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Eco Choice Turf Rolls Reviews

Eco Choice Turf Rolls
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  Love this! So Easy!
Installed in Back yard
Betsy from Chandler, AZ wrote...
I've had this down for about 2 months. For the last 3 weeks, our small pool has been used, draining the water every 3 days on this grass and it drains beautifully. The grass does lay down when wet but fluffs back up when dried. The only downside to fake grass is that it does get hot in direct sun. That's why I put up a sunshade. My grandkids can walk barefooted easily now. Lastly, using a pool on this is wonderful!! No dirt, mud, or grass in the water when kids get in and out. I am very very happy with this purchase and I definitely would recommend it.
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  Drains and washes off well
Installed in Back yard
Phil from Scottsdale, AZ wrote...
Bought this to keep my dogs off my golf practice mat. My dogs seem to like it better than the mat as the turf is more like real grass than a carpet like my practice mat. This turf stays much cooler than the practice mat and it washes off well as the perforated bottom really helps keep it cleaner. Can't complain one bit. Worth it as the dogs roll on it just like real grass.
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  Looks great, maintenance free
Self-installed in Side of the house
Tim from Sedona, AZ wrote...
Was so tired of pulling weeds and cutting the grass between the wall and the garage. This looks beautiful and its maintenance free.
results 1-3 of 3
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