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No Limit Turf Rolls Reviews

No Limit Turf Rolls
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  No more dead spots!
Installed in Front yard
John from Mesa, AZ wrote...
Turned out great and we no longer have to look at any dead spots. I am so glad we chose to install this in our yard. Very happy!
  Amazing looking yard for Arizona
Installed in Back Yard
Janet from Chandler, AZ wrote...
Arizona weather is so hot and dry so I wasn’t looking for more desert landscape. I will have to say the durability has been amazing as I have many of my grandkids running around on it all the time. This turf made the easiest transformation of my yard and is as beautiful as the real thing. Keeping it clean is easy I just use a blower to blow off leaves or dirt. I couldn’t be happier with my new front yard. The only downside is I live in Arizona, so it gets hot in the middle of the day, but so does everything else here!
  Looks nice and a good buy
Self-installed in Patio
Sean from Maricopa, AZ wrote...
We live in an apartment but the dog likes to just go sit in the grass. We just ordered a small roll and cut it to fit. Decided to bring an outdoor feel onto the patio. Looks nice. Our pets like to lounge on it and it feels good on the feet. No one uses the potty on it so all I ever really have to do is sweep it off as I would any outdoor rug.
  Pets love it!
Kyle from Houston wrote...
Love it! Pets ran out and used it as soon as they saw it. I am planning on getting more to extend our lawn.
Self-installed in Backyard
Jennifer from Mesa wrote...
This is one of the best purchases we have made in a long time. We live in Arizona and our backyard has no grass growing in it. Both of our dogs were missing grass to roll in so we decided to try a piece of artificial grass. We put down a layer of sand on the leveled ground before rolling out the grass. The dogs found it right away they feel right at home and love it. Each morning they go roll on it or do their daily sunbathing. So sweet. It is very good quality and there are no tufts of grass that come out when I tug on spots. The dogs found it before I had a chance to fluff the grass and get rid of the roll lines but the dogs didn't care about those at all. All is well.
  Happy Customer
Trudy from Tampa wrote...
I have a 17-year-old Husky that can't do stairs. I installed the artificial grass in a covered sun room and on the deck so that he can come and go from our house (we are on pilings). Pros - it's definitively great for drainage when he needs to go pee - I just rinse as needed. I can tell it's well crafted and a heavier fabric - it will still blow with the wind so I will probably find a few screws to use for the edge.
  Soft and I love it!
Installed in Front yard
Tracy from Gilbert, AZ wrote...
I'm not into fake stuff but I Love this turf!
results 1-7 of 7
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