL wrote...
I put these in my utility room and it makes the floors so much warmer in the winter. There is a color change when looking at it from different angles. Be sure to stand and look across the floor prior to putting furniture back in place. Super easy to use and they can be cut to make a wall to wall fit
just what was needed
Installed in covered patio
from New York, NY wrote...
Excellent customer service, easy to install and excellent quality. I installed it my self for my client - the corners were tricky but otherwise love the product and I will be a repeat spender on this product for future clients
Great carpet
Self-installed in Basement
from Asheville, NC wrote...
So far I am very pleased. Great carpet tiles for a basement. They have been installed for a few weeks and so far are holding up well. They are very easy to cut to size and install. I will be getting more to cover the rest of the basement.
SLOW Delivery
Installed in
from WV wrote...
Good flooring, good price, but beware. I ordered my flooring on Dec. 22, I didn't receive it until January 10th. So much for shipping in 1-2 business days.
Good product
Self-installed in Convention
from New York wrote...
We're very satisfied with the carpet tiles for our 10x20 convention booth. The Rubber Flooring staff was extremely helpful during the order process. Our company highly recommends the Rubber Flooring company. Mike FTCP, INC.
Carpet Tiles
Self-installed in basement
from Missouri wrote...
These carpet tiles are just what I needed. I would have preferred a less dark brown, but I did not have the option. The tiles have been layed in a basement bedroom which leaks when it rains. With these tiles we simply pull up a few tiles, let it dry, and lay them back down. I would not order these tiles if I was looking to impress people. The tiles do not match exactly. You can definitely tell where they meet. Lint shows on the dark color. But, it is what I needed and I am very happy with my purchase.
interlocking carpet tiles
Self-installed in trade show booth
from Knoxville, TN wrote...
These do the job well. Looks good, easy to transport and anti fatigue.
Worked out great
Installed in Convention center
from Clawson, MI wrote...
The carpet tiles worked out great for the trade show. The tiles were easy to cut around the pole that was in the way (we will need to order some extra tiles, all shows are different). They were easy to install and clean up. The only issue we had was the extra carpet fibers that got everywhere on us. I'm thinking a little more vacuuming will help that out. We will definitely be using them again.
Carpet Tiles for Gym
Self-installed in Home Gym
from Wausau, WI wrote...
We used the 5/8" Soft Carpet Tiles in our home gym. They are great! We liked them so much that we extended the carpet tiles into the laundry room. The installation was easy they work great on our concrete basement floor.
Easy to use
Self-installed in Tradeshow floor
from San Marcos, TX wrote...
We purchased these for our tradeshow booth. The cost of renting carpet is crazy. We were able to purchse this to keep for less then 1/2 the price of the Expo company!!! We love it.
Satisfied Customer
Self-installed in Cement basement floor
from Dawsonville, GA wrote...
I was amazed at the simplicity of ordering,receiving, and installation of these carpet tiles. I installed them around a pool table on a cement basement floor and they are great. No more cold feet from floor. Very easy to clean.
Good workout mat
Self-installed in Basement
from Overland Park, KS wrote...
I needed cushion on top of my cement floor in order to do my workout, my knees were killing me. The carpet tiles have saved my knees. The texture is a little slippery when doing push-ups. Installation, once you figure out that there are two different grain colors, it looks fine.
results 1-20 of 43
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